November 29, 2023

Build a profitable Amazon FBA store in 1 to 2 months, working just 4 to 5 hours a week. Co-founders Sajid and Ravi convince aspiring entrepreneurs that true financial freedom is found in FBA. Being Amazon sellers themselves for over 15 years, they believe they’re most qualified to teach this business model. Can you really achieve true financial freedom with Freedom By FBA or is it a “seasonal success” kind of biz? 

As a stay-at-home mom, juggling kids, an online hustle, and maintaining an organized home, I need a low-maintenance but quick-income biz. Ravi and Sajid promise to build a profitable Amazon store that makes passive income monthly, and you only have to work a few hours per day. Sounds like the dream! But is it the best biz for home-based moms? This Freedom by FBA review will tell you what to expect inside the course, its creators, and what people say about it online. In the end, I’ll answer if it’s a good business for moms looking to make extra bucks while staying hands-on with the home and kids. 

Freedom By FBA is a beginner-friendly course that teaches how to build an Amazon FBA store in just 30 to 60 days. This course was created by Ravi Singh and Sajid Desai. They claim to have over a thousand students to date (which is probably true because its exclusive Facebook group has 1,312 members). The course has 10 comprehensive modules that teach the basics of product research, supplier sourcing, branding, list optimization, and logistics. The modules also cover steps on how to successfully launch an Amazon store and use PPC for traffic. Modules 9 and 10 teach how to sell FBA products on Etsy and how to build a Shopify store (and use Facebook ads to boost sales). The sign-up cost of Freedom by FBA is not disclosed on the website. Interested students should schedule a 30-minute call on the website’s calendar. Freedom by FBA also made clear that they have a strict “no refund policy” in their Terms of Service. 

Ravi Singh and Sajid Desai are the proud co-founders of Freedom By FBA. They started a single-product store on Amazon back in 2008, which made $2 million per month. They claim to have combined sales that surpassed the $100 million mark. Because of this success, they expanded their team and launched a course to teach other aspiring Amazon FBA sellers. There’s limited information online on these two entrepreneurs. I also can’t find their personal LinkedIn profiles. What we know is that they started as Amazon sellers (and probably still are) and eventually became FBA course creators. 

Co-founders Ravi Singh and Sajid Desai 

Freedom By FBA: Amazon FBA and Associated Costs

Freedom By FBA has an exceptional Trustpilot rating of 4.6 stars. I also noticed that most of these reviews have detailed descriptions, so they’re likely to be from students who are genuinely satisfied with the course. A recent review from Melissa West posted on April 2023 commended the team for their transparency and the program’s ease of format. She also mentioned that the Facebook community was really helpful and the support team was prompt in responding to her email inquiries. Another review posted by Kaylee Annello (also on April 2023), said the Freedom By FBA team helped her in product selection and in solving issues with her start-up store. The reviewer also said Freedom By FBA listens to feedback and communicates well with members. The modules are always updated to keep up with Amazon’s new changes. Other 5-star reviews said the modules are well-organized and easy to understand. Surprisingly, there are no negative reviews for this course on Trustpilot. Everyone seems to be satisfied with what they’re getting. 

What I don’t like about Freedom By FBA, however, is that it’s secretive about the price. You won’t know about the cost of the course unless you book a call with the team. There is also no leaked information on how much it costs from students who took the course. Either they’re respectful of the rules or they’ve signed a no-disclosure agreement. Based on the prices of similar FBA courses like Kevin David’s Zonbase and Brandon Young’s Seller Systems, we can estimate that Freedom By FBA’s cost is between $1,000 to $2,000 (maybe even more). My biggest issue with Freedom By FBA is the business model itself. Many new entrepreneurs think it’s a shortcut to getting rich. But in reality, making money on Amazon is easy but not quick. According to JungleScout, 25% of Amazon FBA sellers launch their first product in just three months. Freedom By Amazon promises a shorter timeline, just 1 to 2 months. It’s not far from the truth. The same JungleScout article says that 23% of sellers launch their products in just 6 weeks. If you’re doing this as a side gig, it might take you a bit longer (about 6 months). 

Ravi and Sajid claim you only need 4 to 5 hours a week to work on this business. But in reality, you’ll need more time than that, especially when you’re still setting up your store. 14% of new sellers spend 40 hours a week working in their digital stores and 10% work an average of 21 to 30 weekly. Aside from long working hours, Amazon FBA is also saturated. Over 600,000 new sellers signed up on Amazon this year (2023). That’s on top of the 9.7 million existing global sellers the previous year. Of this number, 73% are using the FBA order fulfillment method. Although there are millions of products you can source from suppliers in China, it’s still likely you’ll list similar products with other FBA sellers. 

It’s costly to operate an Amazon FBA biz because of associated fees such as storage fees (per cubic square footage), FBA fulfillment fees, standard Amazon charges, and removal fees. In 2023, the standard charge on non-dangerous goods (regular, non-peak days) is $0.87 per cubic foot. It increased by 4.8% versus the standard rate of last year, which was $0.83 per cubic foot. There’s also an increase in the oversized storage fee, from $0.53 per cubic foot in 2022 to $0.56 in 2023 (a 5.6% increase). Amazon also charges a removal fee on SKUs that are determined unfulfillable by Amazon. The usual causes of removal charges are overstocking and wrong labeling or packaging. Standard removal fees are from $0.97 to $2.83, depending on the shipping weight in pounds. On top of all these FBA-related costs, Amazon charges 15% flat rate based on the selling price regardless of the order fulfillment method. 

Freedom By FBA Reviews on YouTube

Online Marketing Reviews is a channel that reviews internet marketing products, freelance websites, and other work-from-home opportunities. The YouTuber behind this channel doesn’t disclose his identity. It has 9.91K subscribers and has uploaded over 1,484 videos since it started in January 2021.

Online Marketing Reviews gave a review of Freedom By FBA on YouTube. The YouTuber starts by discussing the curriculum highlights and module topics. He also highlights the unique feature of Freedom By FBA, which emphasizes the use of influencer marketing as an affordable traffic strategy. This course seems decent and comprehensive. But he cautions the audience that it doesn’t disclose the price and would still require you to book a call with the sales team. He also pointed out that although the company is 4.6-star rated on Trustpilot, some of these reviews might not be authentic. 

Is Freedom By FBA A Good Fit For Stay-At-Home Moms?

I don’t think Freedom By FBA is a good fit for stay-at-home moms. It’s a decent beginner course, but the Amazon FBA business model is much more complicated than what Ravi and Sajid claim it to be. Building your Amazon business also takes time. It takes about 1 to 3 months to launch your first product and another 6 months to rank the store. Amazon expert Riley Bennett also said that the product listing will also need 180 days of sales velocity data and ample time to gather reviews to improve its rank on the platform. Think about all the associated fees you need to pay beforehand without a guarantee of getting a return on your investment. The course itself would cost around $1,000 to $2,000. For moms stretching the family budget and looking for a way to make a stable income online, there’s a better business to explore. 

My number 1 online business recommendation for stay-at-home moms is local lead generation. It’s a less saturated market compared to other biz models. Start-up capital is low, and income is stable and consistent. Forget about building an online store and listing products that may not sell. With local lead gen, you’re building digital properties that you can rent out and generate leads for small business owners. Once the site is ranked on Google, you’ll be making passive income on autopilot, earning 85% to 90% profit margins on the leads you generate. 

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