To make money as a stay at home mom in Canada, you can:

  • Own a lead generation business
  • Earn affiliate commissions
  • Flip services
  • Monetize a YouTube channel
  • Get cash back by scanning receipts

According to Statistics Canada, "50.9% of the total population in Canada are women aged 15 and older". Further data reports that "28% of mothers are stay at home moms in Canada". However, rising inflation, insane grocery prices, and constant rental increases are driving a busy mom to find ways to make some extra money. A study by Canadian Family found that "eliminating daycare costs is one of the deciding factors for moms who want to stay home."

For a stay at home mom who wants to earn an income, there are a few great job options to consider. suggests that "the average work-from-home salary in Canada in 2024 is $17.50 an hour or $34,125-$68,250 a year". Additional data states that "the average female salary in Canada is $32.44 hourly or $43,107-$108,879 annually". In this article, we covers 31 ideas on how to make money as a stay at home mom in Canada. We'll also share 5 distinct actions to take before you begin to ensure that you pick something that is both lucrative and suited to your lifestyle. 

1. Own A Local Lead Generation

Local lead generation is an online business idea focusing on owning digital assets. You build and rank websites in a local market that target one location and offer one service. Popular services to provide in Canada include snow removal, landscaping, drywall, and window cleaning. Once your websites are at the top of the Google search engines, they produce leads you sell to local business owners to secure passive income. Innovation, Science, and Economic Development report that in 2024, "there are 1.21 million small businesses in Canada".

Further data from Forbes reveals that "there are more than 33.2 million small businesses across North America". Connect with a business owner and sell your leads for profit margins between 85%-90%. You own the website, the tracking number, and the leads. At the top of the SERPs, you own valuable digital real estate that makes you money online. Each site takes 10-15 hours to build and around $500 to rank. Once your lead gen sites rank, they only need a little work (maybe 10 hours a year) and cost about $100 a year per site to maintain. So, you can stay home with your kids and still make $500-$3,000 per site a month.

2. Write A Blog

A blog is a website or webpage owned by a person or business that shares information conversationally and informally. Data suggests that "more than 4.2 million stay-at-home moms leverage blogging or other types of influencer marketing". To start a blog:

  1. Decide on your platform and host.
  2. Pick your niche, blog name, and domain.
  3. Set up and create your blog and publish posts regularly to build a following and get attention online.

You can earn an income as a mom blogger by creating a community. The key is to share valuable content to help your readers solve a problem, save time, or entertain them. Blogging is a great option and a home mom job for women who enjoy writing and are passionate about a topic.

You can make money writing a blog using affiliate links, Google AdSense, sponsored posts, network advertising, or selling digital products like an eBook or printables. Blogging isn't a get-rich-quick scheme; building a reputation takes time. But once you have an audience, data suggests that "bloggers in Canada make an annual income of $84,225-$137,005 a year". 

3. Earn Affiliate Commissions

Affiliate marketing is an online job where affiliates make commissions by advertising a brand's products or services. Canadians Internet suggests that "affiliate marketing is a multi-dimensional system that will reach its full potential in Canada by 2025". Affiliate marketing is a way for a home mom to make extra cash by sharing things they use every day. Promote items you believe in to build trust with your audience. To earn as an affiliate, choose a niche and traffic source like a website, social media account, or YouTube channel. Next, connect with affiliate programs.

Popular affiliate networks in Canada in 2024 include Lowes, Tidal, Indigo, Royal Canadian Mint, and Canadian Prescription Drugstore. Then, post valuable content and grow an audience. Engage with your readers and foster a community feel. ZipRecruiter suggests that "the average affiliate marketer in Canada makes $5,166-$33,333 a month or $62,000-$400,000 a year". However, affiliate marketing is competitive, and it takes patience, time, and consistency to get attention from the right people with your content. Pick a niche you know a lot about or products that you love so you'll stay motivated. 

4. Watch Videos Online

Videos are recordings of pictures that are digitally formatted onto a videotape. Research shows that in 2024, "a person watches around 17 hours of videos online every week". For women looking for home jobs to make an extra income, watching videos online can pay $0.05-$25 each. You can sign up to get paid to watch videos on platforms like Quick Rewards, Nielsen Homescan, Daily Rewards, and Swagbucks.

