Escape the corporate rat race through an online business that makes a steady $5K to $100K while glorifying God. Paul Bocco starts every Q&A live session with a prayer and promotes meditation as a huge factor in growing a business. Listening to him is like attending a Sunday sermon and business mentorship in one. Can you really make money with Paul Bocco’s faith-based programs? 

Christian Business Incubator is a lead generation and digital landlordship training program that teaches Kingdom entrepreneurs how to build businesses aligned with the Bible. The course is self-paced, with six modules accessible from any device. It claims to coach local lead generation. But CBI's modules are not what you'd usually get in a lead gen course. It teaches calling prospects, finding digital tenants, and hiring attorneys to close deals. There’s also a private Facebook group with 2.1K members. It was created in 2021 and changed its name from Christian Business Incubator to Christian Entrepreneur in August 2023. The group is still active and would average 60 new monthly posts. Despite doing business the Christian way, Paul seems to be secretive of the course price. You need to book a call first with their sales rep. Some say he charges $6,000 plus a $400 monthly recurring fee for 'teaching topics he lacks expertise on'. CBI doesn't have a refund policy, which means all sales are final. 

Paul Bocco is the devoted Christian founder of Christian Business Incubator, Kingdom Business Incubator, and Social Aid Tribe. Christian and Kingdom Business Incubator are quite similar programs. They both claim to be local lead gen courses. Social Aid Tribe is also a lead gen course that uses social media strategies. Paul has a unique business coaching style. He uses biblical principles to guide Kingdom Entrepreneurs on digital real estate investing and lead generation. According to his LinkedIn, he graduated with a degree in biology from the State University in New York at Fredonia. Does he have leadership experience? Well, Paul used to be president of the environmental club and adventure club. If that counts. After college, he founded HG Marketing Systems, which he claims to be a multimillion-dollar company with all home-based workers. He also founded, which provided social media marketing services to dental practitioners.

Paul Bocco, founder of Christian Business Incubator

Christian Business Incubator: Local Lead Generation and Digital Landlordship

Christian Business Incubator is for people who want to start an online business that’s guided by Christian principles. The sales page is a combination of bible verses, pastoral advice, and bits of business talk. The modules of this course discuss the business model, the money mindset, virtual real estate, profit margins, and sales and marketing mastery. Kingdom entrepreneurs also get a turnkey lead pipeline system that generates leads in 24 hours, telephone support, and a non-Facebook community. Paul highlights a proprietary software called Kingdom Operating Software designed for lifestyle and financial stewardship. 

Some critiques say the modules are mediocre and the program lacks support. There’s probably some truth to it. The sales page says a lot but doesn’t really explain anything. The Christian Entrepreneur Manifesto will give you a glimpse of what to expect inside the program. It’s mostly faith-based. Part 1 talks about how Christians should do business based on biblical principles. He says that the traditional way of doing business (maximizing profit) is based on “selfish goals”. But, his new way of doing business maximizes value and service to the customers. 

People seem to have negative comments on this so-called good call business model. A Reddit commenter calls it a culty scam, and another one calls it MLM with a Christian twist. In the same thread, students of the course are planning a class action lawsuit after getting scammed with their retirement money of over $10K. To be fair, I think there’s nothing wrong with mixing faith and business. However, there should be a concrete business plan, especially when you charge thousands of dollars to help people. Local lead generation and digital landlordship are the most stable, consistent, and long-term business models out there. What’s a red flag for me is that this supposed local lead gen course doesn’t talk much about lead gen strategies like how to organically rank a site. Organically ranking site generates free traffic, and it appraises the value of your digital properties. It’s literally the heart and soul of every lead gen biz. Christian Business Incubator has that leave-it-all-to-God mindset. Though it’s not entirely bad, Paul should have also come up with decent modules that teach how to start, scale, and monetize digital assets. A course that gives real business value to its paying customers. 

What I like about local lead generation is it’s a less-saturated industry. With over 50 niches and thousands of cities to tap, this biz is less competitive compared to other popular business models like affiliate marketing and SMMA. ZipRecruiter estimates that the hourly rate of digital landlords could go as high as $66.83, the average rate is around $38/hour, while beginners make at least $10 hourly. The same report shows that top-earning digital landlords are in the state of California, particularly in Richmond, Bellvue, and Santa Clara areas. These cities beat the national average by $11,380 annually or 19.1% above the benchmark. 

Building digital assets is a lot cheaper than building e-commerce stores or flipping properties. The best advantage of this business model is that it generates free traffic, so you’re not dependent on paid ads. Even when clients leave you, you own the digital properties, so you won’t lose money. Start-up costs with lead gen is also cheaper that most biz models. A domain costs $10 or less. You’ll also need a tracking number which costs around $15 monthly and hosting fees at around $10. A lead gen site would only take around 15 hours (or less) to build. Ranking it would take about 6 weeks to 6 months. Once the site is ranked, you’ll see a profit margin of around 84% to 95%. According to Diggity Marketing, ranked sites that have organic search traffic can be sold up to 60x their net profit over the last 12 months. 

Is Christian Business Incubator the Right Business Program for Moms?

Paul Bocco’s Christian Business Incubator might not be the right program for moms. Despite following biblically aligned business practices, CBI seems to have so many gray areas. People on Reddit even call it MLM with a Christian twist (which is a big red flag already). Christian Business Incubator is too principles-focused, but it kinda fell short on the business aspect of the program. It’s a bit too preachy and doesn’t teach much about making money online. You’d expect more in-depth and technical explanations on website building, organic SEO ranking, and digital landlordship for a course that costs $6K to $10K. But you won’t get it here. 

Christian Business Incubator is not the best course for building a stable and consistent online biