February 16, 2024

Go from an exhausted mama to making $10K monthly, working only a few hours per week. This is Chelsey’s promise to moms who want to escape their 9-to-5s but are clueless about where to start. She says it’s the way to re-ignite the spark with your partner, never miss out on family events, feel “good enough”, and spend more time with the kids. 

As a stay-at-home mom, juggling kids and a side hustle while maintaining a clean home, I need a low-maintenance but quick-income biz. When I first heard of the Rainmaker Challenge, it spoke to me. Chelsey is living every working mom’s dream life. Her program gives beginner-friendly Amazon FBA training. Is the Rainmaker Challenge the perfect course for moms? Is it the way to time and financial freedom so you can do the things you genuinely love? This review article will tell you everything you need to know. 

The Rainmaker Challenge is a complete Amazon FBA program designed for aspiring mompreneurs. The husband-and-wife duo, Chelsey and Stephen Diaz, created it in 2017. It’s one of the most budget-friendly FBA courses I have ever reviewed. You only need to pay $47 monthly for this program. The Rainmaker Challenge features a 7-day guided program that helps moms get a head start in the FBA biz. 

Aside from the guided module videos, students also get lessons on 

  • getting started with Amazon for just an hour a day, 
  • setting up an Amazon business that ships for you (a.k.a FBA), 
  • finding the first products for your store, 
  • how to get paid bi-monthly and, 
  • getting your products made (introduction to private label).

Stephen and Chelsey are the couple behind the Rainmaker Challenge. Their entrepreneurial journey started with a wedding photography business called the TréCreative. They also opened an ecom store that sold Japanese wooden toys on Amazon. This venture made them realize the potential of digital stores and led them to start their first Amazon FBA business. After gaining enough knowledge in FBA, Chelsey launched a course to help stay-at-home moms start a business from home while only working a few hours per day. Aside from the program, they also launched The Rainmaker Family Show to guide and motivate moms in their entrepreneurial journey. 

Rainmaker Challenge and the Amazon FBA Business Model

The 7-Day Family Freedom Challenge aims to build a lifestyle that gives you financial freedom without sacrificing family time. Students get 1-on-1 SMS support, a supportive online community, and “daily wins” updates. Gifts are also given to new members plus a 10-minute money method that covers the investment portion of the program. Chelsey will also invite you to her close-knit mama club where mompreneurs grow and learn from each other. 

The Rainmaker Challenge YouTube channel is full of testimonials from students of the program. Among them is Kimberly, a mom of six, who made $7,784 worth of sales in just 30 days. She had a nursing infant when she joined The Rainmaker Challenge while homeschooling her toddlers. Kimberly had an online store going, but her sales were low. She knew she needed help, so she turned to Stephen and Chelsey. Even though she only had a few hours a day to spare for the business, she managed everything well and made a decent income by the end of the month. She said Rainmaker is so much more than just selling on Amazon; it transformed her life. 

Kimberly is just one of the mompreneurs featured in the Rainmaker Challenge. There are many stories uploaded on the website and channel from moms of all age groups and backgrounds. It seems like a program that moms enjoy and love. Stephen and Chelsey claim to have been featured by the Inc. 5000, Digital Journal, Ritz Herald, CEO Weekly, and Forbes. 

I looked them up on Trustpilot and found that they only have a 4.0-star rating based on the 286 reviews given. “Michelle” from the United States left the most recent one-star review. She warned people not to fall for the program. She said Stephen and Chelsey seem genuine in front of the camera, but in reality, all they care about is profit. Michelle claims that no one inside the program made money by selling on Amazon. According to her, their success is only hyped up because of their extensive social media marketing campaigns. She claims to have invested over $15K and was still struggling to make a profit. Amazon FBA is a gamble, but the couple makes it sound so easy and risk-free. You need at least $50,000 to start an Amazon business plus $1,500 for pay-per-click campaigns. 

Michelle also claims to have spoken with past clients and employees of the Rainmaker Challenge, who allegedly revealed the low success rate of the Rainmaker Challenge mastermind. She accuses the couple of manipulating sales results to create an impression that the course is a successful one.  

Negative Rainmaker Challenge review on Trustpilot.

Rainmaker Challenge Review On YouTube

Online Marketing Reviews dissects the Rainmaker Challenge and explains the Amazon FBA business model. He says this FBA course is designed for stay-at-home moms and beginners looking for a work-from-home opportunity. This YouTuber also explained that FBA is a service fulfillment strategy that handles labeling, packaging, warehousing, and shipping. 78% of Amazon sellers avail of this service because it’s convenient. However, FBA also has corresponding additional fees like storage fees and handling fees that interested students should me mindful of. 

Is The Rainmaker Challenge A Good Program?

The Rainmaker Challenge could be a good program for those who want to understand the Amazon FBA business. However, the training might be too basic and not enough to make you a successful Amazon seller. The Amazon FBA biz is a lot more challenging than what Stephen and Chelsey like to admit. They make this business model sound so easy, so desperate moms buy the program without thoroughly considering the pros and cons. 

Amazon is a saturated marketplace. As of 2023, there are already 9.7 million sellers on the platform. So, you need to be more creative in your marketing to stand out. There are also Amazon FBA fees that the couple didn’t talk about in the program. Amazon charges $0.56 to $3.34 per cubic foot for monthly inventory storage. FBA fulfillment fees also cost from $3.22 to $4.37 (or even more) depending on weight and product type. Removal and disposal of inventory will also incur a surcharge of at least $0.97 and would increase depending on the weight per item. What’s alarming is that Amazon FBA has slim margins, typically around 15% to 25%. Considering all the associated fees and high upfront capital, it might take a few years before you recoup your investment with the FBA business model. 

Overall, I don’t think Amazon FBA is a mom-friendly business because you need to work more than a few hours per day, especially when you’re just starting. As an Amazon seller, you need to daily monitor inventory, sales, and operations. You also need to constantly list trendy products to increase your sales, coordinate a virtual team, and manage overseas suppliers.

Why go through all of this when you can own a business that doesn’t need these meticulous processes? My recommendation is a business model called local lead generation. It builds digital properties and ranks them on Google. Ranked digital properties are like prime real estate in the physical world. As the digital landlord, you earn passive income through rentals and by selling leads you generate from ranked websites. This biz is low-maintenance and low-risk but with a high income potential. I’ve been in this business since 2014 and it has transformed me from a stay-at-home mom to a 6-figure entrepreneur. 

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