A happy mother working from home sitting on the sofa interacting with her son

I see you - a mom who wants the freedom to stay at home and be present in raising your kids.

So, how can stay at home moms make money while having control over their time?

I get it.

There are so many options out there but it can be hard to figure out which ones are legit?

That's why I've done the research for you with this list of my favorite small business ideas for moms just like you!

Including my #1 Recommendation that has already enabled many people to kill their 9-5s and stay at home with their family.

Okay, let's dive right in.

21. Blogging

I'm sure you've run across a blog or two and found something interesting or useful.

There are blogs on almost every topic imaginable.

While some of these are pure passion projects and will never make a dime, there are plenty of bloggers making money and a few who are generating a nice income.

You can monetize a blog with advertising when you have enough traffic or promoting products for others.

You could also get paid for guest posts on other blogs.

Many bloggers combine affiliate marketing as the fastest route to generating a revenue stream.

a hiking article showing examples of using affiliate links

Now, keep in mind it will take TONS of time and effort to build a blog that can be monetized.

There's more to it than simply words on a page.

You'll need to learn about keyword research, SEO strategies, and how to identify what people want to read about.

For many established bloggers, connecting with their community of readers is an enjoyable part of the experience.

However, I'm sure that they get their fair share of critical trolls to deal with too.

If you're not okay with dealing with the trolls or people who are just plain mean, you may want to sit this one out.

Income Potential

$100 a month is good for a beginner. 

$10,000+ a month for the top performing blogs in the high ticket niches

Requirements: For the basics, just a computer and a platform to post your articles on.

I'd recommend setting a self-hosted blog on WordPress so you own the content and site.

* The key to building WEALTH is to OWN ASSETS that keep PAYING you.

For the advanced blogger, there are tons of great tools that can boost your effectiveness (1):

  • Buzzsumo
  • Grammerly
  • Ahrefs
  • Fyrebox
  • Sendable

Some are free and others are premium and high cost.

It's worth doing the research because life gets a lot easier when you have the right tools.


Choose an appropriate social media channel to build along side your blog to boost exposure and traffic.

For example, Pinterest is a great channel to combine with homegoods and design-related topics.

A word of warning here though. #Fake

Blogging just for the money is not recommended - Readers want content from authors who are passionate and authentic

Most are smart and they want to get something of value for spending their precious time reading your work.

  • Being able to explore a topics that really interests you.
  • Blogging can be combined with other income-producing streams such as affiliate marketing or course creation to boost revenue generation.
  • Takes time & consistency to build traffic.
  • The big money-making niches are extremely competitive.

Blogging as a hobby is NOT going to pay the bills! #StayPoor

The folk making real money from blogging are treating it like a profession.

They'll point out that it took years of practice and consistent effort to get to a full-time income.

If you are looking for something to pay the bills soon, there are better alternatives.

20. Affiliate Marketing

The world of affiliate marketing has grown rapidly over the last several years.

Many brands have figured out that instead of paying for advertising, they offer a commission and incentivize people to sell the product for them.

Affiliate marketers nowadays can experience success with a variety of platforms as long as you understand what strategies to employ that get traffic flowing to your content.

You can find sites that serve as directories with various affiliate marketing programs.

list of affiliate program launches on muncheye

On the other hand, you can also look at what you already buy and see if they offer an affiliate program.

The Amazon Associates program tends to be popular too. 

Even if you just drive someone to the the site for a $10 item, you'll also receive a commission on anything else they add to their cart and buy too.

Unfortunately, Amazon recently slashed their commission from 8% to just 3% which has no doubt cut major chunk of what people were able to earn before.

Income Potential

$0-20,000 a month

Requirements: Internet access and approval from affiliate programs to promote their product. 

You'll need to decide what platform(s) will work best to promote the products and your approach to connecting with your audience that will get them clicking on your links.


Affiliate marketing is hyper-competitive

You want to niche down and become a trusted source to your target audience.

It's important to check the regulations for any products you're promoting and if there are disclaimers to post.

Speaking of disclaimers, there are regulations in the U.S. that you have to disclose if you're using affiliate links. 

Even if you reside somewhere else, if the goods or service can be sold to a U.S. consumer, you still have to make it clear that you earn a commission if they make a purchase with your links.

  • Getting paid to promote produces you like and use.
  • Your affiliate links can keep producing passive income for you long after you published them.
  • It's very competitive - especially in the industries that pay good commissions.
  • You need to generate traffic that either takes time & effort or paying for ads.

On the surface, affiliate marketing can almost sounds too good to be true

In reality, it's not that easy and it's super competitive.

For high-ticket affiliate marketing, expect to be battling against pros who have their processes for traffic dialed in and will be impossible to beat as a newbie.

