October 3, 2023

Make a 5-figure monthly income by selling $9 to $20 mugs is the ambitious promise of the Low Hanging System. Rachel Rofe promises a ‘secret software’ that runs the business on autopilot. She claims to make $380K with a funny saying and just 76 minutes of work. What's this system that costs zero and takes only 10 minutes to set up?

As a stay-at-home mom, juggling kids and a side hustle while maintaining a clean home, I need a low-maintenance but quick-income biz. Rachel Rofe offers a business model that leverages print-on-demand on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Shopify through a 4-step simplified process. Rachel promises this business model is beginner-friendly. But is selling mugs with AI-generated quotes a stable income source for moms? This Low Hanging System review covers everything you need to know about the course, creator, and program. I’ll also answer if print-on-demand is a reliable replacement for your 9-to-5 or just a seasonal trend. 

Low Hanging System is a program that teaches print-on-demand on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Shopify. It includes 7 training modules, over 10 bonus lessons, and 6 months of coaching. You can custom-print mugs, pillowcases, t-shirts, and more through a third-party service fulfiller. Low-Hanging System costs $2,485 or installments of $497 for 5 months. Rachel also offers a hefty discount to those who pay in full upfront. The best value offer is only $1,988. Low Hanging System simplifies the print-on-demand biz in four simple steps:

Step 1: Browse Pinterest for quote ideas (or generate using AI).

Step 2: Use Picplosion to create your design.

Step 3: Generate product mockup by uploading the design on GearBubble. 

Step 4: Modify the quotes to fit different categories. 

This method is further explained by Rachel’s Insta-Method. It’s a quick-start class on creating multiple listings in under an hour. When orders come in, GearBubble fulfills the order and ships them in less than 24 hours. They’ll also update the tracking number for you. This program was launched in 2016. It has a conditional 90-day money-back guarantee. To qualify for the refund, you should stay throughout the refund period, learn the biz, and list at least 90 mug variants on your Amazon and Etsy stores. 

Rachel Rofé is a 9-figure entrepreneur, author, and marketer from Newtown, Pennsylvania. She earned a business degree from Drexel University in Philadelphia. After that, she worked for Target as a team leader for over a year. Rachel’s education and experience in retail equipped her to become an entrepreneur. Her first company was Rachel Rofe Enterprises. Later on, she founded a digital marketing agency called Burn Your To-Do List. CustomHappy, her POD service fulfillment business, was launched in November 2015. Her business quickly grew to over 150 employees. Rachel is one of the 30 women entrepreneurs featured on Nasdaq.com. She's also featured on some of the biggest media outlets like Forbes, Woman’s World, Fox News, and CNN. Her net worth is estimated to be between $10 million to $15 million based on her Amazon and Etsy sales, plus LHS enrollments.

Low Hanging System and the Print-On-Demand Business Model 

Low Hanging System is one of the better courses for learning print-on-demand. Rachel is 4.2 star rated Udemy instructor and LHS has over 10,000 students so far. The print-on-demand business model lets you run a retail business without keeping physical stocks and tracking inventory. It's low-capital and beginner-friendly. Low Hanging System is a comprehensive program. It covers the whole process, from selecting the design to listing the products and fulfilling orders. 

What I like about the program is that it teaches the biz in three of the biggest e-commerce platforms: Amazon, Etsy, and eBay. These platforms charge an integration fee. But with Rachel as your coach, you get 1 year free and unlimited integrations. Another thing I like about the Low Hanging System is you don't need paid ads. Rachel teaches an alternative, the sponsored strategy, that boosts product visibility. 

LHS is a good program overall, but it has some serious issues that can't be thrown under the rug. Rachel says her margins are from 15% to 32%. A mug that costs $16.85 to make only sells for $19.95 (15% margin). She outsources order fulfillment from GearBubble, which charges $421 monthly ($5,052 for a year). On top of that, Amazon also charges differential fees depending on the plan type. Additional fees may range from $0.99 per item sold or $39.99 monthly. Imagine how diminished the net profit is. 

On a positive note, print-on-demand is a growing market. The CAGR is 26.2%. Allied Market Research estimates it to be $9.9 billion worth by 2027. But print-on-demand is a highly competitive industry. United States is the biggest POD market with a 31.02% share. Amazon’s Merch-on-Demand is another threat to Rachel's Low Hanging System. The process is simpler with Amazon. You submit the design, and Amazon approves and creates the listing for you. They also handle printing, shipping/logistics, and after-sale customer service. No need for external software, just set up a Merch-on-Demand account. 

Low Hanging System Review On YouTube

Jack's Digital Ventures is a channel run by a YouTuber named Jack who also offers a high-ticket affiliate marketing course. The channel is new and was only started in December 2023. It still has over a hundred subscribers as of writing. 

Jack's Digital Ventures reviews Rachel Rofe's Low Hanging System and points out 3 red flags of the course. These red flags include the lack of one-on-one coaching and refund policy, and the high competition in the POD market. Although Low Hanging System is quite a comprehensive course, Jack suggests exploring other business models that's not as saturated as print-on-demand. 

Is A Stable Income Achievable With Print-On-Demand?

A stable income can be achievable with print-on-demand if you find profitable products and have a good marketing plan in place. However, this biz takes a lot of hard work and you’ll need to spend a fortune on paid ads to generate substantial profit. A business model with a low-profit margin in a highly saturated market is too risky for beginners. POD is only worth trying if you're passionate about retail and design creation, or you are an existing ecom seller. 

If your goal is to make long-term continuous passive income, this might not be the biz for you. My business recommendation is local lead generation. Unlike POD, the lead gen market is not saturated because there are over 50 niches and thousands of cities to explore. The POD profit margin can go as low as 20%, but the profit margin on leads generated from ranked sites is at least 85%. Lead gen is a low-maintenance biz, and you don't have to upload hundreds of products per day. Once the site is ranked on Google, it makes consistent passive income for months or even years.

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