September 11, 2023

A shortcut to the dream life through a mobile business in just 48 hours (or less) is Jeff Lerner's promise to his global audience. How can you resist the opportunity to live your best life when it's absolutely free to download? The catch? Many say the Millionaire Shortcut book is just an outdated PDF document, the gateway to a series of cross-sells and upsells. Later on, Jeff finally reveals the BIG shortcut he's been talking about. When everyone thinks that Jeff's millionaire shortcut is something big and new, it's all just about getting a mentor (another upsell). And then, the reader gets sent back to the sales page of Entre Blueprint. That's all it is, the Millionaire Shortcut. Over-hyped and deceptive, definitely not the best way anyone wants to get into any expensive program.

As a stay-at-home mom, juggling kids and a side hustle while maintaining a clean home, I need a low-maintenance but quick-income biz. Jeff Lerner has a business opportunity that he claims can give you your dream life through affiliate marketing, digital marketing, and course creation. These are promising income opportunities, but are they good fits for moms? This Jeff Millionaire Shortcut review covers all you need to know about the course, creator, and the business models he proposed. I’ll also answer if these are good income opportunities for stay-at-home moms and share my insight on what I believe is the most passive online business. 

Entre Blueprint (low-level introductory training) is just $39, so you might consider giving it a try. But before you sign up for anything, know what you're getting into once you sign your name in for membership. Entre Institute is the main course. It costs $4000 and covers affiliate marketing, digital agency, and course creation. The business model teaches

digital real estate through affiliate marketing,

running and managing digital agencies and,

creating profitable online courses.

Jeff Lerner is an entrepreneur, content creator, author, digital marketer, and public speaker for Entre Institute's Insight events. He also manages properties in Georgia, Nevada, Ohio, Texas, and Utah. Jeff was born on March 1, 1979, in Houston, Texas, and has a unique physical trait caused by an inborn condition called Waardenburg Syndrome. While Jeff touts himself as a financial wizard, he did graduate Magna Cum Laude- with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Music Theory and Composition in Jazz piano. Now, he only minored in business finance and has amassed years of online entrepreneurial experience, but these accolades make me wonder about his verifiable expertise.

Aside from Entre (Blueprint & Institute) and Entresoft, he also owns 2:20 Investment Group based in Utah. Before these business ventures, was the CEO of a digital agency and software company by the name Xurli until 2018. Jeff Lerner also headed the PRO U company and co-founded WHAMmobile in 2010.

ENTRE and Affiliate Marketing, Digital Agencies, Course Creation

ENTRE Blueprint and Institute are good courses for starting an online business. But, expect a spiral of upsells when you're in the program. Members of the introductory course (Blueprint) are bombarded with hard-selling strategies to upgrade to the $4000 course (Institute). It doesn't end there, Entre Institute students are further upsold the Entresoft, a CRM tool for nurturing leads, closing sales, and taking online payments, which costs members another $1600. After that, the members are persuaded to get the 3-month one-on-one coaching course which costs a whopping $10,000. If you get all of these from Jeff, you'll be spending over $15,000 even before you make money. A big gamble for a business model you've not proven to profit from yet. 

Here's a fact: Jeff and his team are notorious for upselling. He also has a shady reputation because of his association with some defunct MLM businesses like Wealth Masters International (a proven pyramid scheme in Norway), Carbon Copy Pro (now Six Figure Mentors), My Online Business Education, and Digital Altitude. Many speculate that Jeff structured Entre around these business concepts. 

Jeff was a professional pianist before he ventured into online entrepreneurship. Just like him, anyone can shift from the only career they knew into something completely new and profit from it big time. Is it worth signing up for Jeff's program? It can be worth it if you have at least $20K to splurge. The course alone costs $4,000 and the startup cost for a digital marketing agency if you're an absolute beginner is $16,000. Digital marketing is more than just buying traffic and managing campaigns. 85% of digital marketers believe that to succeed, you need to prove ROI to your clients. Which is the toughest challenge for new marketers to overcome, especially when still learning the ropes of a new business, in full survival mode.

Millionaire Shortcut Review On YouTube

Vitaliy Gershfeld reviews Jeff Lerner's Millionaire Shortcut. His honest opinion is the book is over-hyped, and it lacks substantial content. He also emphasized that it would have been better if Jeff emphasized the importance of practical advice rather than just building excitement over a 15-page book. Vitaliy ends the review by cautioning his viewers about programs that simplify success but hide hidden charges. 

Is Jeff’s Millionaire Shortcut A Good Fit For Moms?

Jeff’s Millionaire Shortcut might not be a good fit for moms. It’s marketed as a beginner-friendly course, but digital marketing and course creation are not very suitable for those without online business experience. Digital marketing is a tricky business to handle. You constantly need to keep up with changes in technology and algorithms. Digital marketing is also a saturated industry. Venturing into this business means competing with 1.2 million other digital marketers in the world. Coming up with daily fresh content will be challenging for moms who are also running a household.   

My alternative is a low-maintenance online business called local lead generation. This business model digital assets and ranks them up on the search engine. Once the site is ranked, it’s likely to stay ranked, so you only need to do minimal maintenance work. It’s a low-maintenance, passive-income opportunity that moms can handle while they're also busy managing the house chores and kids. 

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