February 5, 2024

Kiana Danial shares secrets to generational wealth while playing Play-Doh with her daughter. She’s the epitome of a modern mompreneur who’s making money on the internet while spending time with her child. If you want to know her secrets, she says all you need to do is buy her course and learn her “unshakeable wealth ecosystem”. 

As a stay-at-home mom, juggling kids and a side hustle while maintaining a clean home, I need a low-maintenance but quick-income biz. Kiana’s life and success story inspired stay-at-home moms to also explore online business opportunities to help with the family’s finances. Her story of being a broke and unemployed immigrant to a 7 million net worth in six years while being hands-on with her daughter inspired millions around the world. Should stay-at-home moms learn from Kiana? This Invest Diva review covers all you need to know about the course, its creator, and more. 

Kiana Danial is a multi-awarded mompreneur, forex analyst, and the author of 7 books, including the Wall Street Journal and USA Today best-seller, “Million Dollar Family Secrets”. Another book she authored, Cryptocurrency Investing for Dummies, is also an international best-seller. She is originally from Iran but moved to Japan where she finished two degrees in electrical engineering. She earned her electrical engineering degree from the Tokyo University of Electro-Communications with a 3.7 GPA. 

Kiana has a strong background in finance. She studied at the NYU School of Professional Studies and became a certified financial planner. She first worked at the Japan FX Business Consultant in 2012 and published a book with McGraw-Hill Education in the same year. Kiana’s skill in trading was an accidental discovery. During a recession in 2012, she traded the US dollar versus the Japanese Yen and made money from it. This prompted her to start Invest Diva before moving to the U.S. Kiana Danial now lives in New York with her husband and daughter. Her success gave her a name in the trading industry. Big media outlets like CNBC, Fox Business, Fox News, CNN, WSJ, and Forbes have also featured her story. 

Inside Invest Diva 

Invest Diva is an e-learning platform in investing that teaches ETFs, stocks, crypto trading, and foreign exchange. It was launched by Kiana Danial in 2012 while she was still living in Japan. There are 9 courses offered on the platform that range from $297 to $350,000. Cash refunds are not available for most of the courses. Kiana also gives a free Diva Masterclass to give students a glimpse of her paid courses. 

Invest Diva's paid courses are:

5-Day Build More Wealth: On-Demand Challenge ($297)

A 5-day training where Kiana reveals her secret framework in building a 5 million dollar portfolio. The five major topics discussed in the course are the wealth ecosystem, investments, income, influence, and wealth generation. 

INVEST DIVA’s Crypto Mastery™ ($297)

Kiana’s guided course in crypto investing covers risk management, exchange training, wallet training, and cryptocurrency identifiers. 

Premium Investing Group + High-Level Coaching ($397)

A private Facebook group where you can interact with Invest Diva coaches and receive weekly strategy sessions. Kiana also shares a list of her must-have assets. She also does live strategy sessions with her members. 

Make Your Money Work For You PowerCourse ($9,997)

It’s an 8-week guided course with 28 modules, premium investing group access for three months, and premium coaching for three months. It also includes Kiana’s exclusive coaching on the Ichimoku, Fibonacci, and IDDA investment systems. 

EntreDiva™ Academy ($18,000 or 3 payments of $7,000)

A one-year business-building program with access to a live person event, an automated income system, an affiliate marketers toolkit, tax loopholes, and private sessions. 

Kiana’s $1M/Month Automated System Program (No price posted)

A guided training course on creating profitable online courses through an auto-webinar system. 

Invest Diva Diamond Analysis [IDDA] ($597)

A 30-day, 15-minute-a-day investing training that covers a wide range of topics and includes over 100 hours of video content from beginner’s wealth guide to market sentiment indicators. 

Zen Wealth Generator [Diamond with Kiana Danial] ($350,000)

It’s the most expensive program offered on the platform (and probably on the internet). Zen Wealth Accelerator costs a whopping $350,000 plus a $2K deposit. This ultra premium course features a 2-day VIP access with Kiana and her team on a private jet. The package also includes one year of access to the Million Dollar Family Accelerator, personalized coaching, direct access to coaches, and a chance to visit Kiana’s home (La Diva Palace). 

What People Say About Invest Diva

Invest Diva has varying opinions online. It's a popular course, and Kiana is serious about getting her course into every household. She calls herself the founder of all active moms who want to make a better life for their kids. She’s on a mission to help one million households achieve financial freedom by making smart long-term investments. Members of Invest Diva are taught how to responsibly and ethically manage their finances. She believes that women should be given the power to make financial decisions as they see fit. According to her, the neglect of women’s financial capacity in the past has led to an imbalance in society. And she's on a mission to correct this. 

