November 8, 2023

Use my catalog, my funnels, and my offers to generate revenue for yourself. Anthony Morrison is all-in pitching his affiliate program, Partner with Anthony. He says you don’t need a college degree or experience to make it happen, only the desire to be part of something bigger. Is this $7 program by super affiliate Anthony Morrison the next big online gig, or is it just another money trap for wannabe e-preneurs? 

Partner with Anthony is a low-ticket affiliate marketing program that promotes high-ticket software like Aweber and MailChimp. It also teaches how to find and market profitable Clickbank offers. It is the flagship program under Morrison Publishing. Anthony also claims it’s one of his most successful programs because it promotes his high-ticket courses. This program is for internet marketers who want to take their business to the next level and for newbies looking to build their first online biz. It’s not for people looking for a quick way to make money online. Partner with Anthony has 13 training modules and only costs $7 monthly. There’s a 30-day refund policy on the initial purchase, but previous billings cannot be refunded. Anthony’s partners get 

  • exclusive affiliate commission links, 
  • step-by-step PWA sessions, 
  • business building eco-system and, 
  • access to PWA weekly live events.

Anthony’s also giving a bonus DFY funnel, a digital copy of his The Hidden Millionaire book, and weekly Success Connection LIVE training. 

Anthony Morrison is a Clickbank super affiliate, the founder of Morrison Publishing LLC, and the Partner with Anthony affiliate program creator. He’s a medical school dropout because his father lost all his fortune after investing in the Worldcom scam when he was 22 years old. His first business drop-shipped auto parts. It was operating at 25% profit margins, making $50K to $75K net profit every month. He discovered affiliate marketing by accident while applying for a credit card online. His accidental discovery made $200K monthly by posting affiliate ads for Chase, Bank of America, and American Express. Anthony became very good at affiliate marketing and he made over 50 million dollars from commissions. He’s also a 2-time recipient of ClickFunnels’ Two Comma Club Awards for digital products, coaching, and masterminds. 

Partner with Anthony Program and Becoming an Affiliate Marketer

Anthony Morrison is an OG affiliate marketer. He has been in the online biz since he was 22 years old. The oldest videos were uploaded 15 years ago. With this experience, he’s one of the most seasoned affiliate coaches out there. A lady uploaded a review on YouTube dated May 19, 2011, saying Anthony’s Advertising Profits from Home book is a good resource material. A recent review posted on LinkedIn by Danielle Scott Consulting said that Partner with Anthony is a legit course and there’s good value in his program. It’s a low-cost, low-barrier-to-entry business model, and everyone has equal opportunities to try. 

People have different comments on the Partner with Anthony program. Negative reviews and scam complaints are the first ones to show up when you search Anthony Morrison online. Most complaints are about the poor quality of the training and course material. Surprisingly, I can’t find Trustpilot reviews on Anthony Morrison, Partner with Anthony, or Morrison Publishing. Only Morrison Education has a Trustpilot review page, but was only reviewed twice. It’s odd for a course that’s been around for a while not to have a Trustpilot review. Partner with Anthony or Morrison Publishing LLC is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau. And, it has a poor BBB rating of only 2.3 stars. 

An anonymous complaint dated September 2022 claims that PWA coaches are not knowledgeable of the topics they’re teaching. Another review posted in the same year reported he received a very small commission after spending thousands of dollars on the program. The reviewer further warned about legal terms swindling. He claims that Anthony uses this strategy to prevent students from pressing charges and filing refund claims. A review from a former student explained how the free account setup call is used for bombarding students with expensive upsells. There’s also another strategy that Anthony doesn’t want you to know. PWA implements a 24-hour waiting time for the next module to unlock. If this is true, it will take about two weeks for anyone to complete all 13 modules. This delay could be a strategy to force students to sign up for the fast-track programs. Anthony has over 30 courses and books as of writing. He was allegedly banned at some point in Clickbank for a high return rate. But that’s just a speculation, there’s no actual evidence of the banning. 

The concept of affiliate marketing started back in 1989. But it was only in the 2000s that it started to gain traction according to Influencer Marketing Hub. It’s one of the oldest ways of making money online that has stood the test of time, and the opportunities are increasing. Affiliate marketing has an annual growth rate of 15.4% making it one of the fastest-growing industries in 2023 and beyond. That’s why many are enticed to take a chance in this 17-billion-dollar industry, especially because you don’t need big capital to start. 

Although there’s an income opportunity here, it’s a highly competitive space. Marketers need to spend on ads to stand out from other affiliates. Gurus like Anthony swear that anyone can become a multi-millionaire through affiliate marketing just like him. It can be true for some, but the majority quit even before they breakeven on their investment. Dynu In Media reports that the failure rate in affiliate marketing is 95%. This means barely 5% of new affiliates make an income, and only 1% make it to the super affiliate level. Most earn an average income of $72,000 annually (October 2023 data) according to ZipRecruiter. Therefore, it’s only equivalent to a $6K-per-month job. 

Is it worth partnering with Anthony Morrison? It could be worth a try if you’re already an affiliate marketer for a while. Anthony is quite a popular coach, so you might make big bucks promoting his programs. But if you’re completely new to affiliate marketing, Partner With Anthony might not be the best choice. Anthony’s reputation has spiraled down in recent years. He could have been a great affiliate coach years ago, but his prime years have passed. Newer coaches offer more practical and comprehensive courses on making money online. And your choices aren’t limited to affiliate marketing only. You can explore lead generation courses or become a digital landlord. These business models offer long-term passive income and it’s more stable and consistent than affiliate marketing. 

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