September 15, 2023

‘The tools I create are intended to accelerate empowerment’ are the striking words of Jordan Mederich in his hour-and-half-long interview with pseudo-business therapist, Jeff Lerner. Jordan is dubbed the 0 to 1 entrepreneur because he's always open to new teachings despite having financial backing, business experience, connections, and recurring revenue from his thriving software, DropFunnels. Jordan teaches the strategies behind his successful SaaS business in his coaching course, the MMR Blueprint

MMR Blueprint is a month-long workshop on how to create a monthly recurring revenue through a SaaS product. Every day for 30 days, students join a one-hour online class. It teaches a business model that charges a recurring monthly fee, such as a subscription or membership fee. It's for business owners who want to have a predictable monthly profit from recurring sales. Jordan teaches how to customize payments, make offers, and create strategies to achieve specific goals. The course costs $97 with a 30-day refund subject to a 5% credit card processing fee. Inside the course, students learn 

the fundamentals of the business model, 

a summary of the course, 

sales and marketing strategies,

metrics and upselling strategies, 

pitching product offers,

fulfillment strategies and customer support.

Jordan walks his talk. He has a successful software business that earns a recurring monthly revenue through subscription fees. DropFunnels is a multi-million dollar, complete marketing software for building funnels, courses, blog sites, web pages, and more. This creator’s platform is like ClickFunnels 2.0 and GoHighLevel. But, what’s impressive about it is that it has the speed and ability of WordPress for publishing blogs. Making it user-friendly yet powerful. 

But before we go any deeper, let's talk about this Jordan guy. 

Jordan Mederich a.k.a Jordo, is the Founder and CEO of DropFunnels CRM and the course creator of MRR Blueprint (monthly recurring revenue). A month-long online program that teaches how to build a business that generates a recurring income. Jordo seems to be a jack of many trades. Aside from being an online entrepreneur, he's also an award-winning filmmaker whose works are featured on the biggest media platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, NBC, and CBS. His most popular work as a filmmaker is Church of Felons, which was released in 2018. The film was based on the true story of four rehabbing addicts redeeming their lives in the American countryside. Jordan also runs a podcast, The Jordo Show, where he shares his entrepreneurial journey. It's available on YT, Spotify, iTunes, and Stitcher. Two of his most popular podcast episodes are ‘How I Almost Lost $14K’ and ‘How To Find Your Message and Brand Voice’.

DropFunnels and the SaaS CRM Business Model 

Jordan's passion has always been in innovating marketing solutions. He's a great marketing guy and a smart businessman with multi-million dollar businesses. Of all the online entrepreneurs I follow, Jordan has to be the most honest and sincere. His MRR Blueprint course is simple yet practical. It's fairly priced, and even cheaper than most. SaaS is a thriving business in 2023 and beyond. 

MMR Blueprint is one of the best courses if you want to start a SaaS business. It has produced some successful students like Lauren Mattinson, who made a $300 recurring income after applying what she learned in the course. Another is Yon Aguilar, who landed a $10k recurring income deal. What I like about the business model is that it creates a predictable revenue source and continuous passive income. MMR also has a performance tracker that lets you optimize operations. So, you can also monitor and analyze customer churn. Finally, it lets you access key metrics to help scale your business. 

CRM is among the fastest-growing software products. 57% of businesses argue that it’s the most important digital tool. CRMs generated $35 million in 2022 and are estimated to reach $114.4 global revenue in four years' time. Leading CRMs deliver promising results, increasing lead conversions by 17% and customer retention by 16%. A green pasture for exploring entrepreneurs. But is it for everyone?

The cost to start is $50,000 to $500,000, depending on the size and scope. Definitely not for those with limited capital. To beat giants like ClickFunnels and GoHighLevel, you need to be better than Jordan Mederich. This also means you need to outspend them in marketing, R&D, and affiliate programs. 

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