September 22, 2023

‘We build an AI digital marketing agency for you in just 21 days or less' is Jeff Baxter's straightforward promise to anyone who wants to join his digital marketing agency boot camp. He assures this method can make $10K in less than 2 months. He'll also guide you through 1-on-1 coaching until you’re making more than your current monthly salary. Agency Master Academy is for online entrepreneurs who are making at least $50K a year. Jeff is strict with this requirement. If you’re making less, he asks you to 'leave the page immediately'

Jeff Baxter's program teaches how to run a profitable agency using effective ad campaigns. Webinars of the course include funnel-building, lead conversion, and running YouTube and Facebook ads. It’s for those who want to start an ad agency and for current agency owners who want to scale their business. Anyone interested goes through a screening process. Only those who qualify are given the details of the program. It's unclear how much the program costs exactly. Online speculations say it’s $1,500 minimum, but could increase based on your ability to pay. Agency Master Academy is a five-module course. It includes the 

Fundamentals of a marketing agency business, 

customer acquisition sales funnel,

getting clients using free methods, 

setting up and running Facebook ads, 

outsourcing services (calls and service delivery). 

Who is Jeff Baxter, and what makes him a credible digital marketing coach? 

Jeff Baxter is the creator of Agency Master Academy and the founder of Ad Ninja Pro. He graduated from Navarro College in Corsicana, Texas. Jeff has over 15 years of experience in the online biz. He launched Consulting Master Academy in 2008 (now Agency Master Academy). That same year, he also launched Ad Ninja Pro. A digital agency that runs and manages Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube ads. His two businesses are still operating today, which proves his legitimacy. Aside from his entrepreneurial achievements, Jeff was also recognized by ClickFunnels as a 2-comma club qualifier. 

Agency Master Academy and the DFY Digital Marketing Agency Business Model 

Agency Master Academy is one of the better digital marketing courses. What sets Jeff apart from new ‘gurus’ is that he talks with sense and knowledge. The free training on his website is surprisingly informative. It briefly explains how the business model works and how Facebook is used for free lead generation. The second part of the training talks about the basic how-to of the biz, like negotiating a retainer fee, client’s ad budget, creating targeted ads and running paid campaigns. 

Agency Master Academy has a 30-day refund policy, but it's conditional. Students who don’t get a client after 30 booked appointments can apply for a refund only if they can submit 

Screenshots of the 30 booked calls inside the Oncehub account and,

screenshot from the merchant account that there are no new customers 30 days from the signup date. 

That being said, the course is not bulletproof and has many gray areas. The biggest issue with the course is that it’s not fully transparent. Jeff never talks about the price, which is a red flag. The lack of negative feedback is also odd. It makes you question the authenticity of the abundant positive testimonials scattered on different platforms. 

Jeff promises a timeline that's quite exaggerated. Though it’s possible to make $10K in under 2 months, the chances are slim. A new marketing agency has a longer cycle time. One sales cycle can take months, from acquiring clients to planning and implementing the ad campaigns and seeing results. Clients may use this as an excuse to delay payments. Some may delay payments for up to 6 months. Others who are unsatisfied may even refuse to pay. 

There's a reason Jeff doesn't accept students who earn below $50K. He knows this biz is expensive. Running Facebook ads alone costs $300 to $1K monthly. Clients may also have different expectations. Since you’re catering to a global market, expectations can be affected by racial, social, and cultural backgrounds. It’s a serious threat to digital marketing agencies who have slim margins of 50% or less. New agencies are even slimmer, usually at 20% to 30%. These two factors will negatively affect the cash flow of the business. 

Overall, Agency Master Academy is a good digital marketing course. Jeff could be the best digital marketing coach. His strategy uses Facebook and Google Ads, which HubSpot reports having the highest ROI among all the marketing channels. Digital marketing is a thriving industry. The global ads spend is estimated to be worth $485 billion this year. However, this biz is only for those with deep pockets. The course alone costs at least $1,500 plus other expenses related to starting an ad agency. Is it worth investing in DFY digital marketing? It could be if you have capital plus backup funds. But if you just want a quick way to make money, there are other low-capital, high-profit biz models like local lead generation. 

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