Some of them even have a 'staff' producing content, videos, and maximizing the number of eyeballs they can reach.

Next, let's look at another side hustle that makes a great combo with affiliate marketing.

19. Build a YouTube Channel

YouTube is the 2nd biggest search engine, after Google.

You can create content that can be seen by millions of people for years to come with a low start up cost. 

One of the biggest advantages with YouTube content is once it's published, there's no additional work and it can collect views over time.

YouTube's algorithm can create a snowball effect as the view on a video rack up, and you channel's number of subscribers grow.

list of affiliate links about baby products on a youtube video

There are 2 main ways YouTubers earn revenue.

Firstly, creating videos that promote affiliate products (see above) or sell your own products, such as a course (more on that later).

You can include the links in the video's description and it's common to see an entire list of links in some cases.

Secondly, if you build a significant number of subscribers and views in your videos you can join YouTube's Partners Program where those pesky ads appear during your video.

Now, we are talking about needing thousands of views to garner just a few dollars. 

The topic of your channel can also play a factor into how much you're paid.

Income Potential

Depends on your strategy:

$5 per 1000 views if relying on YT Ads.

Varies if applying affiliate marketing strategies but top pros are able to make $10,000-30,000 a month.

Requirements: Internet access, a YouTube account, a camera to record your videos.

It's also advisable to invest in some editing software & a decent mic to make your videos more appealing to viewers.

For the advanced YouTuber, there are SEO and ranking strategies to target YT's algorithm. 

There are also tools to identify what topics are buzz-worthy and more likely to go viral.


If you focus on making money, your audience will pick up on it. Instead, focus on providing service by answering questions and adding value.

Be prepared to put in the work to build your channel and stack it with quality content.

It can be difficult in the early stages to get any traction.

Even if you do stick it out, there's absolutely no guarantee it will result in making money -  there are so many variables outside of your control.

There are also people playing dirty by stealing your content, reporting your site to YouTube, and then building their own version of your channel, complete with your content.

  • No start up costs (assuming you have access to a camera on your computer or cellphone).
  • Content is 'evergreen' & can keep earning you money.
  • With other 31 million YT channels and rising, it's a competitive market.
  • It can take a long time to see decent income & some won't see any at all.

Remember, people go to YT to be entertained or to learn something. 

If you focus on adding real value with your content, there are opportunities here to connect with viewers.

Again, this should be the focus, not making money.

Your audience will be smart enough to know the difference.

If you're into helping people learn, this next one is for you.

18. Create an Online Course

According to the experts, everyone has a course in them! 

I'm not quite as convinced that everyone does but there are probably things you are good at or knowledge you have that people could benefit from.

Whether it's mommy-related, a hobby, a life skill, or something from a previous job, you can draw from your experience and find a problem to solve.

udemy course example for making money as a stay at home mom

Let's say you have your #WinningIdea - but how does it become a fully-fledged course?

  1. 1
    Narrow down your subject matter
  2. 2
    Market research your idea to make sure there is enough interest
  3. 3
    Conduct detailed research for your course content
  4. 4
    Develop a course outline
  5. 5
    Create your course content
  6. 6
    Publish your course where it can be accessed
  7. 7
    Promote and sell your course
  8. 8
    Engage with your students and create a learning community

It can take anywhere from 25-500 hours to create a course.

However, once it's published, it can keep generating revenue.

Again, this course is an asset now - we prefer income-generating ideas that can work passively to earn us money.

Check out more with my Rich Dad, Poor Dad info to see why assets are the way to real wealth.

Income Potential

Most course creators earn $1,000 - $5,000 a month. 

Top course creators with dialed in promotion can earn up to $50,000 a month.

Requirements: A way to record your content - either screen capture software or a camera, depending on your delivery method.

Somewhere to publish your course to where people can view it (many of which will also handle the payments for you too).


It really helps to plan your marketing channels and know how you're going to connect with people who will find your course helpful.

There are a number of hosting options. 

One route is to upload your course on a platform that will handle most of the marketing for you, think Udemy or Skillshare which pay you a revenue share for your course.

The other popular method is to use is hosting your course on a platform like Teachable or Kajabi.

If you just want to host your course, Teachable is more affordable, starting at $39 a month.

Kajabi is considered the best all around for both course hosting and all your promotional and marketing needs but it's more expensive, with basic packages beginning at $119 a month.

If you're feeling techy and looking to keep costs low, you can even create your own website and integrate you material by embedding videos from your YouTube or Vimeo account.

Don't forget to include some kind of checkout option to gather payments too for access.

  • Once your content is live, it can keep generating income.
  • You can combine a course with other income streams very well.
  • People will rip-off your content and resell it on blackmarket sites.
  • It can be a hard to promote courses and get enough subscribers to make a decent return.

