November 13, 2023

What people preach like the Gospel is complete garbage information. Anton Kraly debunks other gurus because he’s fully convinced he’s the only credible coach to teach drop shipping. He started dropshipping back in 2007 and has helped over 10,000 people build online stores from scratch. Or so he claims. Is Dropship Lifestyle the best course to learn high-ticket dropshipping from, or is it just another wealthy course creator scam? 

Dropship Lifestyle by Anton Kraly is an online community and learning platform for entrepreneurs who want to start and scale a profitable dropshipping biz. DSL’s strategy is to focus on sourcing high-ticket items from US suppliers rather than selling low-ticket inventory from China. This 7-module course teaches how to decide on a niche, find good suppliers, optimize conversions, get traffic, and automate processes. Anton promises value-added services to DSL students, such as round-the-clock customer support, niche verification, and an online discord community. DSL has had over 15,000 students since it was launched in 2015. It’s one of the most expensive courses to learn dropshipping from. The ultimate package costs $9,997 while the premium costs $3,997. 

Anton Kraly is an online millionaire, a drop shipper, and the creator of Dropship Lifestyle. He also authored a dropshipping book called Dropship Secrets, published in 2019. Anton didn’t grow up with a luxurious lifestyle. He started his entrepreneurial journey selling cookies in a van in Merrick, Long Island, New York. With a $29 capital, he started his first business and now makes over 1.8 million dollars per year. Anton was one of the first entrepreneurs to try dropshipping back in 2019. He achieved this success by building multiple 8-figure e-commerce stores on Shopify. But many speculate it's not dropshipping that made Anton multi-million-dollar rich. It's his high-ticket coaching courses that drove money into his account. Dropshipping Lifestyle generated over 3.5 million dollars in its first year, and was awarded Shopify’s Best E-commerce Course in 2017. Being one of the most experienced coaches in the biz, he developed quite a presence online. Anton Kraly has over 135K followers on Instagram, 94K on Facebook, and over 113K subscribers on YouTube. 

An overseas trip of Dropship Lifestyle Labs members

Dropship Lifestyle: High-Ticket Dropshipping for Beginners

Anton Kraly is one of the first to offer drop shipping courses. He’s been dropshipping since 2013, so you’d expect he’s gathered so much knowledge being in the business for over a decade. An 8-year-old comment on Reddit by an anonymous poster said he made more than what the course cost him. He even shares a link to his interview with Anton to prove this. Anton offers a two-hour free training. It includes lessons on how to pick a niche, build a website, find suppliers, and get customers in under 21 days. DSL is 4.9-star rated on Trustpilot from 328 reviews given. Most reviews commend Anton for his extensive knowledge and experience. People seem to love him and his expensive courses. 

Recent Trustpilot and Reddit reviews reveal a different side of Anton Kraly. He is notorious for upselling. First, he hooks his audience with a 2-hour free course and then bombards them with expensive upsells once inside the program. The cheapest Dropshipping Lifestyle upsell is the premium subscription which costs $1,997. If you want a DFY store with your premium plan, you’ll pay $3,997. The most expensive plan inside the program is $8,497, the ultimate package. Dropshipping Lifestyle also has other issues. Some say it lacks case studies, others say that Anton’s Shopify theme is very slow and is not optimized for conversions. 

Former students say that Anton is not an active drop shipper anymore. He probably realized that creating and selling courses makes more money than being a drop shipper. Anton's prime years seem to be over. Dropshipping Lifestyle was probably the best dropshipping course 5 years ago. But times have changed in this past-paced business, and Anton might have been left behind by competitors. The dropshipping market has also become more competitive. What worked for Anton a decade ago may not work in the dropshipping market of today. 

Considering DSL’s high price point, it will probably take a while before you get a return on your investment. BeProfit estimates that the average dropshipping margins are between 15% to 20%. New drop shippers only make $1,000 to $3,000 in their first year of business. Taking the conservative average, it will take over a year to recuperate your investment in the $1,997 premium package. Other monthly recurring fees cost about $20 to $30, but could go as high as $80 to $100. 

According to FounderJar, there are already 24 million e-commerce stores in the world. 30% of the US e-commerce population is using this business model. In a highly competitive industry, drop-shippers should know how to run and optimize ads. Storefront optimization improves visibility and increases conversions. These important lessons are not emphasized enough in the program. Unfortunately, DSL doesn’t go deep into these topics. The modules in Dropshipping Lifestyle are pretty generic. You’d expect a more in-depth step-by-step guide from a $10K course. 

Dropshipping Lifestyle has been around for over a decade. Anton deserves some credit for his longevity in the e-commerce space. However, old doesn’t always mean good. Anton has had his time, and DSL is now spiraling down as better dropshipping courses offer more practical lessons. DSL is too expensive for the type of training it offers. Other courses have more value for less than half the price. It can be worth exploring other dropshipping courses if you’re an existing digital store owner. But, if you’re just starting an online career, there are better business models to try. Dropshipping is saturated. The margins are low and the competition is high. Beginners will have a hard time working their way up in this biz. 

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