February 12, 2024

You'll see Tommy Rodriguez all over the internet flaunting the Black Badge Rolls Royce Wraith that he gave away to one of his Automation Empire students. He built a successful e-commerce business and recently sold it to his close friend, Ron Earley, for 8-figures to live a financially free life. 

As a stay-at-home mom, juggling kids and a side hustle while maintaining a clean home, I need a low-maintenance but quick-income biz. Amazon automation is a tempting offer because of the promise that everything is done-for-you. But is it really worth investing in? This review covers Tommy Rodriguez' credibility as a coach, his courses, and the challenges of the Amazon automation business. 

Tommy Rodriguez is an 8-figure Amazon seller and an MMA and Jiu-Jitsu Enthusiast from Boston, Massachusetts. Like many course creators’ stories, he lived a tough life in his early years and had several brushes with the law. He was even sent to juvenile detention when he was around 14 to 17 years old. Tommy’s background is in CPA (cost-per-action) and reverse marketing. His name was also linked to an MLM business called MLM Empower Network. He discovered dropshipping by accident after ordering from eBay. After reaching out to the seller, he started his first dropshipping business. Not long after, he realized that the Amazon marketplace was much bigger and had better income potential. So, he shifted his focus to Amazon selling and made millions on the platform. By mid-2017, Tommy was convinced he had enough knowledge to launch his own Amazon FBA course. He claims that over 700 people bought the program and students collectively made 1.4 billion dollars in sales. However, this information is still unverified. 

An Amazon automation program covers everything from product research to product listing and after-sales. Getting an automation service is like getting a property manager for a real estate business. You don't need to do much since the service provider does everything. It's appealing to moms, except for its steep price point. An Amazon automation course like Tommy's Automation Empire costs from $15,000-$45,000. Other automation programs are also within this range. Most coaches will also ask for backup fund or a credit line of at least $15K for inventory and other seller-related fees. 

Tommy Rodriguez and Automation Empire 

Tommy Rodriguez is quite a popular Amazon coach. He has over a million followers on Instagram where he frequently updates about his life, hobbies, and business. There are also client testimonials posted on Tommy’s YouTube channel. One of which is from a student, Trey, who made over $85,000 profit in just over 9 months. Trey narrated that he had lots of doubts when he first started Automation Empire. He also mentioned that before his launch, Tommy was in every step of the way, helping him with any inquiry. After he handed his Amazon store to the team, everything was smooth sailing. According to Trey, he gained confidence in the system and soon he started making money. 

But how did he make money? 

To be honest, the testimonial looks staged. Trey’s story is too general. Everything he talked about in the interview is surface-level and he didn’t even mention the technical aspect of the business. I looked up Tommy Rodriguez on Reddit and found a few comments that warn people to stay away from him and any of his courses. This Reddit commenter with the handle “Frosty-Quarter-7557” said Tommy, is one of the biggest scammers that ever came to the United States. This commenter also narrated that he lost $25,000, and he still hasn’t recovered the money from Tommy. An older Reddit comment calls Tommy a scam artist and should never be trusted. 

Reddit reviews that call Tommy Rodriguez a fraud and scam artist.

Tommy might have planned to sell his automation service company long before he actually did. He even tried forex coaching (maybe as an exit plan?), but there's not much information on it. What's quite obvious is that he seems to be jumping from one biz to another. And, it's weird that in all of these ventures, he doesn't properly talk about money-making strategies. He’s a bit all over the place with different course offerings, and none of them seem to have been genuinely successful. His past association with an MLM company is also a red flag. 

Tommy Rodriguez Review On YouTube

An anonymous YouTuber with the screen name “Link” reviewed Tommy Rodriguez. This YouTuber’s goal is to figure out how Tommy made enough money to purchase the luxury cars and the mansion he flaunts on social media. As expected, he didn’t find a concrete answer to any of these questions. Tommy only gave generic answers such as “worked my a** off” and “isolated myself from friends and family members”. As per the YouTuber, Tommy’s claims do not add up. He always talks about making millions but doesn’t go into specifics on how to achieve it. He also doesn’t talk about crucial business information that could prove the legitimacy of his claims. 

Is Tommy Rodriguez A Good Coach For Stay-At-Home Moms?

Tommy Rodriguez might not be the best coach for stay-at-home moms because his reputation is a bit questionable and the testimonials on his channel and website are unverified. Although he's living the retired entrepreneur life for now, he's still active on his socials and is probably preparing to launch a brand new course. Amazon FBA and dropshipping and low profit margin business models. It's very likely that he built his fortune by selling Amazon automation courses. 

Amazon FBA and dropshipping are two of the riskiest online businesses out there. Tommy realized how much work this business needs. So, he sold it to focus on coaching and course creation. Amazon is a very saturated platform with almost 10 million active sellers competing. Starting an Amazon biz could also be expensive. Startups usually spend upward of $3,800 to launch their first Amazon store. 

On top of the course price and the inventory costs, Amazon also charges standard fees to sellers, usually 15% of the product’s selling price. As a new FBA seller, you should familiarize yourself with the standard Amazon fees, such as storage costs and aged inventory fees. Standard storage fees start from $0.87 per cubic foot on standard-sized items. Aged inventory for items that have been in the center for more than 181 days also incurs a surcharge of $1.50 per cubic foot. Amazon will also charge you for the removal and disposal of inventory items from center. 

My suggestion for moms is a stable business model that’s low-maintenance, low-risk, and could be managed from home without physically storing and shipping inventory. Local lead generation builds digital assets and ranks them on Google. The goal is to acquire a portfolio of digital assets that generates long-term passive income. Owning a ranked asset (like a top-ranking website) is like owning a billboard in a prime location. You generate hot leads that you can sell to local business owners at 85% margins. You can also rent out your site and earn passive monthly rent from your prime digital assets. I’ve been in this business for almost a decade and I’m making $52K passively each month. It’s my number 1 recommendation for moms because it’s easy to manage and you can work at your own schedule. Since everything is digital, you don’t have to pay for warehousing and logistics, just minimal fees for one-in-a-while maintenance. 

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