September 27, 2023

‘The reason people are failing has nothing to do with funnels or ads’ says Travis Stephenson. He claims that his simple 6-step process is all you need to build a successful and profitable online biz. Travis offers a 45-minute training video that focuses on 5 areas that inspire 6 to 8-figure entrepreneurs. He says he made a repeatable system that can make anyone successful online. 

Wealthery Mastermind is an exclusive business community headed by Travis Stephenson. He calls it 'the art of helping businesses create more leads and sales'. It's made for operators like YouTubers, freelancers, and agency owners. Beginners who want an entrepreneurial circle where they can bounce off ideas are also welcome. Wealthery mastermind costs $297 monthly or $2997 for 1 year access. It has a 30-day free trial. Inside the course, students get 

a mastermind social app for connecting with other entrepreneurs,

unlimited access to training, 

accountability and growth calls every week,

copy-and-paste funnel system and, 

support in every step.

The weekly live coaching calls and the social app make this mastermind more valuable. Travis jumps into a 1-hour live coaching every Wednesday night inside their private coaching app. Entrepreneurs learn from him first-hand. The exclusive social app helps members connect and the newsfeed page keeps them updated. 

Travis Scott Stephenson is the mentor and creator behind Wealthery Mastermind. He’s a 7-figure affiliate marketer from Florida. Travis built multiple 6-figure businesses in his 14 years as an online entrepreneur. He graduated with a business degree from Clarion University in Pennsylvania. His studies focused on management, economics, marketing, and law. With a solid educational and business background, it’s obvious why he chose a mentorship path. From humble beginnings, Travis worked for a valet service company, Black Tie Valet. He debuted in online biz in 2009 when he launched Magic Media, his online platform for promoting courses. Nine years later, he launched Chatmatic. A software that automates social media engagements through direct messaging. Travis has proven his worth as a marketer. He earned four ClickFunnels two-comma club awards. Two of these awards are from selling digital products. With his entrepreneurial experience, education, and achievements, I believe he is qualified to lead a mastermind. 

Wealthery Mastermind and the Exclusive Business Coaching Business Model

Wealthery Mastermind is an exclusive group that enables growth in business, finances, health, and relationships. The goal is to provide training in different aspects while learning new skills, and growing with a community of success-minded people. The program is comprehensive, and it provides hands-on guidance to all its members. 

Travis sounds like the typical internet guru, but he shares valuable knowledge and there’s depth in his words. It’s refreshing to see coaches who have a holistic approach to their mentorship. Travis doesn’t just teach how to make money. He also teaches how to use the money you make to nurture health and relationships. His goal is to create financial freedom without sacrificing personal life. For Travis, health and relationships shouldn’t be factored out in business. His solution is to achieve the perfect balance by optimizing the online business through Wealthery Mastermind. 

A mastermind is an exclusive group, usually of 8 to 10 people, that aims for individual success. ‘You are the sum of five people around you’, Travis emphasizes the importance of surrounding yourself with people that help you achieve success. Inside the mastermind, students learn from each other through brainstorming. Studies show that people are 65% more likely to achieve goals when they are held accountable by others. Peer-to-peer accountability keeps members motivated. 

20% of businesses fail in their first year based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. What’s more intriguing is that the failure rate goes up to 50% for businesses over 5 years. It's suggestive that entrepreneurs lose their drive later in the business, and it leads to failure. A mastermind group helps business owners stay focused on growing the business rather than allowing it to fail. 

Mastermind groups are generally good. Global icons Walt Disney, Thomas Edison, and Franklin Roosevelt were members of masterminds. The concept dates back to 1937. Author Napoleon Hill coined the term. 

Wealthery Mastermind is a hybrid mastermind group. There’s coaching, training, and a copy-and-paste system that makes a 6 to 8-figure income. But, there’s no one-size solution for all entrepreneurs. Success is relative to the doer. So, a repeatable system that made 8-figures for Travis might not do the same for you. Even if it’s copy-and-paste, factors like your audience, reach, experience, and resources make a huge difference. Remember, Travis has been in the online biz for 14 years. He has built connections over the years and has access to a huge audience and funds. 

Overall, I would recommend the Wealthery Masterclass if you have an extra $297 monthly for an exclusive fellowship group. This is not a quick-money method. So, don't expect a positive cash flow after a few months. Travis emphasized many times that if you’re just after the money, you better look somewhere else. If you're like most who are looking for a quick income source (money is priority), skip Wealthery Mastermind for now. Try fast-income business models like local lead generation. It's the easiest online biz. You won't need a mastermind to be successful, only foundational knowledge from excellent lead gen training. 

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