January 22, 2024

Ravi Abuvala will teach you the exact strategies 1,200 clients are using to scale their businesses and generate predictable monthly income through an automated process. He claims his system can make a million dollars in revenue in less than a year. If you’re tired of generating leads but not making sales, Ravi says this program is the one for you. 

As a stay-at-home mom, juggling kids and a side hustle while maintaining a clean home, I need a low-maintenance but quick-income biz. Ravi has a unique business offer that he claims can grow you from earning $10 per day to $100,000 in just 14 months through agency ownership. He says you can automate this system and “retire” yourself early. But is digital agency ownership a suitable business for moms? This Scaling with Systems review will cover all you need to know about the course, creator, and business model before signing up. 

Scaling with Systems is a program wherein Ravi Abuvala helps scale online coaches and agency owners. It’s Ravi’s most successful training course to date, which (as he claims) has helped over 2,100 clients. The course focuses on teaching aspiring agency owners how to automate systems by outsourcing tasks to virtual assistants. Ravi simplified the process into three steps to make it beginner-friendly. First, he’ll audit your business and then develop sales strategies that turn strangers into long-term clients. Next, he’ll revamp your client acquisition channel in just 48 hours to increase your profitability. The last step is he’ll help you hire efficient team members so you don’t have to handle the business full-time. The cost of SWS is not disclosed, you need to book a roadmap call to find out. I read from a Reddit thread that SWS allegedly costs $20,000 (another one said $12,000). However, the source is unverified and it could just be a speculation. 

Ravi Abuvala a.k.a “The Systems Guy”, is an online marketer, lead generator, business coach, and the founder of Scaling with Systems. Aside from Scaling with Systems, he also owns another 7-figure coaching business called Remote Integrator Academy. Ravi was born in Atlanta, but he grew up in Dustin, Florida. His LinkedIn shows he graduated with Latin honors for his political science degree at Florida State University. After he dropped out of law school, he briefly worked for Governor Rick Scott. In 2016, he launched a lead generation program called Prospect Social, his first business project. This course taught real estate agents how to leverage social media to generate leads. Three years later, he launched Scaling with Systems and another one called Remote Integrator Academy. 

Scaling with Systems: Lead Generation, Funnel Creation, and Outsourcing

Scaling with Systems covers lead generation and funnel creation. What sets it apart from other courses is it provides businesses with pre-qualified VAs at less than $5 per hour. Ravi doesn’t call himself a coach, but a non-equity partner, because he promises to walk with you every step of the process. SWS has an excellent Trustpilot rating, 4.8 stars from 132 reviews given. Most 5-star reviews commend the course for its excellent service. A review by Nick B from Australia said the support staff are knowledgeable of the business and have the necessary skills to move the needle. 

SWS posts case studies on its website. However, these stories aren’t verified and shouldn’t be taken as social proof, but rather as marketing content. The most recent case study uploaded on SWS’s website is the one from PT Legends company. Ravi claims this client achieved a $120K MRR growth rate in 90 days. Another case study cited was of CFS Recovery, who made a million sales in just 11 months. The company made 10 times its monthly revenue after working with SWS. 

Digging more about the course, I came across a Reddit thread that reveals not-so-likable things about SWS. RoundTableMaker said it’s the most expensive course he’s ever bought. He also emphasized that SWS focuses on outsourcing virtual assistants rather than optimizing existing business systems. The commenter pointed out that the course costs $7,500 upfront (three years ago), but hiring a VA only costs Ravi about $250. So, he makes $7K outright. This reviewer also commented that the 3-hour video material was of lower quality compared to the others. Another Reddit reviewer, Found_AR, accuses the course of being a “big scam”. He said there’s nothing “insider knowledge” in the program and it’s a total waste of money. He also complained of getting charged $97 for months until his bank flagged the transactions as suspicious activity and stopped the succeeding payments. 

Reddit thread that gives negative feedback on Scaling with Systems. 

Scaling with Systems Review On YouTube

Laurence Thomas (a former student) reviews Ravi Abuvala on his channel. He narrates that the program is a combination of self-guided and personalized coaching. It also includes step-by-step guidance and strategy planning via Slack. Based on Laurence’s personal experience, Scaling with Systems is an effective program, because, through it, he achieved his highest revenue months. He considers SWS a worthy investment despite the steep pricing because of its positive returns on his investment. 

Is Scaling with Systems A Worthy Investment For Moms?

Scaling with Systems could be a worthy investment for moms who are existing entrepreneurs and those who want to pursue a digital marketing career. However, beginners might not have a direct application to the lessons taught in the program and can’t monetize this investment over a short period. SWS’s “best feature” is its VA service. Although this simplifies the VA’s selection and training process, the cost is also significantly higher than hiring a VA from Upwork, Fiverr, LinkedIn, and other freelancing platforms. On average, VAs cost around $250 monthly, but Ravi charges $750 or more. Getting a trained and pre-qualified VA also doesn’t guarantee business success. You can’t control the quality of their work, you’re at risk of confidentiality and security issues, and remote workers are always harder to monitor. It’s not the best side biz for moms who are busy running a household. 

Moms who are looking for a beginner-friendly business model should consider local lead generation. This business builds digital assets and ranks them on top of the search engine. Owning digital assets places you in front of an audience who are looking for the products and services you’re selling. These assets are like prime real estate in the real world. You earn by renting out ranked sites and selling leads you generate from them at 85% margins. Ranked sites are so easy to manage and barely need any maintenance work. It’s the most passive online income source for aspiring mompreneurs. Income is long-term, and it’s stable and predictable. 

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