October 21, 2023

Kaela Kanae walks you through his lavish Las Vegas mansion as he talks about how he went from working minimum wage at a coffee shop to making $50 million in just 2.5 years. And, it’s not just him who took advantage of this system and made money. 80,000 others have used this method as a cubicle escape plan. 

Freelance Marketing Secrets is a downloadable PDF that reveals the 3 strategies for becoming a successful affiliate marketer. Although downloading the PDF is free, everything else is not. Once you’re in, expect upsells, especially Fullstaq Marketer courses. Fullstaq Marketer was called AWOL Academy back in 2015 to 2018. But there were too many negative reviews that Kaela had to rebrand it to Fullstaq Marketer in 2019. This program is also called the Business Launch Challenge in some of Kaela’s ads. Whatever it’s called, it refers to the same program. It’s a 2.5-day affiliate marketing training with digital tools upsells that total another $100. The $39 basic training sign-up fee includes training modules, done-for-you funnel, and a website. 

Nathan Kaela Kanae Jr. is the creator of Freelance Marketing Secrets, Business Launch Challenge, and Fullstaq Marketer (AWOL Academy). He’s an 8-figure super affiliate marketer from Las Vegas, Nevada. Kaela is originally from Hawaii where he completed a psychology degree from the University of Hawaii in 2006. He worked full-time at a coffee shop, making barely $1,500 monthly, struggling to pay his student loan. He ventured other side hustles, including MLM, options, and forex, but none of these worked. Kaela learned affiliate marketing in 2012 and made his first 5-figure income just 7 months later. Kaela has a pattern of starting a new biz and then closing it a year or two later for another one. He has a long history of short-lived businesses including Exodus Entertainment (2 years), KK Auto (2 years), Stanton Mortgage (2 years), Oahu Lending (1 year), Mysocial.pro (1.5 years), and AWOL Academy (3 years). I consider these as red flags, especially when he rebranded AWOL Academy. If it’s a successful money-making method (as he claims it to be), why change the name? 

Freelance Marketing Secrets and Affiliate Marketing

Kaela’s courses are decently rated on Trustpilot. In fact, Fullstaq Marketer has 4.9 stars from 1,169 reviews given. Maybe he finally hit the right spot after years of trial and error in the online biz. Or so I thought. Digging deeper, I found many reviews that say Freelance Marketing Secrets is nothing but a clickbait to Kaela Kanae’s paid courses. After typing in your email address and downloading the PDF, expect dozens of sales pitches and follow-ups. This process is not unusual. Almost all coaches do this to promote courses and boost enrollments. 

The whole point of getting Freelance Marketing Secrets is to discover the 3 hacks that make successful affiliate marketers. But guess what? You wouldn’t find it here. Everything inside the document has been said by every affiliate coach out there. You can easily search “how to be a successful affiliate” on Google to learn these three secrets and more. Articles on Google are more in-depth than Freelance Marketing Secrets. That’s even better than giving your contact details to Kaela and becoming an easy target for his sneaky sales strategies. 

To be fair, affiliate marketing can be a profitable money-making method. Authority Hacker estimates that average marketers make about $8K monthly. Super Affiliates make at least $100K per month. It’s an increasingly popular money-making method, and 81% of brands use this to boost product awareness. The affiliate marketing industry grows at a 10% rate year-on-year. The United States holds the largest stake at 39%. 

Although demand for affiliates is increasing, and income is lucrative, 95% still fail according to a Dynu In Media article. The biggest issue with this business model is that it depends highly on traffic. It’s possible to generate traffic without spending on ads, but you need to consistently pump content that goes viral. Paid ads are an option if you don’t have the time and creative juices to constantly make content. 

Paid traffic is expensive. So, this strategy is only for those who have the funds to run ad campaigns. WordStream reports that most small businesses spend $1K to $10K monthly on Google campaigns. Cost-per-click on the three biggest social media platforms also increased. Facebook costs $0.97, Instagram costs $3.56, and $3.21 on YouTube. The cost per 1000 impressions (CPM) on these platforms is from $7.19 to $9.68. 

Aside from expensive ad costs, affiliates are also at risk of backlash from merchants who sell fake and poor-quality products. Reputation is at stake. As an affiliate, you’re also at risk of chargebacks and disputes from unsatisfied customers. Depending on your agreed terms with the merchant, your commissions may be forfeited because of these issues. 

Kaela Kanae is not the most trustworthy guy on the internet. He makes money through deceitful promises and unrealistic income claims. Overall, I wouldn’t recommend getting Freelance Marketing Secrets. There are better affiliate courses out there from more honest coaches. Affiliate marketing is a legitimate way to make money online. But it’s not stable, and income is unpredictable. It’s a great side hustle if you’re currently a celebrity and influence with a huge audience. But if you’re a regular person looking for an additional income source, it’s not the best biz for you. Instead of building an audience, build digital real estate with local lead generation. Unlike affiliate marketing, you don’t need to create new content for traffic. You organically generate traffic by ranking sites in Google. The best part? You can even sell leads to small business owners at 85% to 90% margins. 

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