5. Utilize Online Earning Websites

An online earning website sends market research surveys to potential customers. A person can make money with online earning websites by signing up for relevant surveys. Online earning websites are a flexible job option that pays you to complete surveys and other specified tasks. Data says that "the average online survey takes about 20 minutes to complete". Paid surveys are a flexible job you can do around your busy schedule. Thrive My Way says, "the average monthly income from online earning websites is between $30 and $500". A working mom can sign up on sites like YouGov Canada, ySense, Toluna Canada, and Pawns to make some extra money.

6. Launch An Email-Based Business

An email is an electronic message shared on the Internet. HubSpot indicates that "77% of marketing experts saw an increase in engagement from emails". For a stay at home mom in Canada with a skill in persuasion and a knack for writing compelling headlines, this home job is the ideal side hustle. Your job is to help a brand promote its products or services. To launch an email-based business, decide on your client avatar. Who is your perfect customer? What products would you like to advertise? Next, outline clear goals for each campaign. Decide on a platform and build your email list. Then, write and test your email. Tweak what isn't working and track your open rates. You can find clients on LinkedIn, Facebook, or by cold emails. Adobe reports that "you can "make $100 a day with emails".

7. Do Freelance Jobs On Popular Platforms

A freelancer is self-employed and accepts remote work on a contractual or project-by-project basis. Freelance platforms are job sites that connect a business with independent experts to fill a temporary position or complete a specific project. Global Data shares data from Business Insider suggesting that "there are 2.7 million freelancers in Canada in 2024". Canada's most in-demand freelance services include freelance writers, web designers, social media managers, and Virtual Assistants.

To make money with freelance jobs, hone your soft skills like written and verbal communication, problem-solving skills, and collaboration. Create a portfolio of your existing talents to showcase why you would be an asset to a company. Then, share client reviews and testimonials on social media and networking platforms like LinkedIn. You can find freelance jobs on Workhoppers, Behance, Freelancer, and Upwork. According to, "the average freelancer in Canada makes $39.50 an hour or $48,734-$127,003 per year".

8. Be A Digital Flipper

Digital flipping is taking a job and outsourcing it to make a profit. For example, offer logo design services, then find a designer on a site like Fiverr who will do it for minimal cost. They do the work; you pay them, and you get paid a higher amount for the logo design. Data states that "there were 5.30 billion Internet users worldwide at the start of Q4 2023". A digital flipper is a remote job with minimal adult interaction, but it's a way to make money per service instead of by the hour. You can find digital services to flip on websites like and Master Resell Rights. Then, flip your digital services on sites like Sellfy,, and Gumroad. Research shows that "you can make $500-$3,000 a month as a digital flipper in Canada".

9. Publish On Amazon KDP

Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) is a site for self-publishing authors and a way to sell books to Amazon's vast audience instead of using a traditional publishing company. Amazon KDP can save you money and put your eBook, audiobook or online course in front of a ton of eyeballs. Jungle Scout reports that "in the last 5 years, self-published books have increased by 264%". To sell on Amazon KDP, you need to create an account and add your title. Next, set your language and enter your name and a description of your book.

Then, verify your publishing rights and pick the keywords that best represent the type of book and niche market you want to reach. Data says that "the most popular niche markets in 2024 include logbooks, accounting ledgers, and sports logbooks." However, Amazon KDP is competitive, so research and find topics that don't have a low level of competition and a high search volume. ZonGuru reveals that "an author on Amazon KDP can make $150-$20,000 a month". 

10. Search The Web

A subset of the Internet, the web comprises pages on the World Wide Web. First Guide reports "there are 198.4 million websites on the web that are active in 2024." Stay at home moms in Canada can find odd jobs by searching the web to make some extra money. You don't need a bachelors degree or formal education for this remote job and can earn $5-$100 a week. Popular options include Time Bucks, Microsoft Rewards, Honeygain, and Appen. You can also find freelance jobs for data research on sites like Upwork and Fiverr and make around $10 an hour for web searches. 

11. Monetize A YouTube Channel

YouTube is a site on the Internet where people can watch, upload, and share videos for free. Demand Sage states that, "YouTube generated $22.31 billion via advertising in 2023." However, you don't need to be a social media manager to make money with this social media platform. Instead, you can monetize a YouTube channel by creating videos people want to watch. Build a following and get attention from the right people. 

