February 7, 2024

4 million dollars net worth at 22 years old. Sara Rosalia went from broke to million-dollar rich through affiliate marketing, stock investing, and Shopify dropshipping. She’s not gatekeeping how she made it, but you need to pay her to know. 

It’s inspiring to see young people enjoy financial success at a young age. As a stay-at-home mom, I’m also looking into income opportunities that I can do on the side while running the household. I came across Sara’s story, and I can’t help but research more about her. I wrote this Sara Finance course review to share what I learned about the program, its creator, and some stats on the business model that interested students should know before jumping in. 

Sara Rosalia’s social media accounts use the handle “Sara Finance” where she shares free information on strategies like affiliate marketing and Shopify dropshiping. She also shares investing tips and the story of how she made 4 million dollars from zero. Sara developed a course called Finance Simple where she teaches affiliate marketing, dropshipping, and stock market investing in 50 video modules. The affiliate marketing course costs $40, the dropshipping business course costs $597, and the Stock Market course costs $200. Sometimes these courses are offered at a discount. 

Sara Rosalia is an American YouTuber, young entrepreneur, stock investor, and online influencer. She was raised by a single mom in Ontario, Canada, who was working minimum wage jobs and receiving little subsidy from the government. So, Sara needed to work early. Her first job was at Tim Hortons when she was 15. She dropped out of school because of financial reasons and this was when she started exploring online business opportunities. After trying different business models, she eventually found success with dropshipping. At 18 years old, Sara was already making $80,000, and by the time she was 19, her net worth was already over $500,000. Sara retired her mom, and she owned four properties on top of her growing online business. 

Sara Finance: Affiliate Marketing, Stock Investing, and Shopify Dropshipping

The biggest selling point of Sara Finance and Finance Simple is Sara’s rags-to-riches story. It’s very relatable to many aspiring entrepreneurs who are hopeful that their financial situations will magically turn around through a strategy or “new” business. She inspired many young people to prioritize building wealth early, so they didn’t have to run the corporate rat race. Finance Simple is also one of the cheaper courses you can find online. Most course creators charge up to 10 times more. 

Finance Simple is a legitimate course, but I don’t like that it lacks one-on-one mentoring. I think it’s an integral part of the program because it’s where students learn strategies first-hand. Finance Simple also lacks a refund policy, which adds to my skepticism. You can’t get your money back after you swipe your card. Sara Finance mainly focuses on two business models which are affiliate marketing and Shopify dropshipping. However, income from these businesses could be short-term and inconsistent. So, it’s not very reliable if you’re looking for a long-term and consistent income solution. 

Sara Finace has mixed reviews online and discussions on Reddit have raised speculations about Sara’s credibility. A comment left by “ConsequenceHealthy60” says she has been called out many times for being a fake guru. Another user with the handle “squirrrrrm” said Sara could have made money with dropshipping a few years ago, but she still uses this to market her $300 course. The thing is, people fall for this strategy and buy the course, thinking they too can make $60k monthly if they follow everything taught in the program. 

This commenter also referred to Sara’s crypto course as “laughable”. He mentioned that Sara even said she bought stocks and “waited 10 years” to make money, which is a very broad strategy to share when talking about crypto investing. One comment in the same subreddit mentioned that he was on a call with one of Sara’s advisors, and she asked him to pay $1,000 for the program. Sara sounds legit, but she could also be a scammer. Interested students should be extra careful and do their research before investing. 

Negative Reddit reviews on Sara Finance.

Sara Finance Review on YouTube

Financial Sigma reveals the real reason why Sara Rosalia got rich (or so she claims). He narrated that the reason why Sara is rich is she diversified her income streams. Aside from her dropshipping, she generates revenue from YouTube Adsense, affiliate commissions, brand endorsements, and her Finance Simple course. Most comments on this YouTube review of Sara are negative. One commenter, Negócios Sem Estresse, even called her a scammer because (according to him) Sara never showed any proof that she had that much money. This guy also said he doesn’t believe she makes the money she claims because if she does, she would have invested more in the quality of her videos. 

Negative reviews on Sara Rosalia on YouTube. 

Is Finance Simple by Sara Finance A Good Fit For Stay-At-Home Moms?  

Finance Simple could be a good fit for stay-at-home moms. However, learning affiliate marketing, stock investing, and Shopify dropshipping requires substantial time and effort. It may not be a good fit for moms who have limited time to invest in learning a new business. As a Shopify store owner, you need to dedicate time to researching and sourcing profitable products to sell. You also need to maintain a good relationship with your suppliers because you depend on them for products and service fulfillment. Another issue with dropshipping is its slim margins. The average profit margin is only between 15% to 20%. Income with dropshipping is also quite low in the first year of business. Most drop shippers only make from $1,000 to $3,000. 

I wouldn’t recommend Finance Simple to stay-at-home moms because the affiliate marketing, dropshipping, and stock investing businesses are too complicated and demanding. It could work for you if you have all the time to dedicate to learning and launching a business, just like Sara. However, if you’re a mom who is busy with commitments and responsibilities at home, these businesses could be a little too overwhelming. 

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