October 28, 2023

Christian minister and entrepreneur Cory Long promises a system that allows a room full of strangers to walk away with a $15K biz in just one afternoon. He promises you don’t need tech skills or experience. Only a Wi-Fi connection. Cory claims he found an irresistible offer for business owners, and through this, his business grew to 7 figures. He’s going all-in to prove that it’s real by giving a no-strings-attached free webinar. 

As a stay-at-home mom, juggling kids and a side hustle while maintaining a clean home, I need a low-maintenance but quick-income biz. Pastor-entrepreneur, Cory Long teaches a method that generates leads for clients through a simplified 4-step process. Cory Long teaches local lead generation, but many speculate that Digital Storefronts (DSF) is a rip-off from Dan Klein’s lead gen training. Is pastor Cory the best guy to learn lead gen from? In this DSF review, I’ll cover all you need to know about the course, the inclusions of the program, and the controversies that surround Cory and his courses. I’ll also answer if it's worth getting mentorship from this pastor-turned-guru and if DSF is suitable for stay-at-home moms. 

Digital Storefronts (DSF) is an online course that teaches how to build, rank, and rent out digital properties to local business owners. In short, DSF is teaching how to build a local lead generation business through a 7-module video training. It was launched in 2019, costs $5,000, and has no refund policy. This business model lives in the idea that many business owners don’t know how to market their companies/services. Cory sends leads to clients, the business grows, and they become dependent on the leads they’re buying from you. As the owner of the digital asset, you’re receiving consistent passive income from the properties. You own the tracking numbers and get paid for every lead that comes in. Cory simplifies the business model into a 4-step process: 

Step 1: Identify a good niche and location. 

Step 2: Create a WordPress website and rank the digital property. 

Step 3: Find clients using the “whisper method” (giving them free leads as a hook and saying they’re from you). 

Step 4: Rent out the digital storefront and make a recurring passive income.

Cory Long is a digital landlord, an 8-figure entrepreneur, and the creator of Digital Storefronts. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Texas Tech University. He’s been a Christian minister for more than 17 years, serving small churches in Northern New Mexico. Together with his wife, he founded Carpenter’s Place, a Christian family program in Wichita, Kansas. He also started a safety supply business in Danton, Texas to support his ministries, the North Texas Safety Supply. That same year, he started Yroc Consulting, a digital marketing agency in Sherman, Texas. Cory seems to explore different business models. He was jumping from one business to another until he found Dan Klein’s lead generation course. He learned Dan’s strategies and made his first $1,000 in just a month. Some articles point out the similarity of Digital Storefronts to Dan Klein’s program. Many say DSF is a rip-off of Dan’s course. We can’t absolutely say it's true. But the coincidence of him and Dan having identical course and business methods makes you question DSF’s authenticity and Cory’s credibility. 

Digital Storefronts, Rank and Rent, and Local Lead Generation

Digital Storefronts course has been around since 2019 and is still promoted by Cory Long today. The course is legit and the lessons are valuable. When done right, this biz can make anyone a 7 or 8-figure entrepreneur. I would also commend Cory to have a disclaimer paragraph at the bottom of the sales page. It says that there’s a discounted offer at the end of the free training, which you can completely ignore if you’re not fully decided to join the program. There are testimonials from students on his YouTube and other social media accounts. However, we can’t verify if the “success stories” are real or solicited. Overall, the course is legit, and it offers a lucrative income opportunity. 

Let’s address the elephant in the room: is this course a rip-off? Speculations say that it is, considering Cory has substantially gained insider knowledge by becoming Dan Klein’s student. To be fair, there’s no solid evidence of DSF being a rip off. But the close similarity of Digital Storefronts to Dan’s course makes it very possible. There are photos, videos, and interviews that prove Cory was part of Dan’s program. The actual video of Dan interviewing Cory can be watched on YouTube. Reports say Cory was kicked out of the program for violating rules. He was allegedly caught selling his services to students inside the program, which is (obviously) prohibited. Although Cory’s Digital Storefront course is legitimately set up, copying the idea and selling it as a different program is never acceptable. 

Digital Storefront has a shady reputation, but rank and rent and the local lead generation biz are legit. According to a HubSpot report, 61% of marketers rank lead generation as their number 1 challenge. That’s why 53% of them allocate more than half of their budget for lead generation strategies. It’s easy to understand why many aspiring entrepreneurs are enticed to try this business. It’s a booming market that’s already worth 3.24 billion dollars according to this year’s HubSpot statistics (2023). The industry is also estimated to grow at an 11.91% rate year on year.

Digital Storefronts Review On YouTube

John Wilson reviews online courses on his YouTube channel. He also has an online course offer called High Ticket Affiliate Coach. The channel was created in October 2022 and has 3.89K subscribers as of writing.

John Wilson reviews Cory Long’s Digital Storefronts and highlights what he believes are the three drawbacks of the course. The three drawbacks include the technical nature of the business, the expensive course price ($5K), and the higher-level skill set necessary to start and scale the SEO biz. 

Is It Worth Getting Lead Gen Training From Cory Long?

It may not be worth getting local lead gen training from Cory Long. Although there’s no evidence that his course is a rip-off of Dan Klein’s, the close similarity of the courses and Cory’s insider knowledge as an ex-student make it highly likely. Digital Storefront also has a shady reputation overall. Some online reviews say it’s a complete scam and a waste of money. If it’s true that Cory copied DSF from another lead gen training, then, his strategies are probably outdated and inefficient. Lead generation methods are constantly changing, and only legitimate coaches who have the wit and skills to keep up with the changes in the industry can give you the best mentorship. 

Cory’s DSF might have a questionable reputation, but the local lead gen biz is legit. The rank-and-rent business model is profitable, scalable, and sustainable. Dan Klein is a great example of the effectiveness of this business model. He has been coaching since 2014 and has made money for himself and many of his students, including Cory Long. This business model is beginner-friendly, easy to learn, and only requires minimal maintenance. Once the sites are ranked on top of the search engine, your profit margin on leads generated is 85% or even more. 

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