To make money as a stay at home mom:

  1. Start a lead generation business
  2. Host a parenting podcast
  3. Provide laundry services
  4. Rent out unused sports equipment
  5. Donate plasma

Motherhood reports that in 2024, "58% of moms state they are the primary caregivers for their children and take care of most of the tasks associated with maintaining their household". Further data from Pew Research reveals that "50% of moms with children under 5 stay home by choice". Ideas for moms to earn money from home need to be realistic and offer flexible hours.

Stay-at-home moms need to enjoy the job and make a good income from it. According to, "the estimated worth of a stay at home mom is more than $184,820 a year". In this article, we list 21 ideas how to make money as a stay at home mom. We'll also share 3 ways to achieve a better work-life balance as a SAHM in 2024

1. Start A Lead Generation Business

Lead generation is a business model that makes money online by ranking websites on Google that reach the top of the SERPs. There, your lead gen sites get high-quality leads for small business owners. You then sell those leads for a profit. For example, a local lead generation business can set up a website to attract customers for the drywall services niche in any location you choose. Next, you monetize that site by finding a local drywall company looking for more business. Local lead generation agencies can operate multiple sites and earn 5 figures of residual income each month.

Lead generation is a remote job with flexible hours that a stay-at-home mom can do when they have time. The startup costs for a local lead generation website are low, and it costs about $100 to build and cover the cost of hosting. In 2024, the best passive income business for stay at home moms is local lead generation. Once your websites are at the top of the Google search engines, they only need a little work (10-15 hours a year). But each site can make you a passive income of $500-$3,000 a month.

2. Launch An eCommerce Store

Ecommerce uses the Internet to sell goods and services instead of a brick-and-mortar location. Forbes shares that "79% of shoppers buy things online at least once a month". Ecommerce is a home job mom that can make real money. To launch an ecommerce store:

  1. Decide what you want to sell.
  2. Use tools like Google Trends, Ahrefs, or SpyFu.
  3. Look for things people want to buy but have low competition.
  4. Pick a name and design your logo.
  5. Determine what shipping methods you will use and set your goals. 
  6. Create a buzz on social media and share images and content on platforms like Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram. 

In 2024, popular sellers include lip stains, pimple patches, hair oil, posture correctors, and mushroom coffee. Projection Hub reports that "the average gross profit margins for an e-commerce store are 42.48%, and most earn annual revenue of about $52,953". The key to high profits is to provide the best customer service possible. Focus on the buyer journey. As a result, you'll get more return consumers and make more money. 

3. Host A Parenting Podcast

A podcast is a downloadable digital file on the Internet that subscribers can listen to on their computer or mobile device. DemandSage reports that "by 2024, there will be 504.9 million global podcast listeners". To start a podcast: 

  • Create an idea and pick your format.
  • Set up the right podcast equipment and select software, like Notetracks Pro, Adobe Audition, or Podcastle.
  • Record and edit your podcast audio.

Podcasts are a home job that can earn a stay at home mom some extra money. To start a profitable podcast you need to get attention from your target listeners. So, you need to be ready to do the hard work and be consistent to build an audience. Statistics suggest the average podcaster makes "$0-$30 million a year". Further data from ZipRecruiter says that in 2024, "the average podcaster makes $28,000-$37,500 annually". 

4. Provide Professional Parenting Advice

A parenting coach is a professional hired to help struggling parents find the right solution to their problems. Research shows that in 2024, "25% of women in the USA are stay at home moms, more than the 15% reported in 2022". As a parenting expert, your job is to help parents identify their strengths and what areas they're having issues. Then, you can help them set realistic goals and achieve the desired outcome. 

A home mom with a bachelors degree in Psychology or Behavioral Sciences is more than qualified. However, you can take an online parenting coach certification from accredited programs like Graphy, Coach Foundation, Udemy, or Parenting Coach Institute for under $100. To find parenting coach clients, create a website and promote yourself on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram. According to ZipRecruiter, "a parenting coach in the USA makes $18-$26 an hour or $37,000-$55,000 a year".

