September 25, 2023

Mike Vestil calls it the ‘laziest business in the world’. He’s your typical affiliate guy who over-hypes success while flexing his muscles and travels shirtless. Mike promotes a copy-and-paste system that makes $100 to $700 a day. The program is made for complete beginners and it can be done using just a phone. Anyone can do it even if they’re not tech-savvy. 

As a stay-at-home mom, juggling kids and a side hustle while maintaining a clean home, I need a low-maintenance but quick-income biz. Mike Vestil offers an income opportunity that lets you earn up to $20K monthly through affiliate marketing using paid ads. But, is it the best online biz for stay-at-home moms? This Mike Vestil review covers everything you need to know about him and his Profit Singularity course. I’ll also reveal whether or not his income claims are true based on industry statistics. 

What’s this course Mike’s promoting? It’s called Profit Singularity. This affiliate marketing program teaches how to sell ClickBank products using YouTube and Facebook ads for traffic. He promises a 3-step system that makes more money than you’ve ever made your whole life. The course costs $2,497 or 3 payments of $997. Inside the course, students learn how to

Make converting YouTube advertisements, 

use templates for landing pages, 

find good offers and, 

find winning ads through trial and error. 

But before we dig into the program, let's get to know who Mike Vestil first. 

Mike Vestil is an affiliate marketer from the Philippines. He moved to the US to follow the American Dream. Mike grew up in Chicago, Illinois, and worked 8 to 12 hours as a dental assistant before he discovered making money online. His first online gig was in 2015 when he tried to drop ship, but that did not last long. He did travel blogs on YouTube to sell affiliate programs. That didn’t last long either. At this point, Mike is hopping from one online biz to another. But he's somehow convinced he has what it takes to write a personal development book. So, he published The Lazy Man’s Guide to Living the Good Life in 2017. Then, he launched Internet Lifestyle Academy the year after. This program taught drop shipping, affiliate marketing, and blogging. It ended shortly in 2020. After many failed attempts to start his own online biz, Mike became an affiliate for Gerry Cramer's Profit Singularity. Gerry is an affiliate marketing coach based in Bali, Indonesia. But, let me warn you, he is not the most trustworthy guy. And, he has a long history of short-lived programs and exaggerated success claims.

Profit Singularity and Affiliate Marketing Using Paid Ads

Mike Vestil is an affiliate marketer, and he promotes an affiliate program that uses paid traffic. Affiliate marketing is a booming market that’s worth $17 billion this year, and growing at a 10% annual rate. It's the preferred brand recognition method of 83% of marketers. In fact, 16% of online sales in the US are through affiliate links. Companies are now spending more on affiliate programs, which means more income opportunities. Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest biz for beginners. You don’t need a business background or be a tech geek to become an affiliate. All you need is a sales page, free or paid traffic, and a tracker for your earnings. 

But, is affiliate marketing as promising as what it’s portrayed online? Even though affiliate marketing is easy to start, it's not easy to run. The affiliate world is a highly competitive space. 84% of online influencers are affiliates. As a new affiliate, you'll be competing against influencers who have a huge following. The affiliate market is getting more saturated because of self-proclaimed coaches like Mike. 

In affiliate marketing, people compete for attention through catchy content that makes them stand out. The biggest challenge of this biz model is driving traffic. To generate free traffic, you constantly have to produce attention-grabbing content. But achieving exponential figures isn't magic. Your content should go viral, and it takes a lot of work. If you don't have time to make content, the other option is paying for traffic. This is what Profit Singularity teaches. What they don't say is how much it costs to use paid traffic to your affiliate links. YouTube and Facebook are the two most expensive platforms to run ads. YouTube's cost per view (CPV) is $0.10 to $0.30. To reach 100K views on YT at this rate, you’ll spend around $2K on paid ads. Cost-per-thousand impressions on Facebook are $7.19. So, 100K impressions would cost around $719. 

Mike Vestil's Profit Singularity Review On YouTube

Kyle reviews Mike Vestil's Profit Singularity on YouTube. He starts by saying the course is a good passive income source, but you need to be really passionate about the products you're promoting to create good content. Kyle warns that although affiliate marketing could be a good online biz, it can be short-term because one good content could die out after about 5 months. So, your challenge is to create new high-quality content that generates traffic. He also gave out pointers for choosing a good affiliate marketing coach. First, the coach should resonate with you. He/she should also have an active Facebook group for community support and learning.

Is Mike Vestil A Good Coach For Stay-At-Home Moms?

Mike Vestil could be a good coach for moms who want to become affiliate marketers. However, the course and business model he teaches might not be a good fit for stay-at-home moms. Affiliate marketing that uses paid ads is expensive. Aside from paying $2,497 for coaching, you’ll need additional investment for setting up your affiliate accounts, funnels, and landing pages. Getting set up could cost you from $500 to over $2,000. On top of this, you’ll need to pay for traffic. The cost depends on the amount of traffic you want to generate and the platform you want to advertise on. Overall, this money-making method is costly and short-lived. I don’t think it’s the best investment for your time and money. 

Moms need a low-maintenance but high-yielding business. My recommendation is local lead generation. It’s a beginner-friendly biz and you only need about $500 to start. The goal is to build sites and rank them on top of Google. This places you in front of an audience that is looking for the products and services that you have. Unlike affiliate marketing, local lead gen doesn’t need paid traffic because you get them organically. It’s an untapped market with high-income potential. 

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