Contrary to the hype, creating a course is NOT quick or easy.

It's important to inject energy into your delivery and think about the user experience.

Many use course creation as a tool to build a community or sell other services eventually.

If you're not one for worrying about visual designs but you're a "Chatty Kathy" this next one is for you.

18. Create a Podcast

Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular with both listeners and advertisers

There are many benefits to this form of media, such as listeners having longer engagement and the emphasis on audio only removes the stress of worrying about visual design and being on camera.

assortment of podcast thumbnails including nike & dax shepard

There are a couple of methods that Podcasters use to generate revenue.

You could focus on just one or combine multiple options that work for your situation.

  • Sponsors and advertisers
  • Affiliate marketing opportunities
  • Promoting a course or consulting service

There are plenty of Podcasters who've been able to build their brand by creating a loyal podcast following.

Income Potential

$500-900 per episode in affiliate sales once they're hitting 10,000 downloads

Requirements: There is a bit of an investment to get set up with podcasting.

You'll need a computer, a mic, and some software to edit your content. Then you'll upload it

When starting out, Audacity is a popular free editing tool.

Many Podcasters outsource the editing aspect to a pro (see opportunity below).

You'll also need to decide on the type of podcast.

Are you flying solo, interviewing people, or do you have a buddy or two you can riff with on a regular basis.

All present their own challenges and will determine what technology you need.

For example, a simple USB plug in mic works great for a solo recording but you'll need something more advanced if there are multiple people.


Define your ideal target audience and build your content to connect with them & their needs are being met.

The best way to start a podcast is by knowing your "why" - beyond just trying to generate some extra income.

Being entertaining AND authentic is crucial if you want people to stay tuned in and trust you.

  • Episodes can keep racking up downloads for years to come.
  • The stats suggest listeners stay engaged longer than other mediums which is more appealing to advertisers.
  • There's a lot more work than just recording the podcast.
  • It takes a lot of practice to become a good host.

Podcasting requires a lot of legwork to get off the ground with no guarantees it will lead to extra cash.

If you like the idea of getting into the podcast game but don't feel comfortable being the voice, our next option might be just the ticket.

17. Podcast Editing

With nearly 900,000 new podcasts released in 2020 alone, there are tons of hosts who need help with their editing.

Post production editing really makes a big difference to the quality of the show and is essential to build quality engagement.

If you prefer the more technical work over creating content or just want to start making money quickly, editing podcasts could be a good fit for you.

sound bars on the audacity software for sound editing

There are four main steps for producing a podcast - planning, recording, editing and publishing. Editing includes the following:

  • Improving audio quality.
  • Removing filler words or sounds.
  • Adjusting the sound levels.
  • Condensing the content into an engaging narrative.

Many podcast editors also offer complimentary services such as submitting to a publisher, creating show notes, or transcripts for additional fees.

Income Potential

Single episodes start at $50 for the basics up to $250 for the bells and whistles.

Requirements: A computer, editing software and some clients. 

You'll also have to learn basic editing skills and have a marketing plan for gaining business.

You can find clients on freelance sites like Upwork or Fiverr, create your own brand and website, or reach out directly to podcasters to offer your services.


Package your services to boost your income. You can offer a 5 pack or a monthly subscription option.

On the downside, it's time-consuming to edit a podcast.

Expect to spend 3-5 minutes per 1 minute of audio content.

Meaning a 1-hour show could take half a day to edit.

  • Once you have steady clients, the income can be reliable.
  • You can outsource or use AI for things like transcriptions.
  • Not a great return for the time you have to put in.
  • It's might be tough to hit deadlines if you can't block out big chunks of time to focus.

Probably better suited to a mom with kids that are school-age and has quiet time during the day to concentrate.

This one comes without the pressure to be creative or having to be a real 'people person' but it's not going to pay the big bucks unless you can scale it into an agency and employ more people.

Next up, for those who've always wanted a store but don't have the financial resources, or time, for a brick and mortar option.

16. Dropshipping / eCommerce

Dropshipping and eCommerce differs slightly.

With dropshipping, you never actually touch the product.

When you make the sale and your supplier packages & ships the item directly to your customer for you.

The problem with dropshipping is the quality of the product and reliability of supplier is somewhat out of your hands.

You'll also pay more per item and, depending on the country where your supplier is located, shipping times can really, really long - like over a month.

Most customers don't want that.

Many dropshippers use AliExpress as their default for products.

Maybe you can find a local supplier who you can build a business relationship with instead for faster shipping.

earbud options on alibaba to start an ecommerce business

Now, eCommerce is different. 

You still have the sell products online but you own the products.

Meaning you can have more quality control and even brand them to create a more luxury feel for the customer.

There's considerably more risk when you purchase bulk goods, not to mention more work involved.