5. Become A Momfluencer

A momfluencer is a mom who shares the journey of motherhood on social media sites. Social Shepherd suggests that "66% of people trust an influencer's recommendations". You don't need to be a social media manager to make money as a momfluencer. However, you should be skilled in creating videos and content that speaks to your target audience.

To become a mom influencer, pick the platforms you want to develop a profile and build a following. Link your social media accounts and share valuable tips, brand recommendations, and the daily struggles of being a mom. The idea is to create a community and secure a following. Then, you can monetize your social media profile with brand sponsorships, paid ads, affiliate links, etc. Data says that "the average mominfluencer makes "$50-$5,000 per sponsored post".

6. Provide Laundry Services

Laundry is dirty clothes and linens that have to be washed. Energy Star advises that "the average household does 300 loads of laundry a year" in the USA. A laundry service allows a mom looking for extra cash to make money from home. You can join a laundry service app like Hampr, Rinse, Poplin, or Sudsters that connects local people with washers.

Another option is to build a website and advertise on social media. Or you can combine with local dry cleaners to find clients. To make money with your laundry service, offer quick pick up and drop off options and include an online payment method. Provide stellar customer service and get reviews you can share on the Internet to generate a buzz and build a steady stream of clients. You can make "$15-$120 per bag of laundry", according to Sudsters.

7. Do Sewing & Alternations

Sewing is using a needle and thread to join or attach fabric. Data indicates that "94.2% of all sewist in the USA are women". Sewing and alternations is a small business idea that fosters a creative market and makes money. To start a sewing and alternations business from home, offer simple alterations like hemming pants, replacing buttons, or repairing seams. Next, you can elevate your services to include custom work like bridal gowns, prom dresses, and other high-end garments. Then, as you grow your business, you'll get more orders and charge higher prices.

To make money at mom jobs like sewing, publish a website and social media page to find clientele. Network at local events or Facebook groups in your community. Data suggests that "sewing can procure a high income if you offer custom alterations, but the average rate for basic sewing and alterations is $15-$27.50 an hour".

8. Offer Housecleaning Services

Housecleaning involves getting rid of dirt and dust in a house or apartment. Trafft reveals that "over 31% of couples fight about housework at least once a week". Further data shows that "the average person spends 12,896 hours of their life cleaning, which is 1.5 years". A working mom can offer housecleaning services part-time. You are responsible for menial tasks like dusting, mopping, and cleaning kitchens and bathrooms. However, you can provide additional services to charge a higher fee like laundry, baseboards, windows, or bed making.

To start a housecleaning service, you don't need to spend much money. You only need cleaning equipment and a way to promote your services, like a website or social media profile. Then, ask friends and family for referrals. To earn a profit with a house cleaning service, pick a specific niche. For example, will you only clean Airbnb? Or would you prefer to offer office and commercial cleaning? Build a client base and provide stellar results. Ask for reviews and post them on your site or social media. You can make "$10-$50 an hour or $21,000-$39,000+ a year as a housecleaner", according to ZipRecruiter.

9. Rent Out Photography Gear

Photography is the art of taking and developing photos. Photography gear refers to equipment related to the camera, like lenses, SD cards, a tripod, a camera bag, and the camera. A study by Mylio reports that in 2024, "globally, people will take about 1.6 trillion photos". Renting photography gear is an online job that can make you some extra cash. Popular photography equipment includes Canon EOS R5, Sony FX6 Full-Frame Cinema Camera, and Canon RF 28-70mm f/2L.

You can list your photography gear for rent on sites like Facebook Marketplace. Or leverage a third-party platform like KitSplit, Beazy, and ShareGrid, which are free to join. They advertise your gear to an active online community and a ready-made audience. Then, you get paid via direct deposit within 24 hours after the start of the rental. KitSpilt says, "you can make $10,210 annually renting photography gear through their platform".

