Ways for stay at home moms to make money include:

  • Starting a lead generation business
  • Writing and reviewing resumes
  • Working as a social media manager
  • Freelancing and leveraging the gig economy

The New York Times reports that in 2024, "the number of SAHMs is the lowest it's been since 1986, with only 55% of women currently working outside of the home". Due to the price of daycare in the USA, inflation, and the high cost of living, many moms can't afford to return to work. As a result, "60% of Americans think having one parent stay home is the only alternative", according to Pew Research. 

However, most stay at home moms need to earn an extra income to help cover household and living expenses, like this Reddit user who writes, "I make a little money on the side selling on Mercari. I go to local thrift stores and buy things (clothing mostly) and sell them. I've made an extra 2 grand this year". In today's economy, moms are looking for a business idea that offers flexibility and a decent paycheck. In this article, we list 16 ways for a stay at home mom to make money. We'll also share 3 tips on how to earn a steady income from home in 2024

1. Start A Local Lead Generation Business

The local lead generation business model is a proven concept that is simple to execute once you understand the skill set. Build and rank micro websites that provide the right service in the right location. The focus is on the local market so you can get your sites to the top of the Google search engines in under 6 months. Those sites produce leads that stay at home moms can sell to make extra money. I've been doing lead generation since 2014 and have built an empire of digital properties. I now have over 80 websites and earn a monthly passive income of over $100,000.

Your lead gen sites are like a digital products. You own the website, the tracking number, and the leads. But those sites get attention from organic traffic and produce some of the best leads on the Internet. Forbes states that "in 2022, 45.1% of all search results were organic clicks". Online jobs pay enough for a stay at home mom to make money. The key is to pick the right business model. The lead generation model is among the best options for stay-at-home moms who want to make money online. You're not dealing with high levels of competition, market saturation, or customer service. Instead, each lead gen site can earn $500-$3,000 a month, and once your websites produce leads, you sell them to small business owners to generate passive income every month.

2. Write & Review Resumes

Resumes are documents designed and used by a person to show their background, skills, and accomplishments and are most often used to find a new job. Glassdoor reveals that "50% of marketers cite too many grammatical errors as the most common mistake made by job seekers". As a resume writer and reviewer, your job is to pen or edit your potential clients resumes and ensure they are tailored to the position they're applying for and have no grammatical issues.

To excel at this home mom job, you must offer a fast turnaround time and have writing experience or accreditation from an institution like the National Resume Writers' Association. A few popular places to find jobs and make extra cash include TopResume, TheMuse, and ZipJob. You can also build a website and pitch people on LinkedIn or engage with prospects on social media. ZipRecruiter says that "the average resume writer makes $711-$769 a week or $37,000-$40,000 per year".

3. Start A Podcast

Podcasts are digital audio files people download via the Internet. Demand Sage states that, "by the end of 2024, in the USA alone, there will be more than 100 million active podcast listeners". Starting a podcast is a home mom job that can make good money if you know how to get subscribers and leverage the right monetization strategies. To create a podcast:

  1. Decide on your theme, format, and brand.
  2. Get the necessary equipment, like a microphone, recording software, digital recorder, and editing software.
  3. Create your outline and record your intro, outro, and podcast material.
  4. Rinse and repeat with hyper-valuable content that speaks to your target listener.

Once you have a following, you can monetize your podcast channel with sponsorship deals, selling merchandise, ad space, and listener donations. Other popular ways to make money with a podcast include paid memberships, selling premium content, or publishing your episodes on YouTube. Wired Clip suggests that "the average podcaster with 10,000 downloads for each episode can make $500-$900". Further data advises that "podcasters earn $2,333-$3,375 a month or $28,000-$40,500 yearly".  