Plus, you need somewhere to store them (although you can hire companies to store and package them for a fee) and whatever you don't sell, you're stuck with.

Income Potential

The average store makes around $72 a month but the industry is swamped with people claiming to make $20,000 a month or more (admittedly, they are also the people selling courses on dropshipping though).

Requirements: You'll need to find a good product to sell and a reliable supplier.

You'll also need an online store and an advertising method to drive traffic to that store.


Pay attention to profit margins! The eCom/dropshipping world is known for it's jaw-dropping vanity metrics but that doesn't mean those stores are making a profit.

Shopify is by far the most popular place to build an online store

It has options for themes and plugins to enhance the stores appearance and functionality.

Alibaba is the leading platform for sourcing bulk goods at low rates. 

However, there are long shipping times and you really have to do your research to figure out if the seller is reliable and the product is quality.

  • Buying in bulk can offer low cost of goods sold.
  • There are plenty of free tutorials on YouTube.
  • Many stores fail to make more than a few dollars in profit and a fair few end up losing money.
  • You can burn through a lot of money in ad spend with no guarantee of success - with the new IOS14 update as a sign of things to come, those conversion rates are going to get tougher.

Back in 2016, dropshipping and eCom for a newbie would have been near the top of my list for recommendations. 

Ads were cheap, profit margins were tasty, and competition was limited.

Sadly, today it's more saturated than ever.

Add to that the scammers and criminals who prey on people at every stage of online shopping.

Maybe you want to be in eCom but without the risk and cost of relying Facebook or Google Ads to move your products?

Well, Amazon FBA might be just the ticket.

15.  Amazon FBA

Amazon processes more than 1.6 million orders a day and you can buy pretty much anything on the site. 

Let's be honest, Amazon Prime is like a drug for many people - it's so easy to order and your stuff can be delivered as soon as the same day in some areas.

How do you set up an Amazon FBA business?

  1. 1
    Extensive product research to decide what to sell
  2. 2
    Find a quality supplier - most use Chinese suppliers
  3. 3
    Place your bulk order
  4. 4
    Check the quality
  5. 5
    Set up an Amazon FBA seller account
  6. 6
    Ship to Amazon's warehouse
  7. 7
    List you product on Amazon
  8. 8
    If it's selling, keep restocking the item

Sounds easy but it comes with risk.

If your product doesn't sell, you're stuck with it.

There are also Amazon FBA fees, like storage and shipping, to factor in too. 

Income Potential

Depends on the product, profit margin, and the competition.

It usually takes a while to see results.

Requirements: A LOT of start up capital, a computer, and being able to pick the right product to sell.

Understanding SEO for amazon and how to present your items in way that appeals to consumers is likely to make or break your success too.

It's an insanely competitive marketplace.


Don't let you inventory run down to zero otherwise you'll automatically drop in the rankings. Amazon won't show products in the search that have no inventory to sell.

The most successful sellers are branding their products and even creating a buzz on social media to drive sales too.

  • You can bundle the most common items that are bought together.
  • Amazon handles all the day-to-day with shipping & returns.
  • It's a saturated marketing with very slim profit margins.
  • You need significant capital to get started - $15,000+.

DON'T expect to see any income for the first 6 months, maybe longer.

Plus, you'll need a good chunk of money to purchase your goods and get them shipped to an Amazon warehouse.

Many people have found success generating income with Amazon FBA but it's getting harder and there plenty of people with inventory they can't move that's costing them money.

If you're looking for something were you have more control over your income, check out the next option.

14. Freelance Writing

If you can craft a sentence well and convey your thoughts in writing, Freelance writing can be a great option to make good money from home.

You can set up your own business and offer your services to clients through networking, social media, Craiglist, or reaching out to companies. 

Alternatively, there are plenty of platforms for freelance writers to find work, such as Upwork, Textbroker, Freelancer, or Fiverr but they will take a % of your money in return.

example of a fiverr freelance writer offering their services for travel articles or blogs

Companies and entrepreneurs always need help to produce good content for:

  • Social media posts
  • Website content
  • White papers
  • Sales copy
  • Blog posts

It can be helpful to specialize and serve a particular niche.

You can pick something you're already knowledge about or maybe an area you would enjoy becoming an expert in.

Income Potential

10 cents a word is about right for a beginner.

Experienced writers often charge upwards of 30 cents a word & can pull in 6-figures a year in the right industries.

Requirements: Ability to conduct effective research and write well. Access to word processing software (Google Docs is free).


Learn how to write for SEO and how to do keyword research to earn more.

One thing to note is writing requires a lot of brain power and focus. 

When writing for quality, many writers will say that 1000-1500 words a day is about the maximum output without burning out.

As a stay at home mom, you'll need to carve out chunks of time to write and be able to meet client deadlines.