10. Sell Pre-Cooked Meals

Premade meals are meals prepared and ready to eat after reheating. According to Routific, "worldwide, 2.5 billion people are expected to eat premade meals in 2027". Selling premade meals is an excellent way for a stay at home mom to make an income. You can earn good money if you get a stream of potential clients who regularly order your dishes. To start a premade meal business, check your area's food laws.

Decide on a menu and how much you plan to charge. Popular dishes in 2024 include rice, chicken, potatoes, pizza, burgers, and beef. Next, pick where you plan to sell your food. You can sell on social platforms like Facebook Marketplace or build a website on a site like Shopify. Then, decide how you plan to deliver your packages. Will you offer just local delivery or pay for shipping? Data suggest that "you can make a profit margin of 10%-20% for premade meals".

11. Test Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are software designed to accomplish a particular function for a user or other software program. Ripenapps reports that "the Google Play and Apple App Store combined have over 5.7 million apps". They also state that "the average smartphone user spends about 4-5 hours every day on mobile apps". A mobile app tester examines apps across various devices for functionality, aesthetics, and usability. To become an app tester, go to job sites or testing platforms like PlaytestCloud and Testbirds and create a profile. Next, understand what areas you need to test and provide explicit feedback. Then, apply for more gigs and build your portfolio. You can "make $5,791-$10,583 a month or $69,500-$127,000 a year", according to ZipRecruiter.

12. Work As An Online Travel Consultant

An online travel consultant helps people organize their travel arrangements, including accommodations and excursions. Online travel consultants also ensure clients have the correct travel documents and vaccines to enter their destination. However, being an online travel consultant doesn't need to be a full time job. You can help people book vacations part time around your schedule. But you must have the proper education to become an online travel agent. This may include a bachelors degree, depending on the agency you work for.

An online travel consultant does need to be accredited by a professional agency, such as the American Society of Travel Advisors, Cruise Lines International Association, or Travel Industry Designator Service. Online travel consultants should be proficient in direct sales and have a strong knowledge of travel destinations, booking software, and planning itineraries. You can work independently and connect and book with clients via a website and social media. But you can also act as an affiliate for an agency like Dream Vacations, Disney Travel Agent, or Trevello Travel Group. Data suggests that, "an online travel consultant makes $11.78-$33.89 an hour". Further research shared by Disney reports that "travel agents earn 10%+ commissions for every Disney vacation they book".

13. Offer In-Home Lessons

A lesson is teaching a certain subject at a specified time. Research suggests that "75% of students view a teacher as a mentor." A stay at home mom can make money by offering in-home lessons like online tutoring, freelance writing, music, and English online. To find clients, build a website and GBP. Promote your services on social media or advertise at schools and community centers in your area. You can join a company like Chegg, VIPKid, or TutorMe for free with a degree or TEFL certificate. According to Zip Recruiter, you can "make $23-$45 an hour, or $47,500-$95,000 a year". Further data from Diggitty Marketing suggests that an online tutor with multiple degrees can earn over $110,000 annually". 

14. Be A Weekend Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents make money selling and renting homes or buildings for clients. Zippia reveals that in 2024, "97% of home buyers look for homes for sale online". A weekend real estate agent is a flexible job and a way to make serious commissions. As a real estate agent, you arrange showings for buyers, negotiate with other realtors, inform clients about market conditions, and create contracts. To become a real estate agent in the USA, you need to meet the standard requirements, which include:

  • Take a pre-licensing course through a program like Aceable, Kaplan, or RealEstateU ($150-$1,500)
  • Write and pass a real estate exam ($50)
  • Complete a background check ($100)
  • Errors & Omissions Insurance ($600-applicable in most states)
  • Obtain your real estate license
  • Apply and become a member of NAR (Nation Association of Realtors)
  • Find a broker to work for and earn commissions on sales

ZipRecruiter states that "most part-time real estate agents make $28,500-$128,500 a year".