Then, you can capitalize on monetization strategies like YouTube Ads, affiliate links, paid sponsorship, or channel memberships. You can also sell merchandise or leverage YouTube's Super Features like Super Chat, Super Stickers, and Super Thanks. ZipRecruiter says that "the average YouTuber earns around $60,000 a year, $100 a day, or $29.05 an hour". Further data suggests that "a small YouTube can make about $3-$5 for every 1,000 video views with AdSense, or around $50-$100 monthly if they have social media accounts that get subscribers."

12. Test Websites

A website is a group of pages found under a domain created by a person or business. Forbes suggests that, "every 3 seconds, a new website is built". Testing websites is a way for moms to make some money from home. Website testers don't need any formal education. However, you should be proficient with software like Java or Apache JMeter. Find job opportunities on sites like UserTesting, TryMyUI, and uTest. You can "make $44,500-$105,500 a year testing websites", according to ZipRecruiter.

13. Flip Domains

A domain is a structure used on the Internet for organizing and delivering services. Diggitty Marketing states that, "globally, there are over 350 million domains registered". To flip domains, find a quality domain you know you can make better and resell for a profit. Next, register the domain name on the Internet and estimate the resale price. Then, improve its ranking and pick a platform to sell your domain. You can sell your domain on marketplaces like Flippa, Sedo, GoDaddy Auctions, or Grit Brokerage. Flipping domains takes practice and consistency. However, research says "the average beginner domain flipper earns $100-$10,000 per domain".

14. Provide Marketing Consulting Services

Marketing consulting services are provided by a professional or expert in a particular field. Zipdo suggests that "women hold 25% of the top global managerial positions in marketing consulting". Stay at home moms in Canada can offer freelance marketing consulting if they have the right training and relevant experience. The key is to position yourself as an expert in a specific niche. Next, create a solid online presence that includes a professional website, an optimized LinkedIn profile, and a business page on sites like Facebook. Then, promote your services at networking events, online groups, forums, and referrals. Research shows that "the average rate for a marketing consulting service in 2024 is $50-$200 an hour".

15. Offer Programming Services

Programming services are the design, creation, and maintenance of certain computer software or programs. Data states that "from 2018-2023, there was a 7.6% increase in demand for R programming language skills". Programming services are in high demand in Canada. For moms with experience in coding, UX/UI, devlops, or machine language, programming services are one of the best ways to make money online in Canada in 2024. You can find freelance and remote programming jobs on Jobminda, Indeed, and LinkedIn. Research indicates that "programmers make $45,406-$113,458 a year".

16. Start A Market Garden

Market gardens are small crops of vegetables, fruit, or flowers grown for resale. Review Moose says that "in 2020, the Canadian vegetable market made $1.83 billion." To start making money with a market garden, research and decide what you want to plant. The idea is to choose something you enjoy that is trending where you live. Start with a few crops and develop a plan with room for improvement and additional planting. Then, connect with local restaurants, apply to sell at farmers' markets, set up a stand, or talk to your local grocers.

You can also sell seedlings, house plants, or succulents online. Build a website on a selling platform like Shopify or Square Space. Then, advertise your business on social media, with a website, or use paid ads on Google. According to New Terra Natural Food, "the best high-income crops for a market garden include carrots and beets." Other vegetables that are easy to grow and sell well in Canada are zucchini, peas, tomatoes, and cucumbers. Data reveals that "you can make $1,000-$40,000 a year with a market garden".

17. Be An Airbnb Host

Airbnb is a physical bed and breakfast property the owner rents to overnight guests for stays and experiences. Data shows that "in 2022, 394 million global nights and experiences were booked on Airbnb". As an Airbnb host, you ensure your guests have essential household items like toilet paper, sheets, and towels. You must respond quickly to potential guests and visitors and never cancel a booking. The goal is to keep your quality rating high to get a steady stream of guests. To be an Airbnb host:

  1. Create an Airbnb account and list your property.
  2. Include compelling descriptions and photos that highlight the key features of your listing.
  3. Add your location, pricing, and additional information such as no smoking, kid-friendly, etc. 

Canadian Airbnb hosts are seeing outstanding profits from their rentals. Research shows that "the monthly revenue for a host in Canada in 2024 is $2,652.44". You can also list your rental on Airbnb competitor sites like VRBO and to get in front of more online traffic and maintain a steady income. 

