‘Results in 48 hours, guaranteed, or get paid back double’ is Keala Kanae’s ambitious promise on Business Launch Challenge’s sales page. Business Launch Challenge (BLC) is a 2.5-day program by Fullstaq Marketer that teaches affiliate marketing to beginners and non-tech-savvy individuals. It costs $39, but prepare for additional tools that would total $100. These digital tools include ClickFunnels, GetResponse, and Bluehost. Aside from these additional costs, you'll also be upsold the Elite Mastermind, which costs another $15,000. In the Business Launch Challenge, expect to get 
  • In-house training based on Fullstaq Marketer’s Vertical Selling System™,

  • DFY funnels and,

  • DFY websites. 

As a stay-at-home mom, juggling kids and a side hustle while maintaining a clean home, I need a low-maintenance but quick-income biz. Kaela Kanae has a business offer that he claims can get you results in just 48 hours. This Business Launch Challenge covers everything you need to know about the course, its creator, and the program. I’ll also answer if it’s a legit course (or not) and why it could be deceptive for newbies. 

In the Business Launch Challenge event, students are broken down into smaller groups where they learn to set up products, build funnels & websites, and find and optimize leads. It claims to have helped over 4,500 students. Fullstaq Marketing is a Trustpilot-verified company with an impressive 4.9-star rating based on 1,111 reviews given. But, if Keala is 100% confident in this program, why does he have a disclaimer? A section of the disclaimer explains that Keala and his participants have undergone training and years of trial-and-error, so the results are non-typical. Positive outcomes rely on a variety of factors. Basically saying the results are still up to you. 

Who is Kaela Kanae anyway? 

Nathan Keala Kanae Jr. is an online marketer and super affiliate from Las Vegas, Nevada. He is the CEO and founder of Fullstaq Marketer and Inspirean X, an online platform for personal development. Inspirean X hosts live events, communities, and mentorship programs. He's originally from Honolulu, Hawaii, and finished a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from the University of Hawaii in Manoa in 2006. Despite having a psychology background, Keala has always been a marketing guy. He was the director of marketing and sales at Smile Entertainment in 2001. His other businesses include Exodus Entertainment (2001 -2003), KK Auto (2003 - 2005), Stanton Mortgage (2005- 2007), and Oahu Lending (2007 - 2008). Kaela has a noticeable pattern. He starts businesses and drops them a year or two later. He’s had a total of 4 businesses over 8 years, and none of these are still operational to date. In 2011, he coached for Mysocial.pro for 1.5 years and co-founded AWOL Academy in October 2015, which lasted until December 2018. AWOL Academy was rebranded as Fullstaq Marketer in 2019. 

Business Launch Challenge and the Affiliate Marketing Business Model 

The Business Launch Challenge event is held via Zoom in an as-needed schedule. There are many good reviews on this training. Students say the training is intense but has practical applications in the online business. But here’s the biggest issue I found about BLC: there are too many upsells inside this $39 introductory course. Upsells of the BLC can cost up to $15,000 or more. These are not mentioned in the ads. The training is legit for the most part, but it is deceptive because of lavish upsells that could easily trick naïve newbies. 

Another issue with the Business Launch Challenge is it focuses on teaching students how to promote Fullstaq Marketer and nothing else. It’s unclear how much money is needed to get started with the business model. Many speculate that Fullstaq Marketer is just a revamp of the AWOL Academy. AWOL Academy was a controversial course. They had to end it in 2018 because there were just too many negative reviews. 

By the end of 2023, affiliate marketing is expected to be a $13 billion market. It's a legit business model and one of the most popular ways to make money online. But, it also has one of the lowest success rates. Only 5% of new affiliates become profitable in the business. Learning affiliate marketing Keala's way is expensive. You'll need at least $15,500. Low-ticket affiliates only make 5% on every sale. That means you need to work extra hard to break even on training costs. Is it a worthy investment? I wouldn't say it's not. After all, it has good reviews online, there are success stories, and students say they get some value in the training. But $15K to learn affiliate marketing is too much. You can find a cheaper affiliate course or choose a more profitable and stable business model. 

Kaela Kanae Review On YouTube

Work From You Laptop YouTube channel reviews Kaela Kanae. He also answers whether or not he's a scammer and points out some red flags of the affiliate marketing business model. This reviewer points out the similarity of Kaela's courses to his other failed courses, AWOL Academy and Fullstaq Marketer. He cautions the audience that they should be careful in believing Kaela's "success" stories and income claims. Although Kaela is considered a legit coach, his strategies are questionable, and he has a history of failed courses. 

Is Business Launch Challenge A Good Fit For Stay-At-Home Moms?

The Business Launch Challenge might not be a good fit for stay-at-home moms. The biggest downside of the affiliate biz is income instability because everything is commissions-based. You’re also tied up to the affiliate program, which may limit your freedom and earning potential. Earnings as an affiliate may fluctuate and change without notice. Changes in the algorithm or market trends may also affect traffic and sales. 

The affiliate business is not for moms who need a fixed monthly income to support the family’s financial needs. Although there’s income potential with affiliate marketing, commissions are unpredictable and inconsistent. If you’re looking for an online biz that offers a long-term and sustainable income source, my recommendation is local lead generation. This business model builds digital assets and ranks them on the search engine. These digital assets are like prime real estate in the real world, so they can be rented out to small business owners. Local lead gen is a reliable income source for moms. Income is consistent, it is long-term and predictable.