November 11, 2023

It’s not just a course, but a full e-commerce training center. Franklin Hatchett proudly shows that his students made a combined total sale of over three million dollars. And he’s just getting started. He’s going all out to tell you that Ecom Elites is the best $200 you’ll ever spend. But can you really expect valuable training from one of the cheapest dropshipping courses out there? 

As a stay-at-home mom, juggling kids and a side hustle while maintaining a clean home, I need a low-maintenance but quick-income biz. Ecom expert Franklin Hatchett offers a $200 course which he guarantees could make you thousands of dollars in monthly income. But is this Shopify dropshipping training the best course for stay-at-home moms? This Ecom Elites review covers the inclusions of the program, its online reputation, the claims of the creator, and his background. In the end, I’ll answer if this biz model is recommended for moms based on students’ feedback and recent industry statistics. 

Ecom Elites is a cheap dropshipping course that teaches how to build your first profitable store in under 30 days. The course has 10 modules, including lessons on traffic generation, product sourcing, email marketing, chatbot marketing, traffic building, and driving organic traffic. The standard package costs $197 onetime payment, while the ultimate package costs $297. Ultimate includes extra lessons like step-by-step funnel creation, Google ads, DFY 7-figure funnel, plus two top-selling books. There’s also a private Facebook community where Franklin replies to questions daily and uploads a new video weekly. Ecom Elites has a 30-day refund period if you’re not satisfied with what you’re getting. 

Franklin Hatchett is a top ecom expert and the creator of Ecom Elites from Auckland, New Zealand. There’s nothing on his LinkedIn about his educational background and work experience. What we know is that he started his online career by building and ranking sites. Franklin discovered dropshipping in 2009 and used Facebook ads to make 7 figures. He also explored software creation and founded Online Dimes, a free resource blog. He became an affiliate marketer after that. But the company he was an affiliate for closed and he was back to square one. So how did he start Ecom Elites? According to Franklin, Ecom Elites was supposed to be an informal training center for his friends who wanted to learn Shopify dropshipping from him. His purpose for Ecom Elites is not just to create learning materials but to guide new drop shippers to build profitable online stores through a supportive community of enthusiastic online entrepreneurs. 

Ecom Elites and Shopify Dropshipping

I did some digging on Reddit to see what people say about this two-hundred-dollar course, and I’m pretty impressed. One reviewer said it’s the best $200 he ever spent. Another one commended Franklin for the value he’s giving to the private mastermind. Per the reviewer, Franklin spends time and effort in answering the queries of his students. This shows he is true to his word, and he goes beyond just creating learn-for-yourself courses. Some negative reviews say the course is all theoretical stuff. But theoretical isn’t bad either. Overall, there are more positive reviews than negative ones. It’s one of the few legit affordable courses I’ve reviewed so far. 

Ecom Elites give you your money’s worth. That’s why it’s one of the top choices for learning how to dropship on Shopify. Ecom Elites offer valuable training and mentorship at a very reasonable price. Other ecom coaches would sell courses like this for at least a thousand dollars. But you can only get it at $197 from Ecom Elites. Franklin is true to his word. He doesn’t just sell pre-recorded videos, he’s actively involved in the growth and development of his students. As a Shopify drop shipper himself, Franklin knows how to grow a store through marketing strategies that work. The ChatBot training is something you don’t get from other coaches. There’s also the Facebook ads testing training that helps minimize ad spending by focusing on the cheapest ones that work. In the training, Franklin teaches how to understand Facebook trends so you can eliminate ineffective ad campaigns. His goal is to help Shopify store owners maximize their store’s potential and achieve maximum conversions. He recounts a time when he sold an e-commerce store he built for over $300,000, which only took him 4 months to set up. This shows his extensive knowledge and experience in Shopify drop shipping. 

Franklin Hatchett offers one of the best e-commerce training, but is it enough to make you a successful online entrepreneur? According to data reported by Cloudways, new drop shippers will struggle in a highly competitive market. As a result, 90% of them quit and less than 10% become successful. Drop shipping is also a saturated market. The United States has the highest drop shipper population at 62.8%. Canada follows behind but is only at 8% and Australia is third with 7.4%. FounderJar also reports that there are over 24 million e-commerce stores in the world, but only 1 million of them are making at least a thousand dollars in sales. Most new drop shippers only make $1,000 to $3,000 in their first year of business. 

Ecom Elite Review on YouTube

Free Affiliate Marketing Business is a YouTube channel that uploads reviews on digital products and online courses. The channel has 3.89K subscribers and 443 video uploads.

Free Affiliate Marketing Business started the review by pointing out that Ecom Elites is one of the cheapest e-commerce programs at $200. The program includes step-by-step guidance on niche selection, store setup, and lessons on free and paid traffic. The reviewer later reveals that although the course is cheap, it requires you to purchase additional tools for Shopify and advertising. On top of that, the dropshipping biz is high-maintenance and would require big capital investment. 

Is Ecom Elite The Best Online Hustle Training For Moms?

Ecom Elites may not be the best online hustle for moms. Dropshipping is a saturated market. 33% of US online stores use the dropshipping order fulfillment method. The biggest issue with this biz model is that you’re always at the mercy of suppliers. You don’t have control over stock availability, order fulfillment, and quality control. Since you can’t physically see the product, you can’t check if it’s as described on the site. Dropshipping has low profit margins, usually between 20% to 30% according to BlueCart. Many new drop shippers get disappointed when they see low profits in their first few months. That’s why many quit even before they reach ROI. Industry experts estimate that the success rate of this business model is only between 10% to 20%. Busy stay-at-home moms can’t keep up with the challenges and demands of the dropshipping biz. They need an easy-to-learn and more practical business model. 

My alternative for moms is local lead generation. The goal of this biz is to build and rank digital properties to generate income on autopilot. It requires little-to-no maintenance and you only need about $500 to start. Unlike dropshipping wherein you’re at the mercy of suppliers, local lead gen gives you full control over the business. Profit margin from ranked sites is way higher at 85% to 90%. You also don't have to worry about saturation because there are over 50 niches to explore and thousands of cities to tap. 

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