You'll also have to learn how to spot a bad a client

Some are way too demanding and just not worth any amount of money

They can make your life miserable with additional requests, constant revisions, and just being impossible to please.

  • Having control over your time and schedule.
  • Pros can pull in 6-figures working full-time.
  • Being such a competitive marketplace can make it difficult to land your 1st few clients.
  • It's mentally taxing work & you'll need blocks of time to produce.

It you enjoy research and writing, creating a freelance writing gig might be a great fit you you.

It might take a few years to establish credibility and land some regular clients you can count on for income.

On the other hand, perhaps you don't have an option for quiet time yet but love taking care of children...if so, this next one is for you.

13. At-Home Childcare

You know what?

You're already taking care of your own child, so why not open up a home-based daycare for other kids too? 

There are plenty of parents who would rather place their child's welfare and development to someone they know and trust than in a larger business where staff just see it as a job.

You'd also be creating value in your community by helping the kids in your charge get a healthy start to their learning and socializing.

young girl having fun with painting pictures on her face and hands

Remember too that kids grow and eventually go to school.

Plus families move and relocate.

Both are factors in suddenly losing income.

That said, the best daycares build a waiting list so they can fill open spots without any significant drop off in income.

Income Potential

Tops at around $3k month

Requirements: Enough space and making sure your home is child-proof.

You'll probably already have some of the necessary equipment like playtoys but you may need to stock up on the essentials.

It's okay to ask parents to provide some individuals items for their own child. Such as a blanket, cups, or anything that is down to personal taste.

* It's important to check local regulations and laws pertaining to home-based childcare.

There may be certifications and legal docs required. 

You'll also need insurance to cover any accidents.


Think about what would appeal to parents in your local area. For example, there might be a demand for organic food & toxin-free products that you could cater to.

There's usually a limit to how many children you can take care of, limiting the amount of possible income.

  • The opportunity to contribute directly to your community & improve lives.
  • You can likely write off some of your home expenses for tax purposes.
  • Taking care of children is a big responsibility.
  • Limited income-earnings based on the small # of child you can host.

If you absolutely adore kids and can't think of anything better than taking care of a few more, a home-based childcare might work for you.

However, it's no piece of cake.

Parents are relying on you - even on days where you or your child are sick, you'll need to find a way to provide your services.

Perhaps you like the idea of working with children, just not for several hours a day. If so, check out the next option.

12. After School Care

With many parents having to work long hours plus the increasing commute times back and forth, the demand for after-school care outstrips availability in many places.

group of after school program kids with their hands in the air

Providing a reliable and safe after-school option in your community could be huge for people in your local area.

You'd not only be helping with one of the biggest problems for working parents - you'd be making some cash too.

Income Potential

An average of $240 a week per child (depending on your area)

Requirements: Suitable space and a safe, child-proof environment to host children.

Equipment such as tables and chairs to do homework or eat food.

Plus things for activities and entertainment.

You'll also need to check local rules and regulations.

Also, make sure you have the appropriate insurance coverage.


Look at niche-specific approaches to attract high-paying clientele. For example, offering skill lessons like code, art, or exercise programs.

There's a limit to how many children you can look after at once for safety reasons.

This, combined with it being just a few hours each day means the income is limited.

However, you could potentially offer an option for daycare during school holidays which would boost your income a few times a year.

  • It's an in-demand need for most neighborhoods.
  • You can have a profound impact in the lives of the children and families you work with.
  • It's limited income.
  • Taking care of more kids is a lot of responsibility and exhausting work.

Providing after school care isn't going to make you wealthy but for just a few hours each afternoon, it won't feel overwhelming or like a full-time job taking care of other peoples children either.

But if all this sounds like a lot of work and you're more of the creative homebody type, perhaps something artsy, our next option is more your basket of tricks.

11. Etsy Store

If you're the crafty type you might find your home on Etsy. 

You've probably already heard of it but just in case you haven't, it's a site that sells home-made items and a fantastic place for individuals to showcase and sell their crafts.

esty sign saying the house was clean yesterday but you missed it

This is the kind of marketplace where you are rewarded for creativity and quality.

You can build a solid reputation and gain trust too.

Income Potential

The average seller earns between $50-100 a month but the top sellers are able to earn $50,000+

Requirements: A product to sell, setting up your Etsy store and deciding on your payment methods.

You'll need to have a good packaging process and handle the shipping too.


Some of the most profitable items to sell on Etsy include Jewelry, art & collectables, and home & living items.

To make a decent income on Etsy, you have to treat it like a real business.

You'll need to think about the way you present your products and how you can provide great customer service.

  • You get to express your creative side.
  • Offers plenty of flexibility.
  • There's no guarantee you'll make any consistent income.
  • You'll have to deal with demanding customers.

