October 10, 2023

Make consistent 80% to 90% profit on trades working less than 30 minutes a day. YouTuber-turned-options-guru David Vlas pitches Monetari Fund to his viewers. His guarantee? If you don’t hit at least an 80% win rate or make a 20% profit, then it's free. 

As a stay-at-home mom, juggling kids and a side hustle while maintaining a clean home, I need a low-maintenance but quick-income biz. YouTuber-turned-guru David Vlas guarantees he can make anyone a successful options trader through a trading program he developed. This Moneteri Fund review covers everything you need to know about the course and creator. I’ll also reveal what past students say about the course on Trustpilot and Reddit. In the end, I’ll answer if it’s a good biz for moms who are looking for an online income source and share my insight on what I believe is the best online biz for moms. 

According to David, traders fail because they lack knowledge, direction, and accountability (casino effect). His solution? The Monetari Accelerated Trading (MAT) Framework. He claims that MAT Framework can make consistent trading profits. And, there’s more. He'll also teach you how to keep your earnings through tax minimization and profit protection. The goal is to help students achieve consistent trading income without getting burned out analyzing too much data. Monetari Fund is made for existing day traders who have at least $2 to $6K to trade. Aspiring traders and small business owners who want to diversify their income sources are also welcome to join. Full access to Monetari Fund costs $1,995, but the lite version is free. Video training is about 2 hours long. There’s a refund policy and it’s subject to a 5% processing fee. David gives a 60-day refund guarantee on 6-month and yearly plans. Monthly plans have a 27-day refund window. Monetari Fund students get access to

an exclusive network, 

a Rolodex of 7-figure traders, 

a comprehensive curriculum called Monetari Trader Blueprint and,

support from successful coaches to achieve optimal results. 

You can also try the lite version before purchasing. In the free version, students get a Robinhood (investing app) walkthrough, basics of options trading, risk management, trading walkthrough, CFD fundamentals, trade alerts, and a discord group. 

David Vlas is a young YouTuber and the creator of Monetari Fund. He was born on August 20, 1999, and is now 24 years old. He dropped out of high school to start a YouTube channel. David started to grow his channel by uploading challenges, pranks, and vlogs for content. He became famous for his online games content like Pokemon Go, Clash Royale, and Fortnite. He has 2.65M YouTube subscribers as of writing. Reports say he’s already making 6 figures on YouTube since he was 18 years old. In 2018, he launched a course called YouTube Revenue Machine. A coaching program on how to create viral YouTube videos. As someone who claims to be an options expert, I find it odd that he doesn't have a trading background or education. He heads an options trading discord channel but has never proved his trading wins and credentials.

Monetari Fund Review and Options Trading 

David believes that when the markets are crazy, there’s an opportunity for disciplined traders to make money. He built the Monetari Fund to help traders make a consistent trading income while enjoying a digital nomad life. David says one of the benefits of enrolling in this course is getting access to 7-figure traders who share their plays. Signals are given every day, so you know what and when to trade. There are success stories from Monetari Fund students. One of them is Tricia, who claims to grow her account from $2K to $26K in just 8 weeks. Jamel also shared his trading journey. He started with just $1K and grew to almost $11K in days. 

Monetarico.com is 4.3-star rated on Trustpilot out of 47 reviews given. I’m surprised that it only has 47 reviews when David Vlas has over 2.6 million YouTube subscribers. It makes me wonder if enrollments are that low. He claims that over 470 students are making consistent profits through this program. Which leads to another odd inconsistency: why aren't they populating this program with 5-star reviews? 

The biggest issue with Monetari Fund is that it relies on signals from "7-figure traders". If you're a new trader, you're basically entrusting your money and fate to people you don't know. David Vlas assures that if you follow him, you’ll consistently win. In reality, even experienced traders struggle with options. Signals and discord channels help you win in a few trades. But consistent winning requires self-developed trading skills and strategies. 

Following signals from Monetari Fund can make money, but it won't be consistent and long-term. Forbes reported that options trading has become riskier after the pandemic as markets become more volatile. Research by Quantified Strategies found that 70% to 90% of traders lose money. It's not the safest biz to try if you're exploring other income options. 

The same study shows that only 1% to 20% of day traders make a steady income. Which proves that consistent profit with options is not impossible, but it's also barely achievable. To make consistent trading income, you need to develop key skills, such as risk management, discipline, flexibility, and data/numbers analysis. But these skills can't be learned overnight. VRD Nation estimates it takes about 6 months to a year to learn to trade. You can't rush the process of becoming a consistently good trader. 

David Vlas Review On YouTube

J Rutto uploads content that debunks myths and claims of some online influencers and celebrities. His reviews are usually unfiltered and straightforward. The channel was created in September 2013 and has almost 11K subscribers as of writing. The channel is not recently updated, and it doesn't regularly upload videos. 

J Rutto exposes David Vlas for allegedly scamming his subscribers. In a 14-minute YouTube video uploaded 4 years ago, he accuses David of making misleading claims about his earnings. J explained that David shows his extravagant earnings to lure gullible followers,  but he doesn’t include proof to back up his claims. He also called out David for pressuring his subscribers to buy his course through fake limited promotions and discount offers.

Is It Worth Getting David Vlas’ Monetari Fund?

It could be worth getting David Vlas’ Monetari Fund if your ultimate goal is to become an options trader. David Vlas over-promises results and he makes the biz sound so easy. He’s just new to trading. Most of his career is in YouTube content creation. He has surface-level trading knowledge and charges $1,995 for it. Options trading is very risky because it's highly volatile. Contrary to his claims, it’s almost impossible to achieve consistent 80% to 90% profit on every trade. Even if you’re 100% committed to learning the options trading biz, there’s still a 99% that you’ll fail. Overall, Monetari Fund may not be the best course to take if you want consistent and passive online income. 

If you are looking for a consistent and stable online income source, my recommendation is local lead generation. A local lead gen training teaches you how to become a digital landlord by building and ranking digital properties. You own the assets and control every part of the business. Ranked sites can be rented out to small business owners and leads generated from these sites can be sold at 85% margins. It’s my number 1 business recommendation for stay-at-home moms because it’s low-maintenance yet high-yielding. 

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