November 18, 2023

Do you want to start drop shipping, but you’re having information overload on so many things you need to learn? Don’t fret, AC Hampton’s made it easy for you. He promises a simple, “no confusion”, drop-shipping system that won’t get you overwhelmed. All you need is a laptop, a Wi-Fi connection, and your credit card. 

As a stay-at-home mom, juggling kids and a side hustle while maintaining a clean home, I need a low-maintenance but quick-income biz. AC Hampton offers a dropshipping course which he claims to be a confusion-free method. But is this program the easiest way to learn e-commerce? In this Supreme Ecom Blueprint 3.0 review, I’ll cover the course, the cost, and what students get with the program. I’ll also reveal what I discovered about AC Hampton’s online reputation and answer if I would recommend it to moms looking for an online hustle. 

Supreme Ecom Blueprint 3.0 is a complete course for learning how to set up a Shopify store from scratch. AC’s dropshipping strategy uses Facebook as the primary traffic source. This program is designed for beginners who want to understand the dropshipping biz and intermediate drop shippers who want to grow their stores. Advance-level drop shippers who need mentorship to overcome challenges are also encouraged to join. The lite version, Crash Course 3.0, costs $159.99. The full version of the course, Supreme Ecom Blueprint 3.0, costs $597. AC also offers programs like the Webinar Supreme, which costs $597, and the Supreme University Course, which costs $59.99. Supreme Ecom Blueprint 3.0 has 8 modules and 30 training videos. Templates in PDF format are also included. Students will learn 

  • product research strategies using SEO and keywords 
  • build converting web designs with two coded themes and automated Paypal tracking 
  • access to private suppliers 
  • exclusive discounts on viral ads production. 

Alexander “AC” Hampton is an 8-figure entrepreneur, dropshipping mentor, and the founder of Supreme Ecom. Some call him the King of Dropshipping. He finished a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science Engineering at the University of Missouri. After college, he worked as a marketing manager for Propane Resources and as a car sales agent at Toyota, Kansas City. The dream of becoming an online millionaire started when he saw his roommate was making money from home with just a laptop. He learned how to dropship in 2017. After failing a few times, he finally found his first winning product, which grossed $220K in a few months. 

Supreme Ecom Blueprint 3.0 and Dropping Using Facebook as a Traffic Source

Supreme Ecom Blueprint is quite a popular dropshipping course. AC Hampton has an impressive social media presence. His YouTube alone has over 362K subscribers and his videos have been viewed over 14 million times. What I like about this course is it’s constantly updated. It’s already on its third upgrade since it was launched in 2018. The latest update is in 2023. There are already lots of topics covered for its $597 price point. Aside from the basics of drop shipping, you’ll also learn how to run a Facebook page, use ads manager, do audience testing, and funnel re-targeting. AC also covers SMSBump. It’s an automated text marketing application for Shopify stores. Every month, he uploads a new episode on his channel that shows 10 new profitable products for the month. Students in the comments say it helps them update their product listings on their Shopify stores. 

Despite having a fair reputation, there are still many speculations about AC being a scammer. Technically, he’s legit. But I also found Reddit comments that call him a fraud, which makes me more skeptical about him. A Reddit thread from 2 years ago posted by a student said that AC uses his successful students to mentor the program. And they aren’t even that knowledgeable about drop shipping yet. He has this get-rich-quick vibe like many gurus, flashing his money on social media. Many speculate that he’s had some success in drop shipping and then abruptly created a course to make money from sign-up fees. He claims to have over 2,000 students as of writing. 

This course focuses on using Facebook as the main traffic source. It’s not bad though because Facebook is still the biggest social media platform. 3.7 million businesses are running their ads here, Statista). A separate survey also found that 89% of social media marketers are using Facebook to advertise. It’s the biggest social media platform, with over 3.03 billion monthly active users. However, running ads here is also very expensive. Cost per click (CPC) is $0.26 to $0.30, based on 2023 data by WebFX. To get thousand traffic to your store, you need to spend around $300. New drop shippers will easily spend beyond their budget on ads out of desperation to make their online biz work. An anonymous Reddit commenter who claims to be AC’s student said he lost $3,000. Another commenter confirmed this accusation and said he also lost $2,000. 

Supreme Ecom Blueprint Review on YouTube

E-Commerce and Marketing reviews channel uploads content that evaluates online business models, websites, courses, apps, and other income opportunities. It was started in 2021 and has 1.13K subscribers to date. Its 122 videos have been viewed over 125,223 times.

E-Business and Marketing Review says that Supreme Ecom Blueprint is made by a successful drop shipper (AC Hampton) who made over $17 million in revenue in just 7 months. The course covers practical lessons like Shopify store creation, automation, and legal setup (LLC). The reviewer pointed out that this course is marketed to beginners, but it includes complex concepts like retargeting ads and look-alike audiences. He also pointed out that dropshipping is a low-profit, high competition business. So, interested students should be mindful of the challenges because signing up. 

Would I Recommend Supreme Ecom Blueprint to Stay-At-Home Moms?

Although Supreme Ecom Blueprint promises a legit income opportunity, I wouldn’t recommend it to stay-at-home moms. Many Reddit comments call AC Hampton a fraudster. The course has also been called out for letting members of the program do the mentoring. Skeptics believe that most of AC’s income is from his courses and not from dropshipping. Supreme Ecom Blueprint 3.0 is a good enough beginner course for anyone who wants to start Shopify dropshipping. After all, it's just a fraction of the price compared to other courses. Can it make you a 7-figure entrepreneur like AC Hampton? It probably can, but you need to invest big in advertising costs. Advertising on Facebook is tricky for the inexperienced. There’s always the risk of advertising to the wrong audience, which leads to poor engagement and poor results. Running paid ads to promote products is very expensive. One of AC’s past students even said he lost $3,000 on paid ads that didn’t deliver the results he expected. This could be a decent course if you want to re-learn Shopify dropshipping. But, if the goal is to make a stable online income, best to explore other business models. 

My online biz recommendation is local lead generation. This business model builds and ranks sites that generate leads and free traffic. Instead of creating an online store and selling digital products, why not build digital properties that earn long-term passive income? When your site is ranked on Google, you generate leads for a specific audience. So, owners come to you for business instead of you spending ads to increase sales. Digital properties make a lucrative income on autopilot, and you only need $500 to start. It's low-maintenance and easy to learn, the best online hustle for moms. 

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