October 6, 2023

'I built a fortress of secure cash around me without going to a mindless 9 to 5’. Payton Welch brags that wealthy business owners hand him $980 checks. He ends his ad with ‘because I have one skill they can’t leave without’. He's in his peak online guru era. Everything he says has been said by every internet marketer out there. What's the biz? It's called Inbound Closer, and it claims to make money in just 21 days. You only have to work 1 to 2 hours daily. Payton says this biz taps into a $129 billion industry. 1,621 students have already replaced their 9 to 5s through this. 

Inbound Closer is a 21-day remote closing program on high-ticket deals. The training aims to make anyone a skilled remote closer and land clients. He says you only need a mobile connection to make a stable six-figure income on your own terms. How much does it cost to make money like Payton? The basic accelerator course costs $97, and the private coaching program costs $8,800-$9,800. Inbound Closer is an auxiliary of The Sales Mentor by Taylor Welch, Payton’s brother. It was launched in 2016 and has a 100% lifetime money-back guarantee.

Payton Welch is the face of Inbound Closer. He is the lead advisor of the Inbound Closer coaching program and is often mistaken as the founder. His LinkedIn says he studied at the University of Memphis in Memphis, Tennessee. But, it's not stated what course he took or if he graduated there. Before his online gigs, he worked in retail at the Von Maur, a local upscale department store. If you've been in digital marketing for a while, you've probably heard of Payton's older brother, Taylor Welch. Taylor co-founded Traffic and Funnels with Chris Evans (not Captain America Chris Evans). Payton was mentored by his brother to become an inbound closer. He became very good at it and now heads the Inbound Closer program. 

Inbound Closer and the Remote Closing Business Model 

From promoting on Amazon, selling affiliate products, real estate financing, and MLM, Payton has done it all. He said the life-changing decision he made was mastering 1 high-demand skill. That skill is inbound closing, and it placed him in the center of a $129 billion industry. 

Inbound closing is not much different from a 9-to-5 job. You're basically working to close deals for business owners by answering inbound calls. Your goal as an inbound closer is to create a memorable customer journey by targeting pain points and sealing the deal with an irresistible offer. Payton makes it sound so easy, but inbound closing can be a hard skill to master if you don’t have a sales background. This course is for those who have the passion and patience to guide and serve customers. These traits are important in closing high-ticket deals. 

Inbound Closer has pretty decent reviews even though many call it a scam. A review from an anonymous student said both the low-ticket (inbound closer accelerator) and high-ticket (private coaching) courses are valuable to salespeople. What I like about Inbound Closer is that they’re probably the only ones to offer a lifetime money-back guarantee. A real review from a past student said he received his refund after emailing twice. It's pretty impressive. Most coaching programs have conditional refund policies, others don’t bother having one. 

Although the course seems legit, there are some serious issues with it. The biggest downside for me is that it’s not a biz, only a gig or a side job. You work for clients who dictate your work schedule and limit your earnings. To be fair, you have more flexibility here than traditional work. The biz isn't scalable, and it will not last long. The opportunity to make money is good, but not great. Work-from-home inbound closers with 1 to 3 years of experience make from $47K to $65K a year. But commissions are inconsistent. Some days you're making $1K (or more) other days, zero. 

Payton claims that anyone can learn the biz in just 21 days. Although it's possible, it's not entirely realistic. While others are naturally good at selling, others struggle to even speak up. Some are too focused on making money but don't prepare themselves enough to be excellent salespersons. LinkedIn State of Sales Report (2021) found that about 42% of salespeople do not have enough product knowledge before making a call. That's why 74% of them fail (according to Zappia). Passion for selling is crucial in this biz. Your job as an inbound closer is to help customers appreciate the benefits of your product/service offering. It takes knowledge, skill, and luck to achieve exponential numbers, as Payton claims. 

Research by InsideSales.com shows that 35% to 50% of buyers purchase from sellers that respond first. Inbound closers play a crucial role in any business. It's a great income opportunity for those looking for home-based jobs, making hefty sales commissions. Is it worth enrolling in Payton's Inbound Closer program? It could be worth it if your passion is in selling. But if you're just looking for a quick online income opportunity, there are better business models than this. 

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