November 8, 2023

Kamil casually launches a 9-hour free video training at the end of every year that other gurus sell for thousands of dollars. That’s how you know he’s the Ecom King. And then he upsells you to his mentorship and consultancy programs that cost at least $1450 per hour. 

Ecom King is Kamil Sattar’s umbrella academy of mentorship programs that teaches Shopify dropshipping and other e-commerce strategies. Kamil founded this mentorship and consulting business in December 2017. The 9-hour dropshipping course is free but if you want to get one-on-one consultation with Kamil, you’ll pay him $700 for 30 mins and $1,450 for an hour. You can also get exclusive mentorship for $5,000. All students and mentees are invited to an exclusive Facebook group, the Ecom King & Queens Mastermind. It has 19.1K members as of writing. the 

Mohammed Kamil Sattar is a British businessman more popularly known as the Ecom King. He was born on May 10, 1999, and grew up in England, United Kingdom. His LinkedIn says he went to Shrewsbury College to study International Business but eventually dropped out. Kamil had a few brushes with the police in his younger years for getting into fights in bars. His perspective changed when he read Robert Kiyosaki’s book Cashflow Quadrant. This prompted him to research ways of making money online and turn his life around. Fast forward, he became the youngest member of the Forbes Business Council at 20 years old. His businesses were doing so well that he makes over 5 million dollars every year from his 6 e-commerce companies including his clothing brands Sole et Al and Fadcloset. Kamil is also quite an online celebrity. He has over half a million YouTube subscribers and 80K Instagram followers. Ecom King’s YouTube channel has over 430 videos and at least 5 more are added monthly. Kamil Sattar’s life and business success have been featured on some big news channels like Daily Mail, Business Insider, LadBible, and London Daily Post. 

In photo: The Ecom King in Timesquare, New York 

Ecom King: Shopify Dropshipping and Private Label 

The Ecom King has many good reviews online. A YouTuber, Mikey Again, shares this experience with Ecom King’s free drop-shipping course. The course is almost 9 hours long and it contains detailed e-commerce strategies that other gurus would sell for thousands of dollars. This review gained 208K views. People in the comments agree that Ecom King gives the most detailed free content online. Kamil’s strategy involves finding products on TikTok by searching “TikTok made me buy” and “Amazon finds”. He also teaches how to use tools like to find winning products. What I like about the course is that it gives criteria on when to turn off ad groups. This will help you minimize your loss on unsuccessful ads and refocus your resources on the ones that work. 

This YouTuber followed every step taught by Kamil in his free training. But even after spending $100 per day on ads, he only made one sale in four days. He also noticed that his ad spending increased as the number of site visitors increased, but those visits didn’t lead to sales either. Kamil emphasized many times that the key to success in Shopify dropshipping is finding and selling trendy products. Picking a winning product is a costly trial and error process. That’s why Kamil promotes his one-on-one mentorship to give you personalized advice on building a Shopify store. But mentorship from the Ecom King isn’t cheap. Prepare to pay $700 for 30 minutes of consultation with Kamil Sattar. You can also opt for mentorship that costs $5,000. It’s a hefty price to pay for pieces of advice that may or may not work for you. 

Drop shipping is a profitable business. The industry is already worth $222.46 billion, and growing at a 28.4% annual rate according to GlobalNewswire. There’s income opportunity in dropshipping, but the market is also getting saturated. Yaguara estimates that there are over 24 million e-commerce stores in the world. And most of them are using the drop shipping business model. Another issue with dropshipping is its slim margins. Kamil estimates that it’s only between 10% to 30%. He also revealed that the best way to make money with e-commerce is to private label trendy products and create a brand. This increases profit margins to 25% to 40%. 

Although a thriving industry with lots of income potential, drop shipping has a high failure rate. AppScenic reports that 90% of drop shippers fail. One of the biggest issues that new drop shippers struggle with is sourcing the right suppliers. 84% of retailers say this is their biggest challenge. Another obvious issue with drop shipping is finding the right products. Mikey Again’s trial run proves that it’s challenging to find the products that sell. Starting and scaling a dropshipping store takes time, effort, and funds for the paid ads. Mikey spent 9 hours watching the modules, 8 hours finding products, 4 days building the website, and 4 days running paid ads and only made a single sale out of all that effort. To be fair, he could have made additional sales if he continued running his ads. Which would have also cost him a few hundred dollars more. 

Overall, I think it’s still worth watching Ecom King’s 9-hour training, after all, it’s free. But the paid consultation and mentorship, I would think twice. One-on-one consultation and mentorship from Kamil are very expensive. It could be worth it if you have a Shopify store running and you just need his advice on scaling and optimizing your biz. But as a start-up Shopify store, I doubt if you need an expensive consultation like this. Drop-shipping is trial and error, and it’s always hit-and-miss. If you're looking for consistent passive income, you can't find it here. Kamil Sattar’s high-end consultation will probably give you great insights, but the fate of your store is still mostly up to you. 

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