October 2, 2023

Are your content ideas running dry? Scott and Brian Moran have the ultimate traffic solution. CreatorU Traffic Bundle is a subscription-based online training for content creators, coaches, and online businesses who are struggling to build an audience and generate traffic. Aside from training, the subscription includes scripts, templates, and key reports

CreatorU has over 11 courses on different traffic generation strategies across platforms. The library is growing because new content is added monthly. What's unique about CreatorU is that they connect you with 7-figure course creators. These are experts in traffic, ads, and social media marketing. Some of them are digital gurus Pat Flynn, Ashley Ann, and Nicholas Kusmich. CreatorU was launched by SamCart in April 2022. It costs $24 monthly and has a 30-day money-back guarantee. CreatorU subscribers learn how to 

grow from 0 to 100,000 followers on TikTok in 2 months, 

get 78K IG followers without paying for traffic and, 

grow a YouTube channel to 1.8 million subscribers. 

CreatorU is available in SamCart, a digital products e-commerce platform. SamCart was launched in 2015. Since then, it has helped over 84,000 businesses and has made over $3.4 billion in sales. Today, the platform hosts over 500 million-dollar businesses. 

Brian and Scott Moran are the brothers behind SamCart. They are also the creators of the CreatorU Traffic Bundle. Brian graduated from Grove City College in Pennsylvania with a marketing degree. His first business is Get 10,000 Fans. It was launched in 2010 but ended shortly in 2014. He provides training and digital tools to business owners using Facebook for traffic. Scott co-founded SamCart and Creator U. Like his brother, he also graduated from Grove City College with a marketing degree. There's not much info on Scott Moran. It’s unclear whether he had another business or a corporate job before launching SamCart. 

CreatorU Traffic Bundle and the Online Learning 

CreatorU Traffic Bundle is a comprehensive online learning subscription. What I like about it is that they constantly upload new content. So the material is always up-to-date. You can stream videos and download data-driven blueprints. There are also pre-made templates, scripts, and key reports you can use. Each module is taught by an industry expert so you get diverse insights from key players in different fields. 

For all that it promises, I'm surprised it's only $24 monthly. But, digging deeper into this program, I found an overwhelming amount of negative reviews. Trustpilot reveals that it's notorious for aggressive upselling strategies. That explains why the course is cheap. The 24-dollar offer is just a hook to get sign-ups. CreatorU is also poorly rated on Trustpilot (2.4 stars). Out of 42 reviews given, 72% are 1-star reviews. A reviewer (Danielle) said CreatorU attempted to take money from his account. Pat Cruz reported he was charged a hidden subscription fee that’s tricky to cancel. John David Raynolds (among many others) reports terrible customer service. 

Another red flag for me is that CreatorU over-promises results. They claim that if you enroll for a year, you’ll get the traffic you need to boost your biz. Subscribing for a year costs $288 (12 months x $24). Still reasonably priced. But can you get results after a year of subscribing to CreatorU? It's very unlikely. CreatorU only teaches HOW to get traffic. They will not generate traffic for you. 

Online education platforms promise streamlined learning for everyone. It has grown over 900% since the University of Phoenix first launched it in 1989. At least 60% of internet users have attended online learning at least once. It's that popular. Online learning is a $30.6 billion market (in 2021) according to Straits Research. It’s growing at an annual rate of 23.12% (CAGR) and is expected to reach the $198.9 billion mark by 2030. According to Global Market Insights, online learning demand has grown over 400% since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Online short course platforms like Udemy, Coursera, and SamCart compete to take advantage of this growing opportunity. 

Overall, there's something to learn in the CreatorU Traffic Bundle by SamCart. Despite many negative reviews, the program has some value. It's only $24 anyway, so you can give it a try and unsubscribe anytime. However, if your goal is to drive traffic and increase leads, CreatorU is not for you. It's impossible to generate exponential traffic by just watching videos of 'experts'. Generating traffic requires special skills. You should know how to optimize a site, use SEO tools, build backlinks, create social media posts, and write blogs. Building a ranking site alone takes time. It usually takes a year or two for Google to trust you and rank you up. If you want real results, get lead generation coaching. You'll learn how to build digital real estate that you can rent and generate leads that you can sell to small business owners. 

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