18. Get Paid To Host a Dinner

A dinner host is a person who receives guests and prepares them a meal that caters to their culinary tastes. Studies indicate that "84% of adults would like to eat with their loved ones more regularly". For stay at home moms in Canada that love to cook, you can make and host dinners in your home or theirs. Canadian dinner favourites include barbecue, seafood, pasta, and ginger beef. Advertise your services with a website or on social media. Connect with people in your community at local events and Facebook groups. Data reports that you can "make $15.75-$18.43 or more an hour as an in-home cook".

19. Get Paid To Be A "Looker"

A "looker" is a gig job found on the We Go Look app for enterprise customers. The gig economy offers freelance and short-term contracts via the Internet. Team Stage suggests that "76% of gig freelancers are happy with their role". An app like We Go Look hires people with smartphones and a clean criminal record check to perform simple tasks and "look" for customers before they make a purchase.

The app employs licensed drone operators, diesel mechanics, real estate agents, or property adjustors. We Go Look is free to sign up. But if you accept a gig, you are expected to "look" within 24 hours. Your job is to take photos and videos or manage custom tasks and advise the platform of any concerns and specific details. We Go Look states that "people make $15-$30 a look, or $25-$200 per project, and each look takes around 20 minutes".

20. Become A Field Agent

A field agent works for the Field Agent app and is responsible for getting information about a particular product. Data advises that "almost 20% of full-time gig workers make an annual income of more than $100,000". To qualify as a field agent, you need to have a high school diploma or equivalent, a valid driver's license, reliable transportation, and know how to use a smartphone or tablet.

The app states that "sales and customer service experience are assets". To sign up, download the app and book a job. Field Agent checks your submission and pays you cash upon completion. Field agents are paid per task and are asked to complete jobs like checking prices, completing surveys, 'buys and try's', mystery shops, or scanning barcodes. The app reports that "they pay their agents $21.86 an hour, and agents are paid within 24 hours of completing an assignment".

21. Get Cash Back By Scanning Your Receipts

A receipt is an official documentation that proves a financial purchase or monetary transaction. Statistics reveal that "73% of consumers are buying more retail products based on deals, brand-funded scanned rebates and other offers". To start making money by scanning receipts as a stay at home mom in Canada, sign up on cashback apps like Rakuten, Drop, or Checkout 51. Next, snap photos of your grocery and retail receipts and upload them onto the app or website.

Then, the platform pays you a percentage of your total bill. You can also leverage post-receipt apps that offer a set amount of cash back when you shop at one of their partner retailers. Popular options for receipt apps include Caddle, Receipt Hog, and Dollar Dig. You won't make millions scanning receipts. But over time, your savings will add up and accumulate and make you some extra cash.

22. Have A Yard Sale

A garage sale is an event where a person sells items they no longer need from their home. CPA reports that "85% of Canadians purchase things second-hand". To make money with a garage sale, have items people want to buy, like power tools and dishes, books, jewelry, sporting equipment, and children's toys and clothing. Price things to sell without devaluing them. Instead, follow the 10%-20% rule. (Price your items no higher than 20% of their current retail value). Label every item individually and be ready to negotiate to get the best price and still sell your stuff. Position your big-ticket items at the front and make sure your things are clean and showcased in the best way. You can earn $500-$1,000+ by having a garage sale. The things that don't sell can be listed on sites like eBay, Facebook Marketplace, or Posh to make even more money.

23. Listen To Music For Cash

Music is vocal or instruments mixed to create harmonious expressions of emotion and entertain people". According to Drive Research, "78% of people listen to music online". You can listen to music for cash on Playlist Push!, Radio Earn, Pawns, and Mixkit. To start making money listening to music, join a network and wait for approval. Most platforms are 100% free to join. Once approved, you can review songs and get paid to grow your list. You can make $0.02-$15 per song.

24. Get Paid To Be A Friend

A friend is someone with common interests you enjoy spending time with and communicating with in person, via text, or online. A virtual friend is someone you have an online relationship with and interact with via the Internet. Studies show that, "76% of people on the Internet are active in an online community". You can get paid to be a friend online if you're outgoing and enjoy chatting with people.

