February 14, 2024

“You’re the capital partner, we’re the workforce”. Vladyslav Varizhuk offers a full e-commerce automation service that covers the A to Z of digital store creation and operation. He even shows the back office of a Walmart seller center of one of his clients. In the video, he showed that the sales of his client skyrocketed after availing of their automation service. He warns the audience that if you’re trying to get into e-commerce, you better get an expert (a.k.a him) to guide you. If you don’t take his advice, you’ll likely have very low sales and eventually quit. 

As a stay-at-home mom, juggling kids and a side hustle while maintaining a clean home, I need a low-maintenance but quick-income biz. Vlad’s investment offer is enticing for moms like me who want to start an online store but don’t have enough time to set up and launch. If you’re looking into Enopoly Automation’s income potential and legitimacy, then read along. This review covers all you need to know about the program, its creator, and credibility. I’ll also answer if it’s a good business opportunity for stay-at-home moms who are looking for a business they can handle while minding the household. 

Enopoly Automation is a full-service e-commerce automation company that builds, runs, and scales profitable e-commerce stores. What’s unique about Enopoly Automation is that it’s not exclusive to Amazon automation. Their service covers other ecom platforms like Walmart, eBay, and Facebook Marketplace. Vlad says they offer an all-in-one business solution. He and his team do everything from designing the store to optimizing listings and managing inventory. Enopoly Automation streamlines the product research process using a digital tool. So, finding profitable products on Amazon and eBay is just a few clicks away. 

Vladyslav Varizhuk is an E-commerce store owner and the founder of Enopoly Automation. He moved to the U.S. during his childhood in search of better opportunities. According to his LinkedIn, he went to Indian River State College in Florida’s Treasure Coast region where he earned his pre-medicine degree in physical therapy. He also claims to be a certified forklift operator, but it isn’t stated whether he worked in construction or owned the company. He briefly did boxing as a sport and for a living until an unfortunate heart condition stopped him. This event led to depression and paved the way for his discovery of the e-commerce business model. Since then, he’s been making millions through his digital stores. By 2015, he was confident enough to launch Enopoly Automation LLC, which automates the creation of eBay, Amazon, and Walmart stores. 

Enopoly Automation and the E-commerce Automation Business Model

Vlad highlights his students’ success stories on social media. He also seems to be very knowledgeable about the ecom automation business. A recent post on Enopoly’s Instagram shows physical offices and warehouses that were built to service automation clients. Vlad claims that Enopoly is among the fastest-growing distribution companies in the United States. He backs it up with evidence showing his growing Philippine-based team. His recent trip to the Philippines, which shows his big workforce, proves he has an operational business with real people in the background. It’s a unique content for a course creator to upload on social media. And it makes his business claims more believable. 

Despite the substantial social media following and success claims, Enopoly Automation only has one Trustpilot review. This lone review was posted on August 2023, and it praises the Enopoly team for exceeding projections. There’s also a handful of client testimonials uploaded on Vlad’s YouTube channel. One of which is the story of Vicky from Arizona, a woman in her retirement years. She bought a Facebook dropshipping store in April 2022, which was doing badly in sales. When she joined Enopoly, she only had $15,000 in working capital. Vlad used this to switch her Facebook store to an Amazon store, and she started seeing the difference in her sales. Vicky said it was easy for her to ask questions because she could just WhatsApp Vlad and his team anytime she needed answers. 

Not all Enopoly Automation reviews are positive. I found a complaint by a student who said the support “disappeared into thin air” when his Amazon account got suspended. He also pointed out the horrible customer service and poor communication inside the program because most aspects of the business were outsourced. This commenter also said that the team has no proper management which is apparent in the constant turnover of their employees. He warns people to stay away from Enopoly Automation because they have caused him stress since he bought the program in February 2021. 

Negative review on Enopoly Automation.

Enopoly Automation Review On YouTube

Aaron Chen reviews Enopoly Automation and answers if Amazon automation can make you a successful online entrepreneur. His straightforward answer is no, it likely can’t. He said it’s a high-end business that needs at least $30,000 upfront capital, so it’s not affordable for everyone. Vlad also takes a portion of the revenue, which further reduces your income. For the $30K package, you’ll split profits with him 50-50. The $40K package entitles you to a bigger revenue share of 60-40, and the $50K package gives you the biggest profit share of 70-30. He suggests exploring other business models because Enopoly Automation is too risky and complicated. 

Is Enopoly Automation A Good Fit For Moms?

Enopoly Automation can be a good fit for moms who have the capital to start and scale an automated e-commerce store. However, I wouldn’t recommend it for retirees and moms who have limited capital to invest. It’s too risky to bet your retirement or life savings on ecom automation because there’s no guarantee of making a profit with the business. E-commerce store automation is capital-intensive. On top of the course cost, you also need to pay for inventory and other seller fees. Amazon, for example, charges a 15% standard fee based on the product’s list price. Walmart Marketplace charges 6% to 15% depending on the product’s category. eBay usually charges 13.25% (sometimes lower) plus $0.30 per item sold. There’s also an Amazon fulfillment fee of at least $3.22, depending on the product size and category. The seller shoulders the storage fees, which usually starts at $0.87 for regular items in non-peak months. 

Enopoly Automation may only generate a minimal income for the investor. If anyone’s getting rich with this system, it’s definitely Vlad. Aside from his income from the automation packages, he also takes a hefty share of his client’s revenue (from 30% to 50%). The Amazon business operates on low profit margins to keep its competitive pricing. It's only between 15% to 20% according to ZonGuru. It's relatively low considering all the fees you need to pay as the ecommerce seller. Enopoly Automation might offer a decent service. However, the high course price, high upfront capital, various seller fees, and profit-sharing scheme will make you wonder if it’s a worthy investment. 

My recommendation is a business model that’s less risky and a lot less complicated than e-commerce automation. It’s called local lead generation. This business builds digital assets like websites and ranks them on Google. The goal is to create many of these ranked digital assets and generate passive income from them. Unlike e-commerce, you don’t have to keep inventory and manage logistics. You also keep 100% of your profits and you don’t need to pay recurring seller fees. It’s a low-capital business that only needs about $500 to start. Local lead gen is the best passive income opportunity out there because everything is done over the web, and there’s no physical inventory. This biz is suitable for beginners and even for stay-at-home moms. 

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