15. Sell Feet Pics Online

A picture is a digital image of something. Men's Health reports that "1 in 7 people have sexual fantasies involving feet or toes." Because of the large number of individuals with foot fetishes, there is a high demand for foot pics in 2024. To sell feet pics:

  1. Get your feet ready and see what the competition is posting.
  2. Build an online presence on social media, a YouTube channel, or a website. You can also connect with a platform like OnlyFans, FeetFinder, or DollarFeet.
  3. Set your prices and choose a secure method of payment.
  4. Take high-quality images and make money with your feet pics. 

Be safe. Post your pictures anonymously and use a VPN. Never expose your face or share personal details. Don't accept gifts and only agree to payments via a secure third-party site like PayPal or Google Pay. Get paid before you send your photos, and be aware of scams. Data says that "a foot pic can make $5-$20 each". 

16. Sell Clothes On Poshmark

Poshmark is a popular marketplace on the Internet where people buy and sell new and used clothes, electronics, home d├ęcor, etc. Research shares that "Poshmark had 21.3 million active users in 2021". Poshmark is free to use. To sell clothes on Poshmark, create an account and take pictures of the things you want to sell. Include a title, compelling description, and price. When an item sells, you package and ship it to the buyer and get paid.

In 2024, popular items to sell on Poshmark include T-shirts, leggings, sandals, and mini dresses or skirts. To make money with Poshmark, you need to sell items in good condition. There's a ton of competition. So, you need to use professional images and write keywords in your descriptions to stand out and land sales. Poshmark does charge a selling fee per sale price of 20%. But for items under $15, this fee is a flat rate of $2.95 per item. Data reveals that "the average seller on Poshmark earns around $500+ per month". However, further research states that "sellers who dedicate time and actively engage on the site can make $5,000+ a month".

17. Donate Plasma

Plasma is about 92% water and 55% of our blood. The fluid portion of the blood, plasma, contains vital proteins like albumin and gamma globulin, including fats, vitamins, and minerals. The Red Cross reports that "people can donate plasma 2Xs a week if there is 24 hours between each donation". To donate plasma, you must meet specific requirements, including 18-69 years of age, weighing at least 110 lbs., and passing a medical exam.

You can donate plasma for money in the USA through companies like BioLife Plasma, CSL Plasma, Grifols Plasma, Octapharma Plasma, or the Red Cross. Studies show that "the average plasma donor makes $360-$1,000 a month". Further data from Olgam Life states that "plasma donors can make $500 a month, up to $7,280 in NYC, and a staggering $10,400 for Florida residents".

18. Be A Secret Shopper

A secret shopper is someone a company or retailer employs to pose as a shopper and assess a store's customer service. JobMonkey advises that in 2024, "more than 8.1 million mystery shops were performed, resulting in a 10%+ market growth". As a secret shopper, your job is to travel to stores and pose as a regular shopper. Your employer might ask you to perform particular duties like:

  • Check the quality of customer service
  • Buy random or specific things
  • Examine the store's location
  • Write and submit reports outlining your findings

You can find secret shopper jobs on sites like Sinclair Customer Metrics, Market Force Information, and Mystery Shopping Service, which are free to join. Data shows that "the average secret shopper makes $8-$25+ a shop". Further studies by ZipRecruiter state that "the average pay for a secret shopper in the USA is $714 a week". 

19. Drive For Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex is a way to make money by delivering packages on a flexible schedule. Jungle Scout reveals that "the average daily sales revenue for Amazon is $1.4 billion". As a driver for Amazon Flex, you use your vehicle to deliver packages where you live. Amazon Flex is free to join; sign up and download the app. However, not all areas might accept drivers right now. But you can put your name on the waitlist, and Amazon will notify you when they are hiring where you live. 

Once hired, you reserve a block and commit to delivering parcels within the allotted time. Blocks range from 2-8 hours. However, you can sign up for more than one at a time or whenever you have time to work. Business Insider suggests that "most Amazon Flex drivers earn $18-$25 an hour". However, a Reddit user from Tampa said, "They made a two-week total of $2,341.50 in 38 hours".

