October 26, 2023

Use a simple, one-upload method to make a 6 figure income in your spare time. The Mikkelsen twins are confident that their system makes a steady income by selling digital products on Amazon that you don’t have to make yourself. It has generated over $50 million in Amazon without buying or selling any physical product. This rinse-and-repeat method offers unlimited income opportunities. But can it really make you as rich as the twins? 

As a stay-at-home mom, juggling kids and a side hustle while maintaining a clean home, I need a low-maintenance but quick-income biz. The Mikkelsen twins are back with an exciting offer: build an Amazon store using AI. Is this business innovation the future of e-commerce? This Pub Profits review covers the details of the course, the background and credentials of the creators, and Pub Profit’s 4-step business process. I’ll also share discoveries I found while digging about the course online and what people say about their defunct other biz, Publishing.com

Pub Profits teach how to use AI-friendly software to automate an Amazon business model. Christian and Rasmus promise that this system has been paying everyday people thousands of dollars for 7 years. 3,772 beginners made a steady income source through this, and it has generated over $50 million in Amazon. The goal is to tap into Amazon’s fastest-growing markets like ebooks and audiobooks, and help regular people make money while also getting their time back. It’s for anyone wanting to start an Amazon side hustle in their spare time. But it seems like the key to financial freedom isn’t cheap. Pub Profits cost $2,000 with a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Christian and Rasmus Mikkelsen are the twin brothers behind America’s 19th fastest-growing private company. They are the creators of Pub Profits (and other publishing courses we’ll discuss later). The twins were born in New Jersey in 1995. There’s nothing said online about their educational background. What we know from Christian’s LinkedIn is that he attended the County College of Morris from 2015 to 2017. The twins delivered Chinese food while attending school. They discovered the self-publishing business model through Stephan James’ Project Mastery Course and decided to drop out of school to make money online. Their first break was when they made $60,000 by selling audiobooks. Christian used AI to translate their books (hoping to make more money) but it didn’t turn out well. His account got suspended and Amazon shut down Rasmus’ account too. But they didn’t stop there. Surprisingly, they pushed to launch a course on this business model, Audiobook Income Academy (AIA) in 2018. They made $53,000 from their first 100 students and probably realized that it’s easier than following the system they’re selling. They improved AIA and relaunched it as AIA 2.0 in 2019 to increase enrollments. The course creation biz is doing well, so they launched an umbrella academy to house their courses in 2020, and called it Publishing Life. 

Here’s the disconnect: the twins keep launching courses but are still technically banned from their Amazon accounts. Are they using someone else’s account to continue selling on Amazon after getting banned? Are they teaching a course that promises lucrative income but not practicing the business model themselves? There’s no sure answer. What we know from some sources is that the accounts remain inaccessible as of 2023. And, some of their books are banned on Amazon and Audible because of poor quality and copied content. From this, we can speculate that the twins are probably making more money selling courses (vs selling on Amazon). 

Pub Profits and Self-Publishing with AI

Pub Profits is an upgraded version of AI Publishing Academy. The main difference between Pub Profits and its previous versions (AIA 1&2, and AI Publishing Academy) is it teaches how to sell ebooks on Amazon. The older versions only teach creating and selling audiobooks on Audible. What I like about Pub Profits is its highly automated one-upload method that leverages Amazon’s fastest-growing digital products: ebooks and audiobooks. The 4-step process is simple and beginner-friendly. 

Step 1: choosing a topic, ideally non-fiction and informational books, 

Step 2: automate book creation using their proprietary software publishing.ai, 

Step 3: upload the book to your Amazon store, 

Step 4: multiply income with audible 

The Mikkelsen twins boast its 4.8 Trustpilot trust score on its sales page, but that’s only for Publishing.com. The sales page is still active, but the social media accounts aren’t. Many five-star reviews also look automated and sketchy. I only found a few ones that talk in detail about what they like in this $2k course. A Google search led me to another Trustpilot review page, and it’s for the Pub Profits course. Unlike the highly publicized Trustpilot review on Publishing.com, this one is never talked about because it’s only 2.3-star rated. Almost all the reviews say Pub Profits are deceitful and a scam. Most reviewers say that they discovered Pub Profits through a free webinar. And they were sold a $2K course in the end. To be fair, there’s no way to verify which reviews are real and fake. But I would be extra cautious because the twins themselves teach how to get 5-star reviews to rank organically in the search engine, and that’s a red flag. 

