November 24, 2023

Kevin David is back with a new offer after the FTC took down AMZDFY for selling phony Amazon and crypto money schemes in the last quarter of 2022. The proposed court order by the United States District Court for Southern Florida is to return $2.6 million and stop other deceptive money-making strategies. But Kevin made his comeback on Instagram with his white Lamborghini after a year-long hiatus just nine weeks ago. Is Zonbase Kevin’s attempt to run an honest business or a shady remake of the now-defunct AMZDFY? 

Zonbase is an all-in-one platform for Amazon FBA masterclasses, tools, and one-on-one training. It claims to be the #1 home run product finder for building and growing an Amazon empire. The platform also offers ZonResearch, which is a proprietary database for finding over 20 million products to sell on Amazon. There are four annual subscription plans offered by Zonbase. The Standard Plan is $354 and the Legendary Plan at $804. Both don’t include an Amazon FBA course, only keyword search tools, sales estimators, trackers, and integration alerts. The Diamond Plan is $2,394 per year and includes an Amazon FBA course plus all the tools offered in the Legendary Plan. Zonbase also offers a Plus Plan program at $1,997, which includes list optimization services, photo enhancement, PPC account management, product launch, and Zonbase database subscription. 

Kevin David is an 8-figure online entrepreneur, Amazon coach, Clickfunnels expert, and a two-time 2-Comma Club X award winner. He calls himself “The Unemployed CEO”. His LinkedIn says he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Applied Science, Accounting, and Business Information Systems at Oregon State University with a 3.85 GPA. After college, he worked for the PWC Cybersecurity and Privacy company and became the senior technological advisory consultant for BDO LLC from 2015 to 2016. In May 2016, he founded That Lifestyle Ninja and has created dozens of online courses since. Some of the popular courses by Kevin David are Infinity Mastermind, Digital Course Secrets, Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass, Amazon Ninja, and the controversial AMZDFY (also called AMZ Autopilot). He is also quite an online celebrity with over 1.45 million YouTube subscribers and 456K Instagram followers. 

In photo: Official statement by the Federal Trade Commission posted on November 16, 2022.

Zonbase Review and Amazon FBA

Kevin has been in the Amazon business for 7 years. He owns an Amazon servicing warehouse, won multiple 2-Comma Club awards, and made $10 million with a single sales funnel. He is 4.7-star rated on Trustpilot out of 1,937 reviews given. Many say Kevin’s courses helped them become successful Amazon sellers and crypto traders. However, these Trustpilot reviews are quite sketchy. Most have a similar writing pattern and the lack of depth will make you wonder if the reviewers have really taken the course. Despite that, some e-commerce gurus like Mike Vestil of Profit Singularity endorse Kevin. According to Mike V, Kevin is the real deal because he is “so caring” and average people get real results through him. 

Not all Amazon experts have good words for Kevin David. Seller Systems’ Brandon Young warns the public, calling him a con artist and a fraud. He also said Kevin conned his way to 10 million dollars with his courses. Indirectly saying he isn’t deserving of his Clickfunnels Two Comma Club awards. Brandon Young also pointed out a fake and edited screenshot where Kevin apparently forgot to include a comma on the figures, a simple but basic inconsistency on his proofs of business. Kevin responded to these allegations with a demand letter asking Brandon for $250,000 for damages. Knowing what we know now, it turns out Brandon isn’t far from the truth with his allegations. After the FTC shut down Kevin for fraudulent money-making practices, Brandon posted on his Instagram that he warned people about the guy. He received praise for “exposing a fraudster”. Another Amazon expert who called out Kevin is Spencer Cornelia. He caught Kevin copying one of John Crestani’s hit videos, “How To Make Quick Money In One Day Online,” it now has over 1 million views. From the title to the design of the thumbnail, the resemblance of both videos is quite apparent. 

Kevin is banned from promoting money-making programs because of his pending court case with the FTC. But he’s back to Instagram again with his notorious motivational quotes and white Lamborghini. He cleared his bio from anything related to AMZDFY and AMZ Autopilot. There’s only a link that leads to the Zonbase program, low-key endorsing it. Apparently, Zonbase is still actively promoted and sold online. Recent Trustpilot reviews reveal that there are still students who buy the course and get disappointed with what they paid for. It is advertised across social media platforms. Their Facebook page, with 18k followers, sells the course as a trusted Amazon partner and the number 1 validation tool for Amazon. They also partner with influencers to promote programs and tools. Zonbase is fairly rated on Trustpilot with 4.1 stars out of 33 reviews given. Its Trustpilot page has a disclaimer that says it received “regulatory attention”. The disclaimer also links readers to a case summary of a pending case of FTC vs. DT Automation and its owners Kevin David and David Shawn Arnett. 

Zonbase is slowly getting attention online, despite a court order that prohibits Kevin and David from promoting money-making schemes. They're apparently trying to keep it low-key by not mentioning AMZDFY. They also don't have a frontman, which is quite unusual for online courses. Overall, Zonbase has a shady reputation because of its association with Kevin and AMZDFY. Although there are good reviews of the program in Trustpilot, I think it’s still best to avoid it because the creator has a pending court case. Aside from that, Amazon FBA is also a saturated business. There are over 9.5 million Amazon sellers according to SellerApp’s latest statistics and 73% of them are using the FBA business model. It’s not worth risking your time and money in a business model with a low success rate and slim profit margins. A JungleScout report showed that the success rate of this biz is only 11% to 25%. Profit margins are also quite low at 15% to 20%. Most new Amazon sellers report an annual income of $42,000 per year or $3,500 monthly. Instead of building an Amazon store through a controversial course, better to build digital assets that make continuous passive income. By becoming a digital landlord, you’ll earn by renting ranked sites and selling leads to small business owners. No need to deal with third-party providers like Amazon. You have full control of the biz. 

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