September 26, 2023

‘Are you closing or getting closed?', there’s no in-between option. You either close the sale or lose it entirely. Gentry Chidester is a high-ticket closing coach. He teaches how to remotely sell premium-priced products and services. Gentry classifies high-ticket sales as anything that costs more than $1K. Some examples are luxury travel, high-end gadgets, and renovation services. The biggest high-ticket sale he made was $250k in a single transaction. 

As a stay-at-home mom, juggling kids and a side hustle while maintaining a clean home, I need a low-maintenance but quick-income biz. Gentry Chidester has a business opportunity that he claims can generate a lucrative income through high ticket closing. He says this biz is suitable for beginners, but is it really? This Gentry Chidester review tells you everything you need to know about this rags-to-riches sales closer. I’ll also reveal if his income claims are realistic (or exaggerated) based on recent industry statistics. 

Gentry's Elite Closers is a program made for sales reps who want to make an additional $50k to $60k monthly income. Elite Closers make $5K to $30 monthly. Top closers make up to $60k. Newbies without sales experience are also welcome to join. Elite Closers help you overcome 4 common sales objections. These are confidence in the product/service, timing and logistics, spouse support, and initial investment. Elite Closers only discloses the price of the program in the 1-hour discovery call. Some online reviews say it’s $10K, and it's also offered in installments. Seems like they practice what they preach in getting sign-ups for the course. Inside Elite Closers, students get

30 to 40 days of intensive sales training, 

private Facebook community and, 

one-on-one personalized coaching calls.

Chidester is not new to the online space. He's the brother and senior advisor of Elite CEO's Tanner Chidester. He became a sales rep by chance and made a name in the industry by choice.

Gentry didn't grow up rich. He is one of seven kids and was born to a middle-class family in Friendswood, Texas. His dad was a teacher. Gentry was studying to become a doctor. He was a molecular biology student when his girlfriend got pregnant when he was 21. Because of this, he had to forego his dream to make a bigger income as a salesman. From there, he worked as a sales representative for Comcast Internet. He also worked as an assistant for 3 years at Bergson Chiropractic. His sales career led him to become the assistant sales manager of Great Harvest Bread Co. Gentry has a strong sales background and is experienced in both door-to-door and remote selling. He launched Elite Closers in 2021, while also managing a 7-figure sales team. He made over $35M from his high-ticket consultations, and the business is still growing.

Elite Closers and the High-Ticket Closing Business Model 

High-ticket selling takes a consultative approach. As a high-ticket closer, your goal is to help the customer find the perfect option while addressing pain points. What I like about this course is that it focuses on consultative selling rather than hard selling. This is a crucial skill in high-ticket sales. Gentry emphasizes the importance of listening when handling objections. 

Another thing I like about Elite Closers is that they guarantee job placement. So, you’re going to get something out of your investment. Gentry connects you with a company that’s gonna hire you as a high-ticket closer. Elite Closers is a great investment. It will give you the skill set that repays you for the rest of your life. There are no pre-made scripts, unlike the typical sales programs. Gentry teaches how to pitch a plan based on the customer's needs. 

What I don’t like about Elite Closers is that you’ll be spending a lot of time making calls. It’s a full-time job that's going to take up most of your time. To achieve 7 figures, you need to make at least 7 good calls daily. Spending at least an hour with your potential client. Getting stuck in a selling routine 7 days a week can lead to burnout. Staying motivated is a big challenge. 

High-ticket closers are in demand. Whether you're planning to work for a company or selling your own high-ticket products, it's going to make good money. A Call Hippo report says that 30% of leads don’t get follow-up calls. High-ticket calls have an 80% conversion rate. Elite Closers' method taps on customers who touched base with the brand. It's a cost-efficient approach because getting a new customer costs 5% to 25% more. 

Gentry Chidester Review On YouTube

Free Affiliate Marketing Business is a channel that reviews course creators and digital products. It also promotes an affiliate course called Free Affiliate Marketing Business. This channel has 4.08K subscribers and has uploaded over 400 videos, collectively watched over 239,000 times.  

Ivan of Free Affiliate Marketing Business reviews Gentry Chidester and his Elite Closers course. He starts by saying the program is not a scam and it offers a comprehensive training on high-ticket closing. However, he cautions viewers that Gentry is not transparent about the costs of the program, and it could be too expensive for beginners on a budget. Ivan also warned that high-ticket closing is a full-time job and might not be suitable for people looking for a passive income source. 

Is High Ticket Closing A Reliable Online Biz?

High ticket closing may generate a lucrative income, but it’s inconsistent and unstable. Although Elite Closers guarantees a job placement, the value and consistency of the commissions you make are still up to you. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is also another challenge of high ticket closing. You need to dedicate at least 8 hours of your day to making sales calls if you want to reach 6 figures or more like Gentry. This biz doesn’t give you time freedom, and it’s even more draining than a 9-to-5 job. Even Gentry shifted from closing high-ticket sales to selling online courses. There's an income potential here, but it's only short-term.

If you're looking for a long-term passive income, try local lead generation. This business model builds and ranks websites that generate income on autopilot. Unlike high-ticket closing, your income doesn’t depend on the number of sales calls you close. As the owner of digital assets, you earn continuous income from rented digital properties. Sites that are ranked on top of Google generate leads that can be sold at 85% margins. And, since it’s a low-maintenance biz, you don’t have to spend 8 hours or more a day to maintain your digital properties. Once the sites are ranked on the SERPs, you barely need to touch them. 

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