October 19, 2023

Build your own account with high-converting ads in just 30 days. You probably don’t know Jason Wojo, but you’ve likely seen his ads. He claims to have helped over 1,300 entrepreneurs and 55 brands make 7 to 8-figure income. He says he drives a McLaren GT and a Bently SUV and has close to a million Instagram followers. Jason is living the internet guru life. Or, is he really, when many call him a Fiverr con artist? 

Jason Runs Ads is a one-on-one digital marketing mentorship program under Wojo Media where Jason offers to run your ads as you learn from him. I searched high and low, but there’s no info on how much Jason charges for this program. His two other programs are 6-Figure Agency Accelerator and 1 Million Views. 6-Figure Agency Accelerator teaches how to create, manage, and grow social media accounts. It costs $97, which includes 5 modules and a private Facebook group. His 1 Million Views program promises to get you a million views in 60 days through fill-in-the-blank video scripts. You only need to pay $10 to get access. Jason Runs Ads is for 

regular people who want to start an online biz, 

small business owners who want to grow their audience and increase leads, 

influencers who want to increase their likes, views, and following, and, 

struggling marketers who want to create successful ads with high conversions. 

Jason “Wojo” Wojciechowicz is the founder of Wojo Media and the creator of Jason Runs Ads, 6-Figure Agency Accelerator, and 1 Million Views. He’s a digital marketer from Daytona Beach, Florida known for his social media marketing strategies, especially Facebook ads. Jason is a culinary school dropout. He worked three jobs to keep up with the bills while living in Newburgh, New York. Aside from working at an insurance company and at Staples, he also worked as a marketer for a financial firm. It sparked the idea that he wanted to pursue digital marketing as a career. He took a business administration course at Mount Saint Mary College while getting mentorship from SMMA coach, Tai Lopez. Wojo Media was finally launched in 2018 and its first successful client is Hustle Island HQ. The company closed the year with 24,000 new customers. Wojo Media is now a 7-figure company and Jason’s net worth is estimated to be $5 million as of writing. 

Jason Runs Ads and Social Media Marketing

Jason Runs Ads and Wojo Media look legit at first glance. Jason has been featured in Entrepreneur magazine, Forbes New York’s 30 under 30, and LA Weekly’s Top 20 Entrepreneurs of 2023. However, a Google search will reveal all the red flags, and he was even called a ‘Fiverr con artist’. He allegedly scammed thousands from his own editors. So, they exposed him through a YouTuber named Markie who has over 450K subscribers on the platform. The video that was uploaded 5 months ago now has 49k views and is flooded with comments from former employees whom he never paid. There’s even a heated exchange in the comments between Jason Wojo’s official YouTube account (JasonWojoOfficial) and his unpaid editor Abdulwahab Yasin (abdulwahabyasin4545). Ex-editors shared an insider screenshot of a database that contains all the fan accounts that Jason uses to boost his follower count and social media interactions. As expected, Jason has made all excuses why he hasn’t paid employees for their work ‘yet’

Wojo Media is also poorly rated on Trustpilot (2.4 stars). A former student shared a detailed review of how he lost $10,000 by believing in Jason’s promises. He said that Jason and his team will just drain your money and make zero effort to retain you. There’s no value in his training and it’s all just a waste of time and resources enrolling in Jason Runs Ads or any Wojo Media course. I would even say this client is very patient with Jason. He went the extra mile to see if Jason was really managing his Facebook and Shopify campaigns (as agreed). So, he removed their access to see how soon they noticed. To his shock, it took them (Jason’s team) a week to notice that they didn’t have access to his accounts. This means they haven’t been checking over that period, and Jason was lying to him. 

Digital marketing continues to grow at a 9% rate annually from 2020 to 2026 according to WordStream. HubSpot also reports that 63% of businesses increased their digital marketing spend since last year. There are more business opportunities for social media marketing agencies this year and beyond. However, building and running a start-up agency has many challenges. As an SMMA owner, you need adequate knowledge to run successful campaigns across different social media platforms. 

A HubSpot report shows that 77% of social media marketers ranked down SMM from “very effective” to only “somewhat effective” (2021). Changing algorithms and social trends are the biggest threats to social media marketing. Clients want to see results on their marketing spend, so you should be ready to show them the return on investment. 

Sprout Social Index report shows that 65% of social media marketers still choose Facebook as the number 1 platform for paid ads. Instagram is second at 59% and YouTube comes third at 35%. However, the cost of running ads on these platforms is also increasing. Facebook, for example, increased cost-per-click from $0.97 per 1,000 impressions last year to $1.01 to $3.0 this year. You’ll need bigger capital for paid ads to keep your SMM operations afloat. 

Overall, I wouldn’t recommend getting Jason Runs Ads or any of the courses from Wojo Media. Jason has been reported many times by his former clients and employees (video editors). Although he’s not technically a scammer, it’s likely you won’t get your money’s worth with this course. There are other online courses that teach real ways to make money online. It’s not worth investing in a coach who spends most of his time flexing his success on social media while his employees are uncompensated for their hard work. 

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