4. Find Freelance Gigs On Upwork Or Fiverr

Freelancing is remote work or a home job a mom can do as an independent contractor instead of an employee. Flexible says that "there are 58 million freelancers in the USA, and the freelancing and gig economy might be the majority of the workforce by 2027". Team Stage reveals that, "36% of Americans are part of the gig economy". Popular freelance and gig jobs include freelance writing, customer service, graphic designers, online tutors, and virtual assistants. Contra shares that "the top-paying freelance and gig jobs are content freelance writer, voiceover artist, social media platform specialist, and web developer".

Find freelance positions posted on Upwork, Fiverr, or FlexJobs. Or an app like Task Rabbit, Gig Walk, and Street Crowd that lets you connect directly with people looking for gigs and odd jobs that need doing. Research shows that "the average freelancer makes an hourly income of $24.19". However, this Quora writer shares that, "I'm currently making between $9,000 and $12,000 per month. In the current month, I received $7,700 through Upwork direct contract, $800 through Western Union + $1,750 through Xoom". Additional data shows that "gig workers make $2,141-$4,276 a month or $25,000-$51,319 annually".

5. Sell Online Services

Online services are digital products or information sold on the Internet, such as an online course or business consulting. LocalIQ reports that "the consumption of online content rose 30% in 2023." To start selling online services, decide what business you want to deliver. What are you good at or enjoy doing? Are you an expert in a particular topic? Do you have a better option or a service that's unique from the competition? Next, pick your name and learn as much as you can about your ideal buyer. What are their likes and dislikes? What are their biggest pain points? How can your services help them solve a problem?

Then, create a website and get active on social media. Start a YouTube channel to leverage paid ads to get a buzz around your services. Overdeliver on value and get reviews and testimonials to build trust and generate a steady stream of high-paying clients. Popular online services include direct sales, virtual assisting, and niche market ecommerce retail. Web Acquisition reports that "there are 2.5 million online retailers globally and 2.5 million are in the USA". Online services generate an income based on the type of services you provide and the number of clients you retain. However, Entail Insights shares this tip, "a loyal consumer is 10Xs more valuable than a new customer".

6. Offer Digital Marketing Services

Digital marketing services is an online job that uses specific strategies to boost brands on the Internet and social media platforms. Digital marketing services can also include email and SMS methods and paid ads. Rebel Mouse says that "as of June 2023, there were 202 million active websites globally". Statista shows that "there are more than 5.3 billion global Internet users, and in 2024, 65% of the population accesses the Internet". 

As a result, business owners need an active online presence to broaden their reach and be a top-of-mind company. Many small business owners outsource digital marketing services like content and email marketing, marketing analytics, PPC and paid ads, and social media management. To start selling digital marketing services:

  1. Pinpoint your core services
  2. Decide on your ideal niche
  3. Increase the value of your services by offering bundles and customized packages
  4. Design a strategy that highlights your deliverables
  5. Pitch potential clients on social media or forums like LinkedIn
  6. Track your metrics and show clients how your services increase their ROIs

Get tangible evidence to support that your methods are making your clients more sales,  more leads, or driving more traffic to their offers. Research suggests that "the average digital marketing agency owner earns $74,000-$129,000 a year". 

Further data from Talent reveals that "the average digital marketing salary is $38.56 an hour or $53,430-$191,573 a year". However, this Reddit user shares their digital marketing success, writing, "I make 50k/month revenue from fees. I usually have one or two freelancers or part-timers helping with fulfillment or admin-type stuff".

7. Become An SEO Strategist

SEO strategists are digital marketing professionals who generate and analyze Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns. Sixth City Marketing shares data from the SEO Tribunal stating that "in 2024, 97% of individuals learn about local businesses from the Internet". Unlike an SEO manager who finds the best keywords for each client's company, an SEO strategist executes techniques such as keyword research, technical and on-page SEO like HTML, mobile speeds, and data analysis. To become an SEO strategist:

  • Learn the business model fundamentals like title tags, meta descriptions, schema markup, backlinks, citations, and XML sitemaps.
  • Become proficient with tools like Keywords Everywhere, People Also Ask, and Google Analytics.
  • Learn to use third-party software like SEMrush or Ahrefs to track ranking stats and SEO Quake to access the number of words and pages of the top competitor's websites.