Here's the deal; for most people Etsy is a cool way to earn a few dollars through their hobby.

It's time-consuming to produce products on scale.

Not too mention, that thing you love making...it's not so much fun when it becomes your 'job' and there are expectations and deadlines to meet.

Lets say you're wanting something that you can assign a set number of hours to and once you're 'off the clock', you're done for the day.

Well, check out the next option on our list.

10. Transcriptionist / Captioner

Many of us who are used dealing with hoards of never ending emails and reports have learned to type efficiently.

Why not put that skill to use in a role that allows you to switch off when the work is done (and not have to check for your inbox all night).

Did you know you can paid to listen to audio or watch video and transcribe what you hear?

image of a women smiling while transcribing audio plus pay info for rev.com

You could set up your own business and reach out to companies or organizations medical to offer your services.

The medical and legal services tend to be among the best paying transcription services.

Income Potential

$15-45 dollars an hour

$1000 - $3000 a month

Requirements: Beyond computer and internet access - good grammar, attention to detail, and the ability to discern accurately what someone is saying (in some cases with a heavy accent).


Medical or legal transcription usually pays more per hour.

The easiest way to get transcription work lined up is to freelance with a transcription company.

  • Flexible hours.
  • If working as a contractor, you can plan your schedule a few weeks ahead.
  • It's not scalable because you're trading time for $.
  • The stress of being on tight deadlines while running a household & looking after your family.

But let's say you don't want to sit typing all day - but you have a knack for numbers and math.

Check out our 9th option.

9. Bookkeeping

If you have an eye for detail and a love of numbers, starting a bookkeeping business could be a sound option for you.

Bookkeepers track things like profit, loss, expenses, and cash flow for companies.

Business owners don’t have time for dealing with their books and if they can’t afford to hire someone full-time in-house, they’ll outsource it to an expert.

image of the 2 quickbook certification courses available

While bookkeeping is a year-round requirement, certain times of the year can become super-hectic...namely tax season when business owners need all their paperwork to close out the year's financials.

Income Potential

$20-75+ an hour

Requirements: Computer and knowledge of a reputable bookkeeping software (Quickbooks, Freshbooks, Zero)


You can create an 'affiliate partnership' with the bookkeeping software of your choice and make a few extra $$ when new clients sign up.

You're limited by how many clients you can handle and how much time you can reliably dedicate to managing the workload.

  • Relatively small start up costs.
  • Clients operate on a monthly fee so you have steady income as build your business.
  • There's pressure to keep data accurate and secure or you could be held liable for errors.
  • It's a demanding schedule and long hours during peak seasons.

While you might have a head for numbers, maybe you're more of a problem-solver or have corporate experience you'd like to cash in on without the insane hours and endless emails of a job.

8. Become a Consultant

If you have some professional experience you can draw on, becoming a Freelance Consultant could be a great option for you.

Consultants are paid for solving problems, streamlining organizational efficiency, and maximizing profit centers.

Consulting infographic min

There a number of specialties to hone in on:

  • Strategy Consultant
  • Operations Consultant 
  • Management Consultant
  • Financial Consultant
  • IT Consultant
  • Human Resources Consultant

Income Potential

The average is between $50-150 per hour

Requirements: A method of landing clients and an understanding of your chosen speciality.


Consulting can be demanding from a time-perspective - learn to say 'No' to projects that don't fit with your strengths or your schedule.

You can set your payment terms by the hour, the project, or be hired on retainer.

  • You can set your own rates.
  • If you're good, you can be well compensated.
  • It's a competitive market with some major established household names.
  • Clients often have high expectations.

Keep in mind, consultants need to be strong leaders and present their conclusions with authority.

If the idea of Powerpoints and presentations make you cringe but you still want a taste of the business world, check out this next one.

7. Develop an App

As people continue to spend more time on their mobile devices, there is a growing opportunity for developing innovative apps.

But wait, what if you don't know how to code?

Read on to find out why doesn't stop you in your tracks anymore.

buildfire for stay at home moms learning to build apps

There's two ways to go about being an app developer.

  1. 1
    Build your own apps and try to monetize them.
  2. 2
    Build apps for clients.

Income Potential

Successful apps generate an average of $5,000 a month per platform.

Requirements: Don't worry, you don't need to learn how to code these days.

Sure it can help but there are App Builders now such as BuildFire that are more drag-and-drop.


You're going to need to focus on the end user experience and keep refining and updating it to maximize revenue.

The main approach to monetizing apps is by selling them on either the Google, Android, or Apple stores.

You can also look at developing an app that is free but with ads or some kind of subscription payment within it.

