Do you want to know the secret of a cattle farmer who unlocked the key to living a millionaire life? Craig Ballantyne's developed a 15-minute morning routine, which he calls the “fast track to million-dollar success”. Craig is an early riser. The core of his training program is to help people “accomplish more before noon” through a productive early morning routine. 

Millionaire Morning Routine personal development training for busy people who want to build 6 to 7-figure businesses without getting burned out. Craig's unique strategy is called the old farmer’s secret morning trick. He claims that this trick improves focus, boosts motivation, and increases productivity. The best part? You only need to practice it 15 minutes a day. This program is not only limited to entrepreneurs and professionals. Freelancers, stay-at-home moms, artists, and all others can join and learn Craig's millionaire ways. Millionaire Morning Routine includes exercises for the mind, such as journaling your thoughts, daily meditation, and reading a book. He also encourages physical exercise, such as walking and jogging. It’s unclear how much the course costs. You need to submit a coaching application to Craig to get a quotation. Inside the program, students learn 

the 21-day challenge, 

the Perfect Day Formula book,

the 9-day Reality Maker Blueprint,

step-by-step guides and, 


Craig Ballantyne is the founder of Millionaire Morning. He’s nicknamed the “world’s most disciplined man”. According to his LinkedIn, Craig completed his master’s degree in exercise physiology from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. This explains why he's passionate about men's fitness, and became a fitness coach for Men’s Health Magazine. Despite calling himself a mentor of over 250 7-figure entrepreneurs, I'm surprised he doesn't have a business background. His only credential is mentorship by Mark Ford (also called Michael Masterson) and his experience running a cattle farm in Ontario, Canada. But the lack of a business degree doesn't seem to intimidate him. In 2015, he published a personal development book titled The Perfect Day Formula. He also partnered with Mark (his mentor) and now co-owns and hosts the Early To Rise radio channel. 

Millionaire Morning Routine Review

Millionaire Morning Routine and Mindset Mentorship 

Millionaire Morning Routine is a good personal development program overall. It has several positive reviews from entrepreneurs. What I like about Millionaire Morning is that it takes a personalized approach for every student. So each one is assisted in areas that need most help. Many students say Craig's step-by-step 'winning' strategies are effective. Two well-known students who love Craig's mentorship are Igor Kheifets, the CEO of List Building Lifestyle, and YouTuber Wayne Winton Locksmith. 

The winning process taught in the Millionaire Morning includes waking up early, building a plan for the day, drinking more water, removing distractions, and reducing caffeine intake. To be honest, there's nothing very special about it. The strategies are pretty general and could be suggested by anyone. It's true that a changed (or new) habit can make certain life improvements, but it can't make you a 7-figure entrepreneur right away. 

The Business Employment Dynamics by the Bureau of Labor reported that 20% of start-up businesses fail in the first year and it increases to 50% in the fifth year. BMC Health Services Research showed that life coaching has health benefits. It lowers stress levels, reduces anxiety, and improves overall mental well-being. 80% of people who took a coaching course say their self-esteem improved. Good habits and the right mindset can help anyone become a great entrepreneur. But it's not magic that could turn you into a millionaire overnight. Aside from mentorship, you need to find an evergreen niche that sustains your business long-term. You should also know how to scale the biz and manage it smartly. 

Millionaire Morning Routine isn't honest about the challenges of becoming an entrepreneur. Craig makes building a business sound so easy, and that's the biggest issue I see with this course. Personal development coaching can develop your entrepreneurial spirit, but it doesn't give you instant and measureable results. There are so many factors that make a successful entrepreneur, and coaching is just one of them.

Overall, it's okay to get mentorship from Craig but don't expect to see results right away. This program only develops the right mindset in you, but it doesn't teach you how to make money. It's a coaching program and not a business model. If you want to have an entrepreneurial mindset before becoming an entrepreneur, then this course helps. But if you just want to make money, there are other courses that will help you generate income in just a few months. An example would be local lead generation coaching. It teaches a step-by-step process on how to build and rank sites. This biz earns a lucrative passive income by renting out digital properties and selling leads to small business owners. 

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