September 29, 2023

‘Transform crypto into a solid income’ says crypto queen, Anna Macko. She believes the reason people fail with crypto is that they’re not treating it like a business. Two percent theory is not a bot, it's a lifestyle. Anna Macko claims she uncovered the million-dollar secret that makes consistent and stable income through cryptocurrency trading. A method that's more relaxed and stress-free awaits those who are willing to take risks. 

As a stay-at-home mom, juggling kids and a side hustle while maintaining a clean home, I need a low-maintenance but quick-income biz. Ana Macko offers a business opportunity that leverages crypto trading to build a million-dollar business. Is the Two Percent Theory legit? Does this course offer valuable crypto training? This review answers all your questions about the course, including why some articles call Ana a serial scammer. I’ll also share intriguing reviews from online sources, and answer if Two Percent Theory is a good course for moms looking for an online hustle. 

Two Percent Theory is a crypto trading course on how to build a profitable crypto portfolio. The course was launched in 2017 and it's made for anyone who wants to learn the fundamentals of the crypto biz. Its big promises come at a price. The basic Two Percent Theory package costs $2,500 and the bundle costs $4,500. You can also pay in crypto. Two Percent Theory is a 40-hour lecture that includes step-by-step instructions on how to maximize trading profit while minimizing risks and losses. Students get

lifetime access to the training, 

guide on setting up charts, 

crypto trading secrets, 

Anna’s proven system, spreadsheets, and worksheets and, 

and one (1) one-on-one coaching session. 

Anna Macko is a crypto trader. She’s been in the crypto biz since 2013. Her background is in programming. She creates digital marketing and SEO tools. I find it odd that she doesn’t have a formal trading background. She also doesn’t even have a trading license. Aside from being a crypto trader, Anna is also a blogger, internet entrepreneur, and business coach. Other courses she created are $100/Day, How to Start a Successful Online Business, Instagram and Influencer Academy, and Internet Life Academy.

Two Percent Theory and the Crypto Trading Business 

Looking up the Two Percent Theory online, I’m surprised to see a lot of negative reviews. There are lots of articles that call Anna Macko a serial scammer. The most popular is a Reddit post from a past student that talks about being an 'absolute mess’. He complains that the course material is outdated, vague, incoherent, and inconsistent. Some videos are repeated to extend the training time. There’s no support from the Two Percent team, and Anna doesn’t answer questions. When students voice out their dissatisfaction, they’re immediately removed from the Facebook group and the signals channel. 

In the thread, a commenter named eternyon123 says Anna is a con artist from Canada. Ex-students say Anna and her team constantly report negative reviews and comments to clear her name. She was caught hiring a VA from the Philippines (Mark Monroy) to play the role of a student in a recorded interview. This interview was intended as a comeback from the sprouting negative online reviews. But it back-fired because it's super shady and scripted. The Mark guy doesn’t seem to know what he’s talking about. He doesn’t look as happy as someone who just made $61K in two days without breaking a sweat! 

The deeper I dig about the Two Percent Theory, I get more questions than answers. The success story claims just don’t add up. Cryptocurrency biz can't be mastered overnight. Much more make $61K in just two days. Anna never got into the specifics of how exactly she’s making money off her system. She even posts a disclaimer in her ads: content is for educational/entertainment purposes only *wink*. If you’re not a financial advisor, and this is all just for education and entertainment, why entice people to pay $2,500? 

Ana Macko Review On YouTube 

Alex, the founder of Social Goat Media, reviews Ana Macko on YouTube. He claims to have bought Ana's $2K-worth Two Percent Theory package and said the course has a supportive online community on Telegram and Facebook. He commends Ana for being a good coach, but he reiterates that he is not giving financial advice by recommending the Two Percent Theory to his viewers. 

Can You Get Rich With Two Percent Theory’s Copy-And-Paste Crypto System?

The short answer is yes, crypto has the potential to make you rich overnight. However, you’ll also need to invest big to profit big, and that makes it extremely risky. It’s almost impossible to make consistent income with crypto without losing significant cash. The biggest issue with crypto trading is that it's prone to scam risks. Federal Trade Commission reports that 46,000 people have lost almost a billion dollars (collectively) from crypto investment scams from 2021 to 2022. Cryptocurrency is not regulated the way banks are, so investors are more vulnerable to scamming tactics. Although it is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission, it is still considered a high-risk investment. There are no international laws that regulate it. For these reasons, crypto is banned in some countries like Nepal, China, and Saudi Arabia. 

Making money with Crypto isn’t as easy as following a copy-and-paste system. Winning requires a combination of strategies, such as trading, lending, mining, and gaming. Overall, it’s not worth investing in the Two Percent Theory and risk getting scammed. You can try other crypto courses, but there's still no guarantee of success. There are other business models, like local lead generation, that make legitimate and consistent passive income. Local lead gen doesn't promise overnight success, but it gives you something better: a long-term and sustainable income that you can rely on.

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