  • Many small businesses are wanting to add an app for their customers to use.
  • Once you launch an app, it can keep earning for you.
  • Getting your app approved by the stores can be difficult and take a long time.
  • You'll need to pay almost $2,000 to get started with BuildFire or learn to code.

If you love the idea of designing visuals but not having to get in the weeds with testing and UX, the next option is ideal for those with an artistic flair.

6. Become a Graphic Designer

A graphic designer provides creatives that help build awareness or a brand image through visual concepts, usually designed by using computer software.

These creatives can include logos, posters, magazines, flyers, or other marketing materials.

upwork graphic design gig for stay at home mom to make money

There are platforms with people looking for graphic design work or you could find clients yourself.

Income Potential

The average for a Freelance Graphic Designer ranges from $3,000-$5,000 a month.

Requirements: Access to graphic design software, such as Lucidpress, Adobe Photoshop, or Adobe Illustrator. 

Even Canva Pro could get you started.


Setting boundaries around the number of revisions permitted is absolutely key to keeping your sanity in dealing with clients.

You'll need to develop a process for gathering your clients preferences and what they are looking for in the end result.

  • A fantastic opportunity to satisfy your artist side.
  • There are platforms with 100s of graphic design jobs being posted daily.
  • It's a very competitive industry.
  • Trying to please clients who can't express what they want.

Maybe you don't have an artistic bone in your body but you can convey a convincing message with the written word like the best of them. 

Well, you may find this next route is your fast track to big bucks.

5. Freelance Grant Writing

Grant awards are essential for non-profit organizations.

But writing grants is a specialized profession and something that many companies don't see the need to hire someone full-time in-house for.

Instead, they can hire a grant-writing freelancer when they need one.

grant writing on upwork as a stay at home mom

You can start your own business or use freelancer platforms to find clients and projects.

Income Potential

$25ph for beginners and upwards of $100ph for experienced grant writers.

Requirements: Understanding the grant writing process.

You can find plenty of info online with some research.


Networking & volunteering with non-profits is a great way to build connections with key decision-makers and influencers in that industry.

Grant writing is labor-intensive and difficult to scale.

Foundation grants can take up to 20 hours to write but government grants can take well over 100 hours of work.

That probably doesn't sounds too bad if you're being paid by the hour but check out my conclusion to learn something that will change your life.

  • You can have a big impact for non-profits and their mission.
  • You can also offer services to research suitable grant opportunities.
  • For the most part, it can be mundane work.
  • When you're not writing, you're not earning.

Now, there's a lot of research and writing here.

If you're more of a people person and love having meaningful conversations, this next option might be the better path.

4. Life Coaching

Is there an area you’re really passionate about helping people grow in?

There are all kinds of life coaching niches from career guidance, dating and relationships, parenting, health, self-confidence, business and so on.

If you have solutions to someone else's pain or obstacle, people will pay for help in achieving results.

life coach post on thumbtack

Did you know that most successful athletes and high-level entrepreneurs hire coaches to elevate their performance?

There's a need for coaching and guidance with other areas of life too and it's becoming more popular.

Income Potential

$75-200 per hour is the average

Requirements: You'll have to decide on your delivery method.

Do you meet in person, on Zoom or perhaps by phone.

You'll need some structure to your coaching too and a process to follow that gets results for your clients.


The more you can niche down and become really impactful in a specialty, the more you can charge for your services.

You can create supplemental products to sell or add group coaching to scale your income.

  • The opportunity to impact lives.
  • It's one of those 'follow your passions' gigs.
  • Getting your 1st few clients can be difficult.
  • It's a highly competitive marketing.

Kinda along the same lines but working with a specific age group pursuing a major step in their next step.

3. College Application/Financial Aid Planning Consultant

Attending a US university is painted as the golden ticket for a better future.

In fact, spending in the US college consulting industry is projected to hit $1.9 billion for 2021.

If you have an understanding of the college system or have experience of the admissions process, there are parents willing to pay top dollar to see their child get into a school worth bragging about.

acceptance notification from Harvard

It helps to focus on networking with complimentary services, there are tons of opportunities for referrals.

What other services do parents of teenagers use or where do those parents socialize?

Income Potential

$150 per hour and up

Requirements: Knowledge of the admissions process for colleges and universities plus your specific area of expertise.

There are a few options and they can be learned:

  • How to select a school
  • Application & interview prep
  • Test prep
  • Scholarships & financial aid


Getting a Certified Educational Planner Certificate (CEP) can serve to boost your credibility in the marketplace.

The best money is in packaging sessions and services.

  • Getting into the 'right' college is big business and always in demand.
  • Endless referrals if you do a great job.
  • It's a very competitive industry.
  • Parents will have high expectations.

If you'd prefer something more dynamic, check out our next option.

2. Digital Marketing Agency

Demand for digital marketing has soared in recent years and never more so than with the pandemic driving the majority of businesses to really step up their online presence.

