January 25, 2024

Power couple Tiffany and Josh High will teach you how to make a steady and stable income through real estate investing. The couple successfully turned a $106,000 loss from their unsuccessful flips into a multi-million dollar company that wholesales and flips 300 properties per year. Some people think it’s luck, but for Tiffany and Josh, it’s all hard work and grit. 

As a stay-at-home mom, juggling kids and a side hustle while maintaining a clean home, I need a low-maintenance but quick-income biz. Tiffany is empowering women (especially moms) to start a business while being hands-on with their kids. She’s a full-time mom to her three-year-old baby girl, Saylor, while managing her real estate business with her husband. Real estate seems like a good income opportunity, but is it the best choice for moms? This Tiffany and Josh High review covers all you need to know about the course, its creators, and the business model they’re teaching. I’ll also answer if it’s a smart choice for moms-at-home. 

Tiffany and Josh High are the creators of Results Driven. They are 7-figure real estate investors from Columbus, Ohio. Tiffany has a strong business and sales background. From 2009 until 2011, she worked as brand and program manager for Marathon Petroleum Corporation. She was also the wholesale account manager of Husky Energy for four years. Her last stint in the corporate world is as a business manager for Owens Corning. Tiffany and Josh’s real estate journey started in 2015. Their business was off to a rocky start when they lost over $100K in their first year and only made 40 flips that year. They wholesaled 165 homes in their second year and were already making over 300 two years later. Tiffany also owns a home buy and sell business called Heels Homes. She founded Results Driven REI in 2018 to teach individuals how to start and scale a real estate business. 

Results Driven is an educational platform that helps aspiring realtors start their real estate journey. The Results Driven Education pathway starts with the platform’s free training. Next is the MLS offer course that teaches how to build an MLS team. It also includes scripts, inspection, and how-to-sell deals using the MLS tool. The third step of the pathway is the 4-week virtual group wherein students learn market channels, sales-converting scripts, the dispo dept structure, and exit strategies. After that is business immersion, it’s a 2-day live training event designed to help investors understand how the real estate business works from the inside. From there, members of Results Driven REI choose to either advance to the accelerator program or get small group mentorship for six months. 

What Do People Say About Tiffany And Josh High Online?

I found testimonials from students who commend Tiffany and Josh for their great mentorship. One of them is Jordan Johns, whose business improved after attending the 2-day live training event conducted by the couple. He started to see an improvement in his real estate side hustle and was already doing at least one property flip per quarter. Another one is Justice Soto, who started his mentorship with the Highs when his business was in a “dark age” (as he calls it). After attending Results Driven’s two-day live event, his mindset changed, and he was more ready to take on the role of a real estate business owner. Since then, he shifted his focus to making sales calls and closing deals. During his interview with Josh, he emphasized that after his mindset changed, he was able to focus more on the aspects of the business that move the needle. Soon he was ready to onboard two more people into his team, a sales manager and a transactions coordinator. 

Surprisingly, I couldn’t find Trustpilot reviews or Reddit discussions on the couple and their online courses. However, their social media and website are full of photos and videos from live events and small group mentorship programs which prove the legitimacy of their claims. They also upload testimonials (like Jordan and Justice) where students share their experiences on the programs they attended and how they positively impacted their business. 

Based on what I found online, I can say that Tiffany and Josh are probably one of the better real estate coaches. However, what I would caution about is the real estate wholesaling business model. Wholesaling has inherent challenges that new investors should be mindful of. It’s an unstable and unpredictable income source because you don’t have control over many aspects of the business. Typically, closing a real estate wholesale deal would take from 7 days to a month, but could take longer for others. Real estate is a saturated industry. According to ATTOM Data Solutions, over 72,960 single-family home flips were done in the United States within the first quarter of 2023. Property flips are about 9% of all home sales. It’s a rising market with good income potential, that’s why many more are enticed to venture into real estate. 

Tiffany and Josh pose with the attendees of their 2-day workshop and business immersion. 

Tiffany and Josh High’s Interview With Ryan Pineda

Ryan Pineda is a YouTuber, podcaster, and an 8-figure business owner. He owns a real estate brokerage firm in Las Vegas called Forever Home Realty and a flipping business called Future Flipper. Ryan also provides tax and accounting services for his fellow realtors through his company, TrueBooks. 

Tiffany and Josh shared that they’re doing 15 to 20 deals per month, and they make from $350,000 to $400,000 in their best months. The couple also shared some challenges they encountered in the business, like high overhead costs and marketing expenses. They explained that they practice accountability with their employees using key performance indicators (KPIs). This helped them significantly increase team productivity and profits. Towards the end of this hour-long interview, the couple shared their plans of venturing into private lending in the future. Josh emphasized to the audience the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance by creating a business that aligns with personal and financial goals. 

Are Tiffany And Josh The Best Coaches For Stay-At-Home Moms?

Tiffany and Josh might be the best coaches for mompreneurs who have been in the real estate business for a while. However, they might not be the best choice for beginners who have zero property flipping and wholesaling experience and knowledge, because the lessons taught in the program are not very beginner-friendly. Single-family flipping and wholesaling are also not the easiest businesses to start, scale, and manage. This business will demand time and financial resources. It’s not the best business for stay-at-home moms who are busy running the household and have a limited budget to invest. 

Tiffany High deserves credit for successfully balancing her roles as a mom while running at least two businesses. She’s an inspiring figure for moms who also want to start a business and achieve financial independence through real estate investing. Moms can make a stable income with real estate investing. However, it can be risky and challenging because this business is highly saturated, it has high capital requirements (from $20,000 to $70,000), and it may take 4 to 6 months to complete a house flip. 

My recommendation for moms looking for a passive income opportunity is local lead generation. This business teaches how to build digital properties and ranks them on Google. Physical real estate has to be routinely maintained, and you also need to pay annual taxes and insurance. Digital properties are better because these can be managed from a laptop. Local lead gen isn’t a saturated business. There are over 50 niches to explore and thousands of cities you can get into. It’s a broad untapped market with huge income potential. The capital requirement with this biz is much lower than real estate flipping and wholesaling. You only need about $500 to start. 

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