September 20, 2023

'A copy-and-paste system that makes $5K to $20K monthly online' is Lucas Lee-Tyson's promise as he pitches Productized Profits. It's an online course that teaches how to find leads through cold emailing, LinkedIn, and Facebook organic search. Lifetime access to the package costs $1,497 for a single payment or pay in three installments of $697. The program has a 60-day, action-based money-back guarantee. If you don't make $5,000 in 60 days as promised? You'll get a full refund plus $1K, but only if you have made an effort to learn the business. To be eligible, students should finish all 7 training modules, attend 2 live coaching calls, and launch lead generation ads for 14 days. 

Growth Cave is Lucas Lee-Tysons' digital platform that helps business owners find paying clients through social media. One of the courses it offers is Productized Profits. The course is legit, has good reviews online, and has many success stories from students. The Productized Profits program includes 

7 learning modules plus 8 bonus content, 

DFY templates, 

funnels and scripts, 

landing pages, 

private Facebook group and, 

live coaching calls twice a week. 

Lucas Lee-Tyson is a 24-year-old 7-figure online entrepreneur from Boston, Massachusetts. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurship from Babson College, an exclusive business school in Wellesley, Massachusetts. After graduation, he worked as a Growth Marketing Specialist for Formlabs, a leading 3D printer manufacturer. Lucas' lightbulb moment happened when he learned the company he was working for was spending $250,000 monthly on Facebook and Google Ads, paying 8% to the marketing agency. The agency was making $20,000 monthly just by managing campaigns. This changed the game for him. Lucas launched Growth Cave that same year and made over $10 million. Growth Cave is a platform that coaches business owners on advertising, marketing, and sales. His YouTube channel has 40.1K followers and over 2.6M views since he joined in July 2022. 

Productized Profits and Facebook Ads Agency Business Model

Productized Profits focuses on providing productized services that solve a specific problem for other businesses. Lucas teaches how to run a profitable Facebook Ads agency even without a digital marketing experience. As an agency, you handle paid campaigns to optimize your client's spending. 

Lucas Lee-Tyson promises that his copy-and-paste system makes at least $5K monthly. The Facebook Ads business model can be profitable, but it's also risky. Paid ads are expensive and unpredictable. Facebook advertising costs increased by 89% in the last two years, which makes it one of the most expensive traffic sources. The average advertising cost on Facebook is $300 to $1000 monthly. Facebook can also suspend your account without warning, and it can take a while before you can get back online. Facebook has an extensive policy on ads, giving digital marketers a hard time setting up campaigns. 

Income can also be unpredictable with Facebook Ad clients. They want quick results, and if they don’t see your strategies are working, they’ll leave. If you can’t deliver the results you promised, your relationship might turn sour and they might even request a refund. A better alternative to this business model would be local lead generation. With the lead gen biz, as long as your sites are ranking in Google, you generate leads you can sell to small business owners. It uses organic traffic, so you won't spend on ads. 

Lucas offers one of the better courses for learning digital marketing and running a Facebook Ads agency. And, the pricing is fair for the services and benefits you're getting. His students have all good things to say about him. Lucas uses a ‘2-call closing’ approach for negotiating deals, which his students find very effective. They also say the Business Mastermind Facebook group helps them grow in the business through support from Lucas, his team, and other entrepreneurs. 

Facebook Ads agency is an unpredictable and unstable online business. There's definitely an income opportunity here, but if you're a beginner in digital marketing, I wouldn't recommend it. It's not an easy track for rookies and it's expensive. The average monthly spend on Facebook ads is $300 to $1,000. Costs are higher for companies with bigger ad requirements. Another limitation of Lucas' strategy is that he only focuses on Facebook advertising. Facebook has 2.989 MAU, with a global advertising audience of 2.249 billion, so it's easy to understand why he advertised here. But other platforms also offer excellent advertising opportunities at lower costs. He's missing out on other advertising opportunities. 

The course seems to be priced fairly and students only have good things to say about Lucas Lee-Tyson. So, if you're giving this business model a try, this course is an excellent jump-start. But, be ready to do the hard work. 

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