November 6, 2023

Make $404,919 a year by just being on your laptop 5 hours a day. Igor Kheifets tells his rags-to-riches story as he promotes a system that makes $100 to $998 per day, whether you’re at home or traveling. He claims that big celebrities like Oprah, Lady Gaga, Rhianna, and Tyra Banks are all doing this on their websites. He’ll teach you a method that generates passive and multiple income streams, so you can achieve time freedom working only in your spare time. Is it a legit business opportunity or just another money-draining course? 

List Building Lifestyle is an online program by Igor Kheifets that teaches efarming to beginners who want to make money with just a laptop. Efarming is a term coined by Igor that refers to the strategy of using solo ads to promote affiliate offers. Inside the program, Igor evaluates students’ emails, landing pages, and sales pages during live sessions. They’re also offered personal mentoring and are invited to an exclusive online community. Basic membership of List Building Lifestyle is only $97 monthly with a risk-free 7-day money-back guarantee. Of course, there are upsells. The upgrade offers are 

  • Bring (Almost) Any Dead Email List Back To Life that costs $1,997 
  • 1-Click Install Done-For-You Affiliate Funnel that costs $9,997 and, 
  • 301k Challenge that costs $4,997.

Igor Kheifets is a proud stay-at-home dad and the founder of List Building Lifestyle from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. His Facebook bio says he “builds wildly responsive lists with cutting-edge marketing education”. Igor tells a rags-to-riches story. He didn’t live a rich life growing up, and he didn’t have the chance to go to college. His parents had to put him in a military academy for minors for cheap education. And when he got out, he struggled to find a good-paying job. So he became a security guard for a chemical production facility that manufactures pesticides for Central America’s agriculture industry. Igor wanted to improve his life through a change of mindset, so he turned to books like Robert Kiyosaki’s Cashflow Quadrant and Tony Robbin’s Awaken The Giant Within. It is from Tony that he first learned the idea of efarming. His first online business was Igor Solo Ads, after getting personal development mentorship from Craig Ballantyne of Millionaire Morning Routine. In 2018, he founded List Building Lifestyle and launched a free book titled List Building Lifestyle: Confessions of an Email Millionaire. In his free book, Igor shares  81 secrets that made him a respected affiliate marketer, rising from humble beginnings. His podcast List Building Lifestyle Show uploads 3 new episodes weekly and attracts 126K regular listeners. It’s a long-running podcast channel that he started back in 2016. 

List Building Lifestyle and E-mail Marketing

List Building Lifestyle is a Trustpilot-verified company with a 4.9-star rating from 497 reviews. Many recommend List Building Lifestyle to those who are in email marketing because of its detailed training and valuable mentorship from Igor. Most 5-star reviews commend the team for fast service, member support, and value for money. What I like about this course is that Igor seems like a man of integrity. You rarely find an online coach who has genuine intentions when everyone’s all about getting rich quickly. Igor also takes a common-sense approach to email marketing. For example, he teaches a strategy that rents out other people’s email lists that already sell to your target customers. The list owner sends the email as themselves because they’ve already built trust with the people on their list. Instead of sending the emails as a different entity, you’re back-riding on someone else’s list for a fee. This strategy isn’t spammy, it’s GDPR-compliant, ethical, effective, and cheap. Students say Igor cares about the success of his students. And, it shows in the way he structures his marketing techniques. 

Making money with efarming is a four-step process. Igor’s efarming strategy is basically affiliate marketing using email marketing through solo ads. First, find an affiliate offer. From there, you’ll create the landing page, and then buy solo ads, and grow your list by repeating the process. 

List Building Lifestyle seems like a good course. But sifting through the negative reviews, I found that it’s notorious for expensive upsells. The marketing is misleading and making money through efarming is not as easy as what Igor claims it to be. One review said that when the basic membership ($97) expires, you’ll be upsold with other programs. These programs cost from $1,997 to $9,997. There might also be additional fees for funnel-building. One customer even claims that he was quoted $22,500 for 10,000 leads. The main issue with List Building Lifestyle is it only focuses on list-building. This strategy is not cost-effective long term because Igor charges a recurring membership fee and more for upsells. 

To be fair, efarming offers a decent opportunity for making money online. Over 4 billion people are active email users. A study conducted by McKinsey & Company found that marketing through email is 40 times more effective than advertising on social media. GlobalData estimates that the data and analytics market is worth $9.21 billion, growing at an annual rate of 8% from 2021 to 2026. According to a Forbes article, companies are getting $24 back for every dollar they spend on efarmers. So, there’s a demand for efarmers like Igor. 

The biggest risk of using solo ads is that there’s no guarantee of conversions and you can’t control the quality of the email list you’re getting. You’ll be charged per click whether or not the click leads to a purchase. There's also no guarantee of profitability because the business model depends on affiliate commissions. Recent statistics by Dynu In Media show that only 5% of affiliate marketers succeed, despite being a thriving industry that’s $17 billion in global market size. Income is unstable, but the monthly recurring expenses are fixed. You'll need $97 monthly for membership and another $1,000 for funnel-building. You’ll also pay for solo ads which could cost around $0.35-$0.95 per click if you’re buying from Udimi. The cost per click in solo ads could go up or down, depending on the quality of the email lists you’re getting. With solo ads, there's always the risk of getting unengaged subscribers that leads to poor conversions and loss. 

Is it worth getting List Building Lifestyle by Igor Kheifets? It can be worth it if you’re an existing email marketer and your goal is additional learning. Igor offers practical mentorship and techniques that are helpful for email marketers. But if your purpose is to make money online as a no-experience beginner, List Building Lifestyle may not be the best course for you. Efarming is not as easy as what Igor claims in his ads. There are inevitable risks that even experienced marketers struggle to keep the business under control. With efarming, income depends on affiliate commissions. And affiliate commissions depend on the traffic you’re getting from paid solo ads. Overall, List Building Lifestyle offers a decent income opportunity. But, it’s inconsistent, not passive, and unstable. 

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