The idea is to become the authority. Practice and create a project portfolio to showcase your work to potential clients. Or build and rank your own website. Get it to the top of the SERPs, and you will have tangible evidence to support that you are knowledgeable and worth your price tag. You can "make $42,190-$425,136 a year as an SEO strategist", according to data from Comparably.

While ZipRecruiter shares that "the average SEO specialist in the USA makes $25-$43 an hour". You can find postings for social media marketer positions on LinkedIn, Monster Jobs, and Indeed. Freelancers can create a website, social media profile, or YouTube channel and use paid ads and networking to grow their client base. Brain Station shows that "the average social media marketer in the USA makes $25-$120 per hour or $66,000-$$70,328 a year".

8. Work As A Social Media Marketer

A social media marketer uses social media sites like Facebook, X, and Instagram to increase brand awareness and broaden a company's reach. The goal of a social media manager is to get new customers, engage with existing ones, and share updates or offers with a mass audience. Statista advises that "90% of companies leverage social media marketing." As a social media marketer, your job includes duties like:

  • Manage the overall social media strategy of the company 
  • Collaborate with copy and content writers and graphic designers to create compelling videos and social media posts
  • Track key metrics such as engagement, followers, performance, etc.
  • Answer messages and respond to comments
  • Use social media listening tools like Brandwatch to pinpoint trending topics and hashtags to create a profitable campaign 

9. Drive For Amazon Flex

An Amazon Flex driver uses their vehicles to transport and deliver parcels from Amazon to the consumer. Amazon Flex drivers reserve time blocks (typically 4 hours) and get paid hourly. AMZ Scout indicates that "80% of Amazon's customers reside in the USA and over 230 million shoppers on the platform are American". To become an Amazon Flex driver, you need to be 18 or older, have a valid license, a method of transportation, and a smartphone. Set up an account on the Amazon Flex app and find delivery blocks where you live.

Each block tells you how long your deliveries should take and how much you'll earn. Your earnings depend on your location, the time it takes to finish your deliveries, and any extra tips you make. Amazon Flex advises that "an Amazon Flex driver makes $18-$25 an hour". However, this Amazon Flex driver on Reddit shares, "I made $1,000 last week. I work full time during the week, 8-5, do one shift in the evenings and then two on Saturday and Sunday".

10. Leverage Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an online advertising business model companies leverage to drive more leads and increase sales for their product or service. A brand uses affiliates as third-party creators and pays them a commission for promoting them. Rakuten/Forrester Research suggests that "80% of brands adopt a form of affiliate marketing". To become an affiliate, decide on your niche and platform. For example, will you create a website and share a blog post weekly? Or would you prefer to post videos on a YouTube channel? Next, pick your networks. The key is to choose programs that offer a high commission for each click your affiliate link gets. 

Popular options include Amazon Associates, ShareASale, ClickBank, and eBay Partner Network. Then, share valuable content that solves a problem, saves a person time, or improves their life. Build an audience and create trust with your target market by regularly engaging and chatting with subscribers. Be ready to invest the time and stay consistent. Affiliate marketing is competitive, not a get-rich-quick scheme. You're competing with national affiliates with a ton of expertise. And many have spent years fostering an online community of avid supporters. However, Glassdoor confirms that "the average affiliate marketer makes $58,000-$158,000 a year but also earns cash incentives like bonuses, tips, and profit sharing".

11. Be An Amazon Influencer

Amazon influencers are content creators who offer their audience recommendations on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. As an Amazon influencer, you get paid products and commissions by an Amazon Associate every time a person makes a purchase. Engage Bay says, "Amazon influencers drive more than 37% of traffic on Amazon".

