November 23, 2023

Learn the ultimate private label guide from an expert who can find a $3k-per-month product in under 10 minutes. Brandon Young sells his Amazon FBA and private label course like it’s the best one out there. He promises to share a proprietary software called Data Dive with paying members. Yet, he also charges a $1,000 annual fee on top of the $2K sign-up cost. Is Seller Systems the ultimate guide to Amazon selling? 

Seller Systems is an online academy for learning Amazon FBA and private label by serial entrepreneur Brandon Young. The platform offers free and paid masterclasses. Its goal is to help store owners research, start, and scale brands on Amazon. Seller Systems also offers onetime webinars like Product Development with Data and AI that cost $197 and the 2024 Annual Planning for Success at $297. The free masterclasses are Mindset and Mental Health, Optimum Images, and India Sourcing. The flagship offer of Seller Systems is the Inner Circle Mastermind, which costs $2,000 plus a $1000 recurring annual fee. It’s for people who want to quit their 9-to-5, earn extra income, and start and scale an online biz. Inner Circle Mastermind members get 100 hours of pre-recorded content, exclusive Facebook group access, and homework to test what they learned. Per their Terms of Service, payments are nonrefundable and they don’t pay credits on partially used programs. Brandon claims he has over a thousand students in his Inner Circle Mastermind, and 300 of them are major brand owners who are 7 to 8-figure sellers. He was voted Amazon’s favorite consultant in 2019 and won the SellerPoll’s Outstanding Contribution award in 2021. 

Brandon Young is an 8-figure Amazon seller and the co-founder and lead instructor of Seller Systems. His LinkedIn says he earned a bachelor’s degree in finance from Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Eight years later, he earned his master’s degree in entrepreneurship at Kaplan University, Davenport, Iowa, United States. His first business was Micro Venture Capital Club, which had over 1,000 members composed of South Florida’s startup business owners. In 2013, Brandon also started a consulting firm called VC Labs, which operated for 5 years. He discovered the private label biz in 2016 and founded Global Imports US, Inc. with his wife. They made 6 profitable Amazon brands and made $1 million in the first year. Seller Systems was founded in 2018 and now has 1100 active members and 400 7-figure earners. He founded Data Dive, an AI and SaaS company for e-commerce entrepreneurs. Members of the Inner Circle are given exclusive access to this proprietary tool. 

In photo: Brandon Young and his wife, Jennifer, are visiting an Amazon warehouse. 

Seller Systems: Amazon FBA and Private Label Business Models

Sellers Systems and its creator, Brandon Young, have decent reputations overall. Most positive comments on his YouTube channel are from featured students. A 5-year-old review on Seller Systems’ Facebook page by CJ Rosenbaum commends the course and Brandon’s mastery of the subject. I also found Reddit reviews that say Brandon Young is a great coach. The commenter said he gives the most updated and relevant content on Amazon FBA and private label. There’s no guarantee that these reviews are not solicited. Brandon uploads 4 to 5 new videos on his YouTube every month. He talks about common Amazon and private label challenges and how to overcome them. As of writing, his channel (@BrandonMYoung), has 10.1K subscribers with 81 videos and counting. Brandon Young is legit and his masterclasses are among the cheapest ones you can find. The mastermind is quite expensive, but it’s still cheaper compared to those offered by other coaches. 

Seller System’s flagship program, Inner Circle Mastermind, is quite comprehensive. It covers data-driven product selection, supplier sourcing, list optimization, PPC strategies, Amazon’s algorithm update guide, keyword search and rankings, chatbots, and Facebook advertising. What I like about Seller Systems is that Brandon Young is an active Amazon seller and drop shipper. He keeps up with new changes in e-commerce, like using new AI tools for the Amazon store and sourcing products from Mexico. Brandon also uploads videos of his factory visits in China to prove he’s still active in his e-commerce ventures. 

The lack of negative reviews on this course is quite suspicious. Seller Systems platform is also not rated or verified in Trustpilot and not accredited by the Better Business Bureau. This could be influenced by different factors. Either his students are satisfied with what they’re getting (considering the low price point) or there are not enough enrollees to generate many reviews. It’s a red flag for me that Brandon tends to be over-promising with the results. Being an Amazon seller since 2018, he is fully aware of the challenges of the biz, yet he makes it sound so easy to attract more enrollments. He talks about finding a product that makes $3K profit in 10 minutes and a Data Drive tool that makes $100K in under 24 hours. Technically, it’s possible to find a profitable product in less than 10 minutes, but making $3K per month from it is almost impossible to achieve. Product search is a multi-step process that includes understanding demand through niche scores and analyzing product indicators using a product score. Sellers should also be mindful of indicators of profitable products like the demand, number of competitors, product reviews, and weight (ideally below 5 lbs). 

Brandon claims that his Data Dive software helped students make $100K in under 24 hours. This estimate is highly likely to be an exaggeration. According to Sellvia’s June 2023 report, most Amazon sellers are only making $1,000 monthly. The super sellers are making around $100,000 per month, very far from Brandon’s $100K-per-day promise. Although some sellers are hitting the jackpot with their huge monthly sales, almost a quarter of sellers are struggling to make an income from their Amazon stores. 22% earn less than $500 monthly and 3% can’t even keep track of their monthly income.  

Is Seller Systems A Good Investment for Online Mompreneurs?

Seller Systems might be a good investment for online mompreneurs. It has an excellent online reputation, there are no negative reviews, and it’s cheaper compared to other ecom courses. The program offers comprehensive Amazon FBA and private label training. Essential beginner topics, such as supplier sourcing, list optimization, PPC strategies, algorithm updates, keyword search and rankings, and Facebook ads, are also covered in the program. It would also be smart to take the free masterclasses on Mindset and Mental Health, Optimum Images, and India Sourcing to gain a competitive advantage over other sellers. Brandon is not a scammer, but he can be over-promising with his claims. Despite the abundance of social proof that Brandon shares, there’s no guarantee of making 7 to 8 figures like him. Becoming a profitable Amazon seller is a long and painful process. Brandon failed 15 times before he got his first big break. Private label and Amazon FBA are complicated business models. There are so many aspects to monitor, from suppliers to customer feedback. Managing an Amazon store while running a household could be overwhelming and might lead to burnout. There’s a less risky, low-maintenance, and high-profit business you can explore. 

Local lead generation is my number 1 online business recommendation for stay-at-home moms looking for a stable income source. Building digital assets is better than setting up an Amazon store and doing FBA and private label. Amazon has full control over your stores, so they always have the final say. But when you own digital properties, you’re the boss. You decide who you want and don’t want to work with. Local lead gen offers a stable income opportunity. Once the site is ranked on Google, you’ll enjoy 85% to 95% profit margins. No need to worry about a platform charging standard fees and taking a cut from your hard-earned money. Only this biz can offer you true time and financial freedom. 

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