It’s also noteworthy that the Mikkelsen twins have changed the name of this course three times since its initial launch in 2018. PublishingDotCom’s YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook haven’t been updated in 2 years. The Mikkelsen twins haven’t shown themselves in ads since 2021. It’s noticeable that they’re taking a different marketing strategy in their recent promotional videos. Charlotte Mikkelsen (Christian’s wife) appears in two Pub Profits ads that gained almost 80,000 views collectively. They’re also using affiliates to sell the course, and I found proof of this. The YouTube channel, The Ad Collector from Minnesota, promotes Pub Profits the way an affiliate would. 

According to Self-Published Books and Authors Statistics of 2023, over 300 million self-published books are bought every year. That’s equivalent to 1.25 billion dollars. This market has an astonishing 264% growth rate over a 5-year period from 2018 to 2023. And it’s still growing at 17% annually. A Forbes article, Self Publishing or Traditional Publishing, says self-publishers make 20% to 100% royalties while traditional publishers only make 4% to 15% depending on the contract. A WordsRated article says over a thousand self-publishers made over $100K last year. The Mikkelsen brothers aren’t lying. There’s an opportunity to make a 6-figure income here. What they’re not honest about are the challenges of building and scaling a self-publishing biz. 

The biggest challenge of this business model is it uses AI to generate content for ebooks and audiobooks. AI use in publishing is a controversial topic because of copyright and privacy issues. The quality of data is also questionable. Christian himself paid the price for it when his Amazon account got suspended because of poorly translated books. A better option would be hiring a ghostwriter, but that would be more expensive. If you hire cheaper writers from Fiverr or similar sites, you might also end up with low-quality content for your books. Selecting writers from a pool of applicants also takes time. Either way, there are risks and cons to consider. 

Mikkelsen Twins Review on YouTube

Firedragondbz21 uploads reviews, rants, and reaction videos on current events, the government, and online coaches. He doesn’t disclose his name or any personal information about him. The channel was started in 2011, and only has 294 subscribers as of writing.

Firedragondbz21 posted a rant video about the Mikkelsen twins and their alleged scams related to Audible and Amazon. He said that the twins claim to make money through an AI-driven E-commerce store, but their real income source is sign-ups to the course. The reviewer also revealed that the supposed live webinars are pre-recorded, which they charge $2K for. He emphasizes that the twins and others like them should respect 9-to-5ers and the hustle they do to make a decent income. 

Is AI-Driven E-commerce A Good Fit For Moms?

AI-driven e-commerce might be a good fit for moms who have a background in self-publishing and audiobook creation, but not for complete beginners. The business is not as easy as what the Mikkelsen brothers promise. Income is unpredictable and unstable because self-publishers are only paid a royalty for every ebook or audiobook sold. It’s a highly competitive space. You’re competing with over a million self-publishers on Amazon. So, your books should be better than the 12 million others that are already out there, plus 7,500 new ones that are added every day. Stay-at-home moms who have never tried e-commerce and book publishing in the past might struggle to get a return on their investment in this biz. 

My recommendation for moms is a rank-and-rent business called local lead generation. The goal is to build and rank digital assets on top of the search engine so they generate long-term passive income. Unlike Amazon and self-publishing, which requires substantial capital to start, you can start building a site with just $500. Local lead gen is the most low-maintenance biz. You barely have to touch ranked sites. It’s an untapped market with high-income potential. There are over 10 million businesses in the U.S. without a site, so there’s a huge business opportunity in the rank-and-rent space. 

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