Of course, you must know how to set boundaries and be clear about the client-friend relationship. To make money being someone's friend, sign up on platforms like Rent A Friend, Friend PC, and Outschool. To be approved as a virtual friend, you need to be over 18 years old and not have any sexual or convicted felonies. Signing up and creating a profile is free. Research confirms that "you can make $10-$50 an hour to be someone's friend".

25. Recycle Your Old Mobile Devices

A mobile device is a portable electronic object you can connect to the Internet. Statistique Canada reports that "84% of Canadians own a mobile device". You can make money recycling mobile devices on platforms like Smartphone Recycling, Switchy, Fonelab, and Gizmo Grind. Check out the value and get an immediate market price, then list your devices and get paid. Of course, the make and model, its condition, and current supply versus demand will determine how much you can earn with old mobile devices. However, data states that, "you can make $50-$400 selling old phones, tablets, and other mobile devices in Canada".

26. Buy Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that uses verified transactions and a decentralized system on the Internet. RankFi says that in 2024, "13% of Canadians own cryptocurrency". Seven public crypto exchanges in Canada are registered with FINTRAC, including Bitbuy, Coinsmart, Coinbase, and Wealthsimple. Canadians can buy crypto online or at select ATMs. To start buying crypto, choose your exchange and deposit. Next, buy bitcoins. Then, you can sit, hold, sell, and trade them when they're high to make a profit.

To keep yourself and your investment safe, check your registration before you buy. Keep your money secure by purchasing a Bitcoin wallet on free websites or apps like Coinbase, Kraken, and BitBuy. Popular currencies include Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Binance Coin (BNB). How much you make buying crypto depends on your investment, supply and demand, market trends, and when you choose to sell.

27. Crowd-Fund Real Estate

Crowd-funding is an online venture designed to raise a substantial amount of money from multiple investors who each contribute a small amount. A survey shared by Royal LePage indicates that "almost 11% of Canadians are investing in residential real estate in 2024". You can make money investing in crowd-funding real estate projects by joining networks like Nexus Crowd, Willow, and Addy Invest. However, most platforms require you to invest at least $500-$100,000.

As an investor, you earn passive income and make between 2%-20%. Crowd-funding real estate is a way to enter the market without much capital or risk. However, seeing a steady return can take 1-10 years. In Canada, legislation around crowd-funding differs from province to province. So, to protect yourself and your money, ensure regulations align in all locations.

28. Trade Futures

Futures are contracts where a person agrees to purchase or sell a specific asset or security at a set date in the future for a particular price. Futures trading uses a broker to create a document stating traders must buy or sell a specific asset at a future date. To start making money trading futures, learn the business model and choose the futures market you want to trade in. Pick your platform and create an account. Next, you can go 'long or short' when you set your trade. Then, place your stops and limits and continue to track your position to ensure you're not losing money.

Futures trading platforms assist investors and are where you assess brokers. In Canada, popular trading platforms include Interactive Broker, TD Ameritrade, and TradeStation. Most platforms require a minimum amount to start trading ($100+). The goal of futures trading is to buy contracts at a low price to generate a profit when the cost of the commodity increases. For example, if you hold shares in a business worth Rs. 1500 and the current price at Rs. 1700, you can sell at futures of 1710 to make a profit of Rs. 210.

29. Buy Penny Stocks

Penny stocks have a value of less than $1 and usually trade for under $5 a share. To start making money with penny stocks:

  1. Open an account with a brokerage like Questrade, Qtrade, Wealthsimple, or CIBC Investor's Edge that buys and sells penny stocks.
  2. Purchase your stocks and sign the risk disclosure agreement.
  3. Ensure that you're not charged commissions.

The top markets for penny stocks in Canada include cannabis, technology, pharmaceutical, and oil and gas. Learn as much as you can about trading penny stocks. This money-making suggestion is risky; you will lose money if you don't know what you're doing. However, it is possible to earn cash with penny stocks. 

30. Invest In Peer-To-Peer Lending

Peer-to-peer lending is an online option for a person or business to lend money directly to a borrower without a banking institution. Insider Intelligence reports that, "one-third of Canadians used mobile P2P payments". To become a P2P investor:

  1. Open an account with a lending platform like GoPeer, Lending Loop, and Reddit.
  2. Decide how much you want to invest and the interest rate you want to get.
  3. Pick the length of your investment. 

