I’ll build you a Shopify store in 30 minutes with 20 pre-selected profitable products for FREE. Adrian Morrison is saying he’s got the best offer on the table, and you have no reason to decline. It sounds too good to be true, so you might be wondering what the catch isAdrian swears there aren’t any, and he’s ready to prove you he is not bluffing. 

As a stay-at-home mom, juggling kids and a side hustle while maintaining a clean home, I need a low-maintenance but quick-income biz. Adrian Morrison offers a program that teaches Shopify dropshipping using Facebook and email marketing for traffic generation. But is it the best online hustle for moms? This Profit Power Hour review shares details of the course that every interested student needs to know. I’ll also share common student complaints I found on online forums, plus Adrian Morrison’s background and credentials. In the end, I’ll answer if this course is a good fit for moms based on industry statistics. 

Profit Power Hour is the newly launched flagship drop shipping course of Adrian Morrison that teaches how to maximize funnels to lower paid traffic costs. It’s literally the Ecom Success Academy renamed and relaunched as a "brand new" dropshipping course. Adrian is quite secretive about Profit Power House and doesn’t disclose the price. But its predecessor, Ecom Success Academy, costs $2,495, so we can estimate it’s somewhere in that range (maybe even higher). There was also a lite version called Ecom Quickstart which was only $37. But we’re not sure if Profit Power House offers it too. Aside from the name and possibly the price, Adrian’s students are getting the same training as what Ecom Success Academy offers. These include

  • weekly coaching 
  • access to exclusive Shopify bonus courses and, 
  • a 6-part e-commerce training.

If you’ve been in the online biz for a while, you might have heard of the Morrison brothers. Adrian is the brother of Clickbank super affiliate Anthony Morrison, who is the creator of an affiliate course called Partner with Anthony. Adrian brands himself as one of the best Facebook marketers in the world. He also claims to be one of the few endorsed Shopify Commerce coaches. He studied History and Pre-Law at the University of Mississippi. And, his LinkedIn shows he also went to Stanford University, California (though it’s unclear if he graduated there or not). Adrian started his internet career at 20 years old. His first gig was affiliate marketing, and he specialized in search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing (SMM). He’s a self-made millionaire running 4 companies and over 65 websites that run ads for different products. He was making up to $15,000 a day through his online businesses. Adrian and his brother Anthony started a charity called Christmas For Kids. It’s an annual event wherein 25 Angel Children are bought everything they want on their Christmas wishlist. 

Adrian and Kaci Morisson with their two Poms

Profit Power Hour: DFY Shopify Dropshipping and the Freemium User Acquisition Business Model

Profit Power House is the new name of Ecom Success Academy. This course teaches traditional methods of building and scaling a Shopify store using funnels and paid ads. The program also includes Facebook advertising and email marketing. Ecom Success Academy was launched in 2017 and it is one of the most popular drop-shipping courses out there. It makes me wonder why Adrian dropped Ecom Success Academy to launch an almost identical one.

It turns out, Ecom Success Academy didn't have a spotless reputation. Former students complain that the DFY Shopify stores were poorly made and the support team was inattentive. One former student complained on Reddit that Adrian upsold him a software that damaged his Shopify site. He had to pay an extra thousand dollars to have it repaired. Adrian’s brother, Anthony, also had a sketchy reputation. Former students warned about legal terms swindling which he allegedly used to counter refund claims. There’s no obvious answer why Adrian took down what he calls his successful course. Probably to clear his name and the reputation of his programs. But we can only speculate. 

On a brighter note, Shopify offers a legit online business opportunity. Forbes estimates that the global e-commerce market will reach $6.3 trillion in 2023. It’s a booming market in the digital age and the income opportunity is decent. According to Jeremy of Unrivaled Review, Shopify owners make an average monthly income of $500 to $5,000. The global dropshipping market has hit the 200 billion dollar mark this year (Meteor Space), making it one of the biggest virtual-based businesses in the digital era. Adrian claims to have mentored over 160,000 students. And, this is likely because of his freemium user acquisition approach. Freemium is a strategy wherein the initial free offering (a product or service) has paid features in the end. 

DFY Shopify stores are prone to over-saturation, and it's one thing I don't like about Profit Power Hour. Adrian builds Shopify stores using AI and a template. So, expect to see 160,000 other sellers who are selling exactly the same products as yours. With DFY stores, your chances for success are slimmer because you’re competing against thousands of digital store owners. At 10% to 20% profit margins, selling low-ticket items, you need to sell in volume to recuperate the cost of the course plus start-up expenses. 

Profit Power Hour Review On YouTube

Spencer is a YouTuber whose channel uncovers truths on the scammy world of internet marketing. His channel started in January 2015 and now has over 511K subscribers. His 566 videos have been viewed over 84 million times. 

Spencer Cornelia reviews Adrian Morrison on his channel. He starts by saying Adrian is a prolific internet marketer who created several digital info products and has a strong YouTube presence. He also highlights that Adrian buys new domain names and then he sells them at a higher cost to his students for profit. Spencer also pointed out Adrian’s past of promoting MLM companies and says he capitalizes on people’s lack of knowledge in the online biz. 

Is Profit Power Hour A Good Course For Moms?

Profit Power Hour may not be a good course for moms because Shopify dropshipping is a highly competitive industry and it will demand time. Adrian makes it sound so easy, but he left out many factors that are essential to the success of the business. According to 2023 dropshipping statistics reported by Gorgias, there are over 4 million Shopify stores in the world. Most of these stores source products from China, so it’s very likely for stores to sell similar products. To stand out in this very competitive market, you need to outspend competitors in paid ads. It’s still possible for your Shopify biz to scale to 6 or 7 figures, but expect to spend more time working and higher capital investment. 

My number 1 business recommendation for moms is local lead generation. Instead of building a Shopify store in a highly competitive and saturated market, build digital assets that make long-term passive income. Digital assets can be rented out once ranked on top of Google. You can also generate leads that you can sell to small business owners for recurring profit. The best part is, you don’t have to do much work because it’s operating on autopilot. This business model's margins go as high as 85% to 90%, and you'll only need about $500 to start. 

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