To qualify for the Amazon Influencer Program, you need to have an extensive audience on social media with a minimum of 1,000 followers. My Wife Quit Her Job states, "Amazon influencers earn $100-$10,000 a month advertising Amazon products on the Internet". This Reddit poster shares, "I make 150-400 dollars a day depending on Amazon changes. You need to buy stuff to make big bucks or have a lot of access to products".

12. Offer Pinterest Virtual Assisting Services

A Pinterest VA assists people in increasing their traffic with compelling pinboards and pins that include visually pleasing pictures and unique descriptions. Virtudesk states that "as a virtual assistant in the USA, 59% are working full-time". Pinterest virtual assisting is a specialized niche and requires a few core skills that include the following:

  1. A VA Service Page on the platform
  2. Knowledge of Pinterest tools
  3. A Pinterest Business Account
  4. The ability to design pin graphics & pen compelling descriptions
  5. An understanding of scheduling and regular PIN posting
  6. Active in Facebook groups and on social media platforms

You can find positions on FlexJobs, Pinterest, and Upwork. Fitnancials reveals that "the average Pinterest VA makes $30-$50 an hour". 

13. Write Scripts For YouTube Videos

YouTube script writers create an outline that includes the dialog, visual cues, and CTAs. A YouTube script is like your roadmap and tells you what, how, and when to say things. YouTube scripts ensure your video succeeds and speaks to your ideal audience. Google and Ipsos state, "80% of people who viewed a YouTube video relating to a product they planned to buy report watching a video before they started shopping". As a YouTube script writer, you need to have talents in areas like:

  • Writing & editing skills
  • Creativity & storytelling
  • Research skills & adaptability

Know your audience. What genre do they enjoy? What verbiage do they use in their daily lives? Your script needs to get attention and ensure people watch the video. You can find jobs for YouTube script writers on YT Jobs, Upwork, and Simply Hired. ZipRecruiter shares that "the average YouTube script writer makes $3,208-$6,250 a month or $38,500-$75,000 a year". However, this Reddit user reports, "I charge $100/minute for video scripts".

14. Design Graphics

Graphics are visual components that share specific information and are used instead of text to clarify concepts. Hootsuite suggests that "the use of AI in graphics is increasing 206% in 2024". One of the more profitable mom jobs, to make money selling graphic design, a stay at home mom needs a few core skills, including:

  • Creativity
  • An aptitude for typography and color 
  • Stellar communication skills
  • A strong drawing and technology understanding
  • Exemplary attention to detail

A freelance graphic designer can sell their digital products on Storenvy, Creative Market, and Turbo Squid. Research reports that "the average earnings for graphic designers in the USA are $3,461-$4,455 a month or $40,000-$83,250 per year". 

15. Leverage Gig Economy Apps 

Gig workers are self-employed and make money through contractual jobs on platforms and apps like Nextdoor, ZINGR, LocalPin, and Gabble. Studies shared by Hayes report that "9% of gig workers work at a full-time job in addition to gig work. However, 24% of gig workers do this full-time". Further data by Team Stage reveals that "36% of Americans work in the gig economy; that's nearly 57 million people".

Join on-demand apps or platforms like Instacart, Fiverr, and 99designs to make money as a gig worker. Ensure you have a professional resume highlighting your transferable skills and include references. Then, apply for jobs in your area that you're qualified to complete. ZipRecruiter suggests that "gig workers in the USA make an hourly wage of $10.10-$27.16".

16. Sign Up For Focus Groups

Focus groups are comprised of 8-10 people who gather user feedback and opinions about a particular product or service. Real Eye suggests that "focus group data can be biased if a dominant or forceful participant influences the group". However, stay at home moms can participate in focus groups for as many hours as they want. You can find opportunities on platforms like Focusgroups.org, Survey Junkie, User Interviews, Facebook Marketplace, and Probe Market Research. Registration is free; you can assess 150 or more listings simultaneously. Apply to groups you're interested in or have experience with and take the onboarding survey. Once approved, you complete the assigned tasks and are paid via check or VISA credit card. Data indicates that "the average focus group pays around $100 an hour".

