October 16, 2023

Make money through the government’s loophole, is America’s tax sale attorney, Bob Diamond’s unconventional money-making method. He makes a 30% to 40% commission by helping property owners recover tax overages from foreclosed properties. It sounds illegal, but Bob assures it’s 100% safe. 

As a stay-at-home mom, juggling kids and a side hustle while maintaining a clean home, I need a low-maintenance but quick-income biz. America’s tax sale attorney, Bob Diamond, has an enticing new offer that promises huge commissions. His goal is to train ordinary people to become tax middlemen for owners of foreclosed properties. Bob guarantees that this biz is 100% legal, but is he honest about the challenges of this biz? This Overages Blueprint review covers all you need to know about tax overages and the course creator. I’ll also uncover the biggest issue of becoming an overage middleman. At the end of the review, I'll answer if it's a viable biz for moms based on the latest industry statistics. 

Overages Blueprint is a 6-module course on how to make at least $10K commission by becoming a tax overage middleman. How is it possible? When property owners can’t pay their taxes, the government forecloses the property and auctions it to cover the unpaid real estate tax balances. Most of the time, the auctioned value of the property is higher than the taxes due. The government keeps the difference (overages) unless the property owner files a claim to recover them. Most owners don’t know it’s possible or are too busy to bother. This course teaches you how to help owners recover the tax overages for a commission. Overage Blueprint costs $1,497 one-time payment. You can also pay in three installments of $597. Students of the course get

full video training modules, 

cold-calling and negotiation scripts, 

downloadable contracts and,

list of states where overages are legal.

The man behind this unique money-making method is Bob Diamond. He calls himself America’s tax sale attorney. He’s a lawyer, three foreclosure books author, and an online entrepreneur. Bob studied business and philosophy at Villanova University in Pennsylvania. After graduation, he pursued law at the Temple University School of Law, in Philadelphia. His first stint as a lawyer was as a consultant for Coopers & Lybrand Consulting. He then became a real estate attorney for Frey Petrakis Deeb Blum Briggs & Mitts. This is when Bob became interested in property foreclosures and tax sale overages. He founded his International law firm, Diamond Law Center, LLC. The law firm specializes in foreclosure matters and overage claims.

Overages Blueprint and the Tax Overage Middleman Business

Overages Blueprint offers a legitimate business opportunity, and it does not require capital investment. All you need is decent training from an overages expert like attorney Bob Diamond. According to ATTOM, there are already 124,539 foreclosure filings, payment defaults, and property auctions in the U.S. as of the third quarter of 2023. This number is 34% higher than last year. This data shows that there could be an increased demand for tax sale middlemen. 

The biggest issue with Overages Blueprint is the business model itself. There’s no 100% guarantee of getting compensated for your efforts. Everything is a gamble. You may find good property owners who’ll successfully claim their overages and pay you the agreed commission. But there are also those who run away after claiming the excess funds. Some clients may even turn out unqualified for an overage claim after you’ve invested time in finding them and doing all the paperwork on their behalf. 

Another limitation of this biz is that you can’t file an overage claim right away. Overage claims can only be filed after the redemption period and it varies in different states. The state of Arkansas has the shortest redemption period, only 30 days. The longest one is Wyoming, which has a 4-year redemption period. You need to wait until the foreclosed property’s redemption period is over before you can file for the overage claim. So, it may take a while before you get your commission. And that’s IF everything goes well and the property owner delivers what they promised. 

Overages Blueprint Review on YouTube

John Wilson reviews online courses on his YouTube channel. He also has an online course offer called High Ticket Affiliate Coach. The channel was created in October 2022 and has 3.89K subscribers as of writing.

John Wilson reviews Bob Diamond’s Overages Blueprint. He starts the review by saying Bob makes money by exploiting a government loophole on property tax overages. John explains that the course is not a scam, but it may not be fit for everyone. He also mentioned that according to his research, tax overages are usually small and the business model might make substantial income. John does not recommend the course, considering the complexity of the program, low success rate, and low-income potential. 

Is Overages Blueprint A Good Course For Moms?

Overages Blueprint can be a good course for moms in the legal profession or those who have a taxation background. However, the business model might be too complex for beginners to understand and there are too many risks involved in the biz. The biggest risk is that owners may back out, especially if the property is within the redemption period. The property owner might come up with the money to redeem the foreclosed property and cancel the deal after you’ve invested time and resources in helping them. The scripts and legal document templates included in the program are also not enough to land successful deals that recoup your capital. You’ll need to pay recurring fees for tools like the skip tracer that finds high-potential clients, and it costs around $250 to $350. 

My online biz recommendation for moms is local lead generation. It’s less risky, low-capital, and easier for beginners to learn. This business model teaches you how to build digital properties and rent them out to small business owners. Unlike tax overages, you don’t have to sell yourself to people who don’t even know you. Store owners will come to you for leads because you keep their business going. Over 10 million companies don’t have a site in the United States, so there’s a market for this service. Local lead gen earns infinite passive income, and it only requires minimal effort. 

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