20. Offer Tech Support

Tech support is a call center-like service where people help or troubleshoot any technical issues with a product like a phone, modem, software, or tablet for company users. Tidio shares research from Walker stating that "the expectations of customers grew 90% in 2020". A tech support person should know the product and its technology well. They also need to offer excellent customer service and have stellar communication skills. You can find job postings for online tech support on platforms like FlexJobs, ZipRecruiter, and LinkedIn. Or you can apply to tech companies that hire remote workers, such as Atlassian, Salesforce, Zapier, or Intel. Glassdoor indicates that "the average income in the USA for an online tech support agent is $44,507 yearly".

21. Sell Print On Demand Items

Print on demand (POD) is an online order fulfillment business model. You don't own inventory or need to store products; instead, you create the items you want to sell, and your associate business prints and ships them to the buyer. Printify reports that "most successful POD sellers earn a 40%-45% profit". To start making money with POD, connect with a platform like Printify, Vistaprint, MOO, or Spocket. Next, pick your product and customize it. Then, you can preview or sample.

When you're happy with the result, publish your creative and connect to sites like Shopify, Etsy, Wix, or WooCommerce. Use an established platform instead of your own website to get access to a ready-made audience of people ready to buy. Data reveals that "the most popular items to sell with print on demand in 2024 include long-sleeved shirts, mugs, tote bags, and hats". ZipRecruiter states that "the average print on demand from home individual earns about $4,639 monthly".

3 Ways To Attain An Optimal Work-Life Balance As A SAHM

1. Have Realistic Goals & Income Expectations

Set realistic goals around your income expectations. A goal is your desired result. How much money do you want to make? How much money do you need to make to be a comfortable stay at home mom? Research suggests that in the USA, "the average household income is $50,000-$90,000". The key is to start small. Then, as you build a client base or become more proficient with your gig and make more money, you can adjust your goals.

2. Find A SAHM Job You Like With Flexible Hours

Flexible hours let a stay at home mom adjust their workday and decide when they work. Yarooms shares that in 2024, "70% of businesses with 501-5,000 employees are executing flexible work policies". Look for a job you want and that inspires or interests you. As a result, it will feel less like work and instead be an outlet for you.

3. Designate A Work Space In Your Home For Your SAHM Job

A designated workspace is an area in your home explicitly designed as an office. According to the Census Bureau, "26% of American households have at least one remote worker". A designated workspace in your home for your SAHM job is a good way to set boundaries. But it also gives you the idea of your own space. A spare room would be an excellent space to work from home. However, if you don't have an extra room in your home, you can use dividers, furniture, or plants to observe your space. Then, add personal touches like a nice desk lamp, family photos, etc.

What Can A Stay At Home Mom Do For A Living?

A stay at home mom can make a living with online jobs like affiliate marketing, as a virtual assistant, by selling an online course, being a Pinterest VA, or completing paid surveys for a site like Survey Junkie. Pew Research indicates that in 2024, "26% of parents who stay home are women, while only 7% are men". For a living, a stay-at-home mom can run a home daycare or provide child care in their home before and after school, be part of a multi-level marketing company like Modere or Arbonne, or be a freelance graphic designer. Data shows that "a stay at home mom can make $14-$100+ an hour," depending on your job and how many hours a week you can work, which is enough to make a living in most states in 2024.

How Local Lead Generation Makes Passive Income For Stay At Home Moms In 2024

You can make money as a stay at home mom selling feet pics, testing mobile apps, or doing freelance work, but you're trading time for money. So you need to find time in your hectic schedule to devote to your side hustle. With lead generation, you make passive income. Of course, you have to do the legwork at the beginning and build and rank websites that hit the top of the SERPs.

But after your lead generation sites are at the top of the Google search engines, they're valuable digital real estate in front of people actively searching for the service you provide. Those sites produce leads you sell to a local business owner for $500-$3,000+ a month per site. 

Once your websites rank, they take minimal maintenance (10-15 hours a year) but continue to generate a passive income stream every month. You can build and rank small websites that offer one service in any location you want, in any country in the world. There's no limit to how many sites you build and rank. If you want to know how I'm making over $100,000 a month with lead gen, check out this local lead generation coaching program with over 7,000 students.

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