Invest Diva has an excellent 4.5-star rating on Trustpilot out of 355 reviews given. A verified user named Catherine C said she was skeptical about buying the course at first, but was glad that she did. Catherine believes that the course was a worthy investment because it’s informative and easy to follow, even for a newbie like her. Another reviewer, Natalia Medley, said Kiana’s course empowered her to start investing. She narrated how Kiana and her team helped her make wise decisions based on her current financial situation and risk tolerance. Another happy customer is Craig Reynolds, who was surprised by the level of support he received from Kiana’s team. He expressed that the Power Course was a bit challenging in the beginning, but all his questions were professionally and promptly answered. 

Despite the abundance of good reviews, there’s a handful of negative ones that criticize the program. A 1-star review written by Lucretia Williams-Melendez calls the course a “waste of time and money”. She said it was hard for her to write a negative review because she liked Kiana as a person, but not as a coach. Lucretia narrated that she took out a loan to pay $30K for the program, which didn’t go well for her. She felt that the program didn’t have a clear direction, and the team was more interested in taking her money than helping her succeed. The Invest Diva team actively responds to negative reviews on the platform. The representative explained that she only watched 62% of the module and did not attend some of the live sessions. They also claim to have offered Lucretia a 9-month extension after the expiration of the subscription in recognition of her personal circumstances. Lucretia denied this and said she didn’t receive any email about the matter. 

An older review written by a certain L Smith complains of a poor-performing platform. He said he had been trying to access the platform but couldn’t. Whenever he’s sent new login credentials, he's only able to use them once. So, he request for another one next time. L Smith calls the course a waste of his hard-earned resources because it’s always inaccessible. An Invest Diva representative replied to this comment and said the team sent him an email to apologize and they gave him a generous offer to compensate for the delay. 

Reddit also has varying opinions on Kiana’s courses. Most negative reviews say the course is too expensive, not worth your money, and has too many gimmicks and many ads. Some commenters also say the course is not updated and “scratches the edge of a scam”. 

Invest Diva Review on YouTube

The Best Stock Strategy by David Jaffee reviews Invest Diva and calls her a fraud and scam artist. He makes this claim, believing that no one can make money by investing in cryptocurrency and trading forex. David mentions that Kiana’s investing strategy of trading forex and crypto is extremely risky and has low chances of success. He calls Kiana one of the lowest frauds out there because she specifically targets vulnerable stay-at-home moms who are desperate to make money from home. He warns moms not to get hooked by Kiana’s lucrative offers and instead look at facts and numbers. David emphasized that the chance of losing money with Invest Diva's strategies is close to a hundred percent. 

People in the comments seem to agree with David that crypto and forex trading is not the best business for stay-at-home moms and it might bring more harm than good to financially struggling household. 

Is Invest Diva A Good Investment For Stay-At-Home Moms?

Invest Diva might not be a good investment for stay-at-home moms. Although forex and crypto trading can make some money, it’s a very risky investment and might bring more losses than wins, especially to complete beginners. Traders need to dedicate time and attention to understanding and analyzing market trends. It’s not for people who can only spare a few minutes of their day learning the business. Lucretia’s real-life experience of learning how to trade while caring for a newborn and a toddler is proof that this business could be too demanding for moms. 

David Jaffee also pointed out the same issue with Kiana Danial’s course, and he’s not entirely wrong. According to Forbes’ 2024 cryptocurrency statistics, 38% reported losing instead of profiting from crypto trades. Cryptocurrencies are also unsecured and are less regulated around the world. In case the platform that holds your crypto goes bankrupt, you’ll likely lose all your money. Forex trading is a risky venture. According to IronFX, 70% to 80% of new traders lose money. It's extremely hard to make consistently profitable trades, especially for beginners. 

Overall, long-term trading like crypto and forex is too risky for stay-at-home moms. It's a high-risk, high-capital venture with low chance of success. If you’re a stay-at-home mom looking for a low-risk, low-capital income source, my recommendation is a business model called local lead generation. This biz builds digital assets (like websites) and ranks them on Google. Ranked assets are like billboards in prime locations in the real world. As the owner of these prime assets, you generate income from rentals and by selling leads to local business owners. It’s the most passive online biz out there that moms can do on the side while running a household. 

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