STR Summit is a short-term rental event organized and hosted by Tony and Sara Robinson, collectively known as The Real Estate Robinsons. Following the success of STR Summit 2023, they’re doing it again this year, bigger than ever, at the Gaylord Rockies Resort & Convention Center in Aurora, Colorado, from June 23 to 25. Tony and Sara promise to make this event feel like a vacation. Attendees will enjoy a relaxing view of Colorado’s alpine charm and the picturesque landscape of the Front Range. Guests also dine in five restaurants and lounge in the resort’s bars. They can also relax at the world-renowned Relâche Spa and explore amenities in nearby waterparks. 

As a stay-at-home mom, juggling kids and a side hustle while maintaining a clean home, I need a low-maintenance but quick-income biz. Tony and Sara offer an exciting business plus vacation experience to those interested in Airbnb investing. It’s a promising opportunity, but it is a good choice for moms? This STR Summit review covers all you need to know before you sign up and fly out. 

STR Summit is an Airbnb hosting event where attendees learn the basics of the short-term rental business and more. Inside the event, attendees learn how to find profitable Airbnb markets, design their rental properties, set the right pricing, and find off-market deals. The goal of STR Summit is to help new realtors launch their first Airbnb and scale their real estate portfolio through actionable strategies that are only taught in the program. It’s attended by over 300 investors, so there’s a huge opportunity to build and grow your real estate network here. 

General admission to STR Summit costs $997, but early birds can get it at $397 before the slots sell out. General pass holders only get access to the Exhibitor Hall, all speaker sessions, and the opening night networking mixer. The VIP pass costs $1,997, but if you catch the early bird promo, you can get it for only $997. This pass has all the inclusions of the general package, plus front-row VIP seating, your elevator pitch played in front of all attendees, day 1 off-site mixer, VIP lunch, an exclusive Q&A session, and another off-site VIP mixer on the second day. The Diamond package costs $4,997, but you can get it at $2,997 if you catch the early bird sale. It has all the inclusions of the VIP plus a 30-day follow-up group coaching call and a 60-minute one-on-one coaching call with Tony and Sara. 

The Creators: Tony and Sara Robinson

Tony and Sara Robinson are the power couple behind STR Summit. They are real estate investors who built a solid 10 million dollar Airbnb portfolio in just 2 years. Their booming Airbnb business is an accidental discovery for the couple. Tony lost his job in December 2020. He was down to the decision of whether to work on their 2 existing STR units or find another corporate job. He took the leap of faith and focused on growing their STR business. Just 12 months later, they grew their Airbnb portfolio with 10 more property listings. The couple developed a system that made 30 units in less than 2 years and they’re now managing a $10 million STR portfolio. 

Tony and Sara with the attendees of the STR Summit.

Speakers at the 2024 STR Summit

Tony and Sara handpicked their roster of speakers in this year’s STR Summit. They released their lineup of speakers for this year’s event, including themselves. They promise to reveal more in the coming months.

  • Sara Robinson will talk about 5-star Airbnb management which mainly covers how to set up an almost autopilot Airbnb system and process.
  • Tony Robinson covers how to analyze a property like a pro. He’ll teach the tell-signs of finding a property that’s fit for an Airbnb business, so you confidently buy and launch your first unit.
  • Brianna Michelle is a guest speaker at the event. She’ll cover topics on design so your listing is always ahead of the competition.
  • Rob Abasolo is a real estate investor and Airbnb host. He’ll talk about how to make your Airbnb business recession-proof in 2024 in 5 key strategies.
  • Amanda Han will cover the financial aspect of the business, especially Airbnb tax strategies.
  • Michael Elefante will talk about a strategy of owning less and earning more. This strategy is not commonly talked about by online coaches. He says this strategy will make more profits and get less headaches.
  • Rich Somers will also speak at the STR Summit on scaling a traditional single-family home through his Boutique Hotel 101 lessons.
  • Tyler and Zoysia Madden will share their framework on how to manage a rehab property project, whether big or small. 

What People Say About The Real Estate Robinsons’ STR Summit

The STR Summit website is full of positive testimonials from their past students. Among them is John, who is super hyped in sharing about his experience at the 2022 STR Summit in New Port Beach. He narrated how amazing the event was, having been mentored by Tony and Sara themselves. John also shared that it’s his second time joining the STR Summit and every time he learns more from it. Another positive review is from Brian Davila, who shared how he started with STR investing through Tony and Sara’s help. He started with one property in Joshua Tree, which he turned into an Airbnb. This property did really well, and he bought 10 more rental properties after that. Brian now speaks at STR Summit teaching beginners how to find off-market deals. Justin from St. Louis, Missouri, also shared how his life changed when he met Tony and Sara. He shared that a coaching call with Tony helped him land his biggest deal, which doubled his portfolio. 

Despite the abundance of positive feedback, I found some comments on Reddit that question the value and credibility of the program. An anonymous commenter with the Reddit handle “GhostofEdgarAllanPoe” shared that everything they talked about can be found on Google. He also questioned why Tony and Sara ventured into events if they were making a good income with short-term leasing. This Reddit commenter gave a rough estimate on how much the event is making considering it’s also heavily sponsored. He said that if the event cost them $20,000 to stage, they’d break even in just 20 sign-ups. 

Another commenter also made a good point. He said that STR events are less about learning and more about building networks with entrepreneurs in your niche/industry. He also mentions that events like the STR Summit boost your confidence and drive to work towards your goals, which I also agree with. Building connections through social events builds your network in your space, which you wouldn’t have known if you only bought a self-paced course like what most coaches offer. 

STR Summit Student testimonials. 

Is The STR Summit A Good Investment For Moms?

The STR Summit could be a good investment for moms who are currently in the short-term rental market and are looking to scale their business and expand their network. However, it might not be a practical venture for those with a zero background in real estate investing, particularly in vacation properties. The short-term rental market is very competitive. It’s a 73 billion dollar market according to Statista’s April 2023 data. The average annual income of Airbnb hosts is around $44,235. It’s a promising business opportunity that’s why more and more people explore short-term rental investing. In the United States alone, there are already over 2.25 million active Airbnb listings. 

Running and maintaining a short-term rental listing may also be time and labor-intensive. It may not be the best business for busy stay-at-home moms who are also running a managing the household. An STR listing will keep you busy because you always need to communicate with your guests, maintain the property, and coordinate cleaning and bookings. The STR market is also volatile and may not be a stable income source for families. Factors like seasonal demand, local regulations, and changes in travel trends will directly affect your revenue. Laws and regulations on short-term rental properties also vary in different states. New York, for example, imposes a 4% sales tax on rental properties. STR business owners should get their sales tax certificate from the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance before renting out their property. 

Overall, I would not recommend the STR Summit to moms who have a zero background in real estate, especially in vacation property investing. Although it’s a thriving industry, the business is more complicated than what Tony and Sara declare. STR investing is capital and labor-intensive and it will require most of your time. Instead of acquiring high-maintenance STR properties that depreciate, better build and rank digital assets that generate long-term passive income. Ranked sites generate leads for local businesses. You act as a middleman by selling these leads to business owners looking for customers. It’s better than renting out short-term rental properties because it’s low capital, low risk, and low maintenance. 

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