There are many elements to digital marketing, you could specialize in say Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web Design, or Paid Ads.

Some people choose to generalize and take on all areas.

digital marketing for making money as a stay at home mom

Sadly, building a digital marketing agency has become the latest fad for guru's selling courses promising the road to quick money.

Consequently, there are tons of people in this market making deals with business owners that they will NEVER be able to deliver on.

While there are definitely some legit entities, digital marketing agencies tend to have a bad rep.

True digital marketing is an expensive service with a long process to see real results.

Yes, there's money to be made but it's far from easy!

You'll have to deal with demanding clients and are at the mercy of Facebook or Google if you're relying on paid ads.

For example, Apple's recent IOS14 update has destroyed much of Facebook's strategy for scooping up user data for targeted ads.

This has left many people paying for ads that are ineffective and not converting.

Income Potential

Lorem ipsum

Requirements: Understanding of digital marketing strategies and the relevant tools to get the job done.

There's a big emphasis on outsourcing the manual work in the online marketing world and that's for good reason...most of it is pretty dull.

You'll also need to learn to sell your services, onboard clients, and provide regular reports on the progress of your work.


You're going to want to build systems & processes to manage lots of tasks & projects.

If you can put a good team in place with solid processes, it's definitely a niche that can be scaled.

Be cautious though, digital marketing can quickly run into 80+ hour weeks if the workload isn't managed well.

  • It can be lucrative if done right.
  • More businesses are recognizing the need for digital marketing.
  • Paid ads are real pain to manage.
  • It has a bad rep because way too many agencies lowball clients & don't deliver results.

While the quick cash might be tempting, you'll end up working yourself to death trying to manage clients and all the changes in the digital marketing world.

By far my #TOP RECOMMENDATION for making money as a stay at home mom has to be Local Lead Generation.

1. Local Lead Generation

Simply put, local lead generation is ranking simple websites for a service and redirecting those customers to a business owner who serves that market.

In return, you set either a pay per lead, commission, flat fee deal or a combination.

Personally, I prefer the flat fee because it makes it less work for all involved.

This results in a sweet payment - every month.

lead gen income for a stay at home mom to make money

Literally anyone, regardless of circumstances, can find a way to make local lead gen work for them.

Whether it takes you 3 weeks or 3 months to land your first client, it's plenty doable anywhere in the world.

There's a proven process that is repeatable over and over to produce predictable results.

Income Potential

$20,000 a month and up of PASSIVE INCOME

Requirements: Computer and internet.

Of all the business models, local lead gen has to be the best for ROI.

Each 'asset' costs me less than $50 a month but brings in anywhere from $500-3500.

Imagine having 10, 25 or even 100 of these assets rented out.

I don't know about you, but I haven't found another business model that pays +10x ROI month after month passively.


The riches are in the niches

The reason I love this biz model is how easy it is to scale.

There's a predictable process and once an asset is set up, it keeps paying month after month with little to no extra work so you have time to build more. #scaletothemoon

  • Scalable to generate serious income.
  • Complete control over your own schedule & doable from any location.
  • There's a learning curve - but that barrier to entry prevents saturation.
  • It's best to find a good mentor to learn from.

I've tried a number of biz models and NOTHING compares to the income I've generated through Local Lead Generation and how it's given me control over my life.

The #freedom I've been able to experience in the past few years has been life-changing!

Concluding Thoughts

Keys to Consider for Making Money as Stay At Home Mom

Here are the secrets to having control over your time and the financial freedom to raise your kids while giving them the best life has to offer:

- Stop trading time for money: It's impossible to scale and generate real wealth if you're trading time for money. You only have so many hours in a day!

- Choose something that is scalable: When you can build multiple 'assets' that keep generating income, you have capacity to invest your resources into building more of them.

- Be in control of who your clients are: There are certain industries or businesses where no matter how much $$ you make, the stress of having to deal with needy and complaining customers just isn't worth it.

- Pick something with a barrier to entry: It could be meeting some criteria that's challenging or having to learn a specific skillset. If it's too easy to do, it becomes a saturated marketing which means ever-decreasing profit margins. #NoBueno

Okay, so you've read the list of opportunities.

I've let you in on a few secrets on what to look for in the right opportunity.

While some of these biz models hit 1 or 2 of these marks, local lead generation is the only one that hits them all.

If you want the best of both worlds: being at home with the freedom to design your own schedule AND make more money in a month than most people will do in a year, you owe it to yourself to check it out.

How different could your life could look 6 months from now with $5,000-10,000 a month?

How would it feel to have $25,000 coming in every month, and growing?

Do yourself a favor and take the 1st step in giving your family the kind of future they deserve - scroll to learn more.

Local Lead Generation

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