3 Tips On How To Earn A Steady Income From Home In 2024 

1. Focus On Your Strengths

To earn a steady income from home in 2024, focus on your strengths. What do you like to do? What do you do differently or better than others? Be honest with yourself. Ask friends and family how you impact their lives. What do you bring to a job that others don't? Once you know what you're good at and what you enjoy doing, make a list of jobs that relate to your strengths. Then, you have a blueprint and can hone in on an opportunity that best fits your abilities.

2. Create A Unique Selling Proposition

A unique selling proposition sets you or your service apart from the competition. Your USV is a simple yet effective way to highlight your expertise. The idea is to make an impression. Develop a reason for people to remember you and seek out your product or service. For example, if you want to provide housecleaning services, offer extras like full cleaning of windowsills and closet organizing. Then, get reviews and referrals to build trust and secure a stream of high-paying customers.

3. Provide Services That Are Hard To Find In Your Area

Research your local market. What services aren't available where you live? Is there a gap or underserved audience you can capitalize on? This Quora writer shares that "cultural experiences, outdoor gear, and customized clothing are all hard to find in a lot of locations." Use tools like Google Trends, TikTok Made Me Buy It, and People Also Ask to see trends. Create an offer that speaks to your ideal customer. What are their pain points? Then, highlight how your product or service can make their life better.

How Can A Stay At Home Still Get Income?

A stay at home mom can still get an income by:

  • Finding jobs on Craigslist
  • Offering housecleaning or laundry services
  • Providing home daycare
  • Leveraging affiliate marketing
  • Teaching English online
  • Selling things on Facebook Marketplace

Stay at home moms can earn an income with a part time job or side hustle. Side Hustle Nation reveals that, "39% of Americans have a side hustle; that's more than 80 million people". However, be ready to do the work to make money with your side hustle.

Plan on devoting a couple of hours each week to your side hustle to build momentum. A contributor on Quora shares, "consistency builds momentum. So you need to put the time in regularly. You don't need 8 hours a day (although that could make things go faster); you can do it with just an hour a day or even a couple of hours a week, but you need to do it consistently over a long period.

Is There A Way To Make Money Online Being A Stay At Home Mom?

Ways to make money online as a stay-at-home mom include options like:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Online tutoring
  • Pinterest virtual assisting
  • SEO strategist

However, none of these online business models generate a passive income stream. You also face high levels of competition and market saturation. Fortune.com suggests that "the US post-pandemic hiring blitz is ending, and new jobs declined by 617,000 in October 2023". I've tried and made money with other business models like affiliate marketing and dropshipping. However, I was never able to sustain the high monthly income that I make with lead generation. So, in 2024, the local lead generation model is still my number one recommendation for stay-at-home moms who want to make money online.

Why Local Lead Generation Is One Of The Best Ways For A SAHM To Make Money 

Ways for stay-at-home moms to make money, like affiliate marketing, virtual assisting, and focus groups, will generate income. However, these ideas require a time commitment. Moms need to work on them regularly to make money. So if your kids get sick or life gets busy and you don't have time, you won't earn anything. The local lead generation business model is a way to make passive income. Then, when life gets hectic, you still have a cash flow.

The concept is easy. Build and rank generic websites that reach the top of the Google search engines. You build sites in the local market that target the right location and offer the right service. But because you're not competing nationally, your lead gen sites reach the top of the SERPs in 6 weeks - 6 months. At the top, they produce leads you sell to a local contractor for a monthly fee. As a result, you earn residual income and own digital real estate.

Of course, you need to do some work upfront, but there's no limit to where you build or how many lead gen properties you own. However, each site can make you $500-$3,000 a month. Local lead generation is one of the best passive income ideas, even for beginners. Once you learn and understand the process, it's easy to scale.  You can check out this local lead generation coaching program if you want more information on how you can make money with the business model.

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