Peer-to-peer lending is an attractive way to make passive income because the model boasts much higher returns than banks or the stock market (8%-12%+). However, they also face a higher risk that a borrower won't repay the loan and could lose money. 

31. Stream On Twitch

Twitch is a live streaming platform that shares interactive content, gaming, sports, entertainment, and music. Statista states that "as of October 2023, there were around 6.89 million streamers on Twitch". Twitch is free to join, and you can start making money with streaming by setting up an account and broadcasting on the platform. The idea is to grow an audience of loyal followers. Then, you can make money with things like the Twitch affiliate program, sponsorships, and by selling merchandise. Data shows that "the average Twitch streamer in Canada makes $2,643-$18,580 a month".

5 Distinct Actions To Take Before You Begin

1. Assess The Earning Potential

Before you begin, assess the earning potential. Is this a stay-at-home job for moms that offers a decent salary? Will it be enough to cover the earmarked expenses for your extra income? Evaluate your family finance level and know how much you need to make to stay home comfortably.

You can afford to stay home with your children in Canada if you estimate your baseline spending on work-specific expenses like daycare, the daily commute, and work clothes. Next, determine how much your at-home expenses will be. Can your current income cover your bills? Then, decide if it's financially worth staying home with your kids or if you need to enter the workforce.

2. Determine How Long It Will Take You To Make Money 

Is there a lot of competition in the job market you want to pursue? Is there a ton of job listings? When you get a job, will the work be steady or sporadic? reports, "It can take 3-12 months to start making money as a freelancer in Canada". So, find something you can start now, offering regular hours to make money fast.

3. Find The Best Platforms To Use

Decide on your niche and check out platforms catering to that job market. For example, if you want to offer freelance copywriting services, check out a platform like BloggingPro, Upwork, or iWriter that is dedicated to copywriting jobs. According to Webinarcare, "in the last few years, 71% of freelancers could get more work if they used online platforms.

4. Get The Right Tools

Set yourself up for success and learn to use tools like Slack, Asana, Zoom, and Dropbox. Develop processes to streamline your workload and stay connected with employers. Then, you present yourself as a professional, which helps you stay organized and saves time and money. G2 suggests that "most freelancers work with 2-4 projects at once."

5. Dial In On Your Strategy

To make the most money with your stay-at-home job, develop a strategy. The key is to specialize in a specific niche. Who is your ideal client? What services will you offer? What is your unique selling proposition? Data states that "61% of freelancers are experts in 2-3 areas". Next, decide on your prices. Will you charge hourly or per project? Then, advertise and market yourself online with a website or LinkedIn profile on social media and other freelance platforms.

Is It Worth It To Be A Stay At Home Mom? 

It's worth it to be a stay at home mom in Canada if you can afford it or find a job you can do at home that is satisfying and gives you an additional income stream. Gitnux suggests that "42% of stay at home moms have less stress and feel happier than 36% of moms who work outside of the home". Further studies show "benefits for children whose moms stay home, such as less stress and aggression." Stay at home moms have more control over their children's upbringing. Data reveals that "60% of Canadian parents feel that having a stay at home parent is the best choice for children".

How The Local Lead Generation Business Makes Money For Stay At Home Moms In Canada

Local lead generation makes money for stay at home moms in Canada by creating digital wealth. Side hustles and freelancing are a way to make extra cash, but they're often sporadic, and you face high levels of competition and unreliable earnings. According to Tech Report, "Upwork had about 2,164,174 freelancers in 2019 but no longer share current data".

With lead generation, you own digital real estate that generates a steady monthly income stream. Statistics Canada's Census shows "over 900,000 single postal codes in Canada in 2024". Each represents a local market and an opportunity to build and rank a website offering a specific service in that area. You can create as many lead gen sites as you want in any city. Get those websites to the top of Google, and they earn passive income.

Grand rapids tree service local lead gen site

Take this site above. I built this lead generation property in 2015, and it's been making me $2,000 a month since. That's a total revenue of $192,000, and it cost me less than $500 to get it to the top of the SERPs. This site is only one of over 80 I own, and how I make a passive income of $100,000 a month. Check out this local lead generation coaching program if you're interested in learning how to start a lead generation business and make money as a stay at home mom in Canada.

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