September 26, 2023

‘Are you closing or getting closed?', there’s no in-between option. You either close the sale or lose it entirely. Gentry Chidester is a high-ticket closing coach. He teaches how to remotely sell premium-priced products and services. Gentry classifies high-ticket sales as anything that costs more than $1K. Some examples are luxury travel, high-end gadgets, and renovation services. The biggest high-ticket sale he made was $250k in a single transaction. 

Gentry's Elite Closers is a program made for sales reps who want to make an additional $50k to $60k monthly income. Elite Closers make $5K to $30 monthly. Top closers make up to $60k. Newbies without sales experience are also welcome to join. Elite Closers help you overcome 4 common sales objections. These are confidence in the product/service, timing and logistics, spouse support, and initial investment. Elite Closers only discloses the price of the program in the 1-hour discovery call. Some online reviews say it’s $10K, and it's also offered in installments. Seems like they practice what they preach in getting sign-ups for the course. Inside Elite Closers, students get 

30 to 40 days of intensive sales training, 

private Facebook community and, 

one-on-one personalized coaching calls.

Chidester is not new to the online space. He's the brother and senior advisor of Elite CEO's Tanner Chidester. He became a sales rep by chance and made a name in the industry by choice.

Gentry didn't grow up rich. He is one of seven kids and was born to a middle-class family in Friendswood, Texas. His dad was a teacher. Gentry was studying to become a doctor. He was a molecular biology student when his girlfriend got pregnant when he was 21. Because of this, he had to forego his dream to make a bigger income as a salesman. From there, he worked as a sales representative for Comcast Internet. He also worked as an assistant for 3 years at Bergson Chiropractic. His sales career led him to become the assistant sales manager of Great Harvest Bread Co. Gentry has a strong sales background and is experienced in both door-to-door and remote selling. He launched Elite Closers in 2021, while also managing a 7-figure sales team. He made over $35M from his high-ticket consultations, and the business is still growing. 

Elite Closers and the High-Ticket Sales Mentorship Business Model 

High-ticket selling takes a consultative approach. As a high-ticket closer, your goal is to help the customer find the perfect option while addressing pain points. What I like about this course is that it focuses on consultative selling rather than hard selling. This is a crucial skill in high-ticket sales. Gentry emphasizes the importance of listening when handling objections. 

Another thing I like about Elite Closers is that they guarantee job placement. So, you’re going to get something out of your investment. Gentry connects you with a company that’s gonna hire you as a high-ticket closer. Elite Closers is a great investment. It will give you the skill set that repays you for the rest of your life. There are no pre-made scripts, unlike the typical sales programs. Gentry teaches how to pitch a plan based on the customer's needs. 

What I don’t like about Elite Closers is that you’ll be spending a lot of time making calls. It’s a full-time job that's going to take up most of your time. To achieve 7 figures, you need to make at least 7 good calls daily. Spending at least an hour with your potential client. Getting stuck in a selling routine 7 days a week can lead to burnout. Staying motivated is a big challenge. 

High-ticket closers are in demand. Whether you're planning to work for a company or selling your own high-ticket products, it's going to make good money. A Call Hippo report says that 30% of leads don’t get follow-up calls. High-ticket calls have an 80% conversion rate. Elite Closers' method taps on customers who touched base with the brand. It's a cost-efficient approach because getting a new customer costs 5% to 25% more. 

Overall, Elite Closers is a great course, and Gentry is one of the best high-ticket-selling coaches. The job placement guarantee is the best part. It's not offered by other similar courses. The biggest challenge of this biz is finding a work-life balance. You need to dedicate 8 hours of your day to making sales calls. This cycle could leave you drained and unmotivated. Gentry shifted from doing sales calls to mentorship. He knew the high-ticket closer job would lead to burnout. There's good income potential here, but it's only short-term. If you're looking for a long-term passive income, try local lead generation. You build websites, rank them, and earn from them. It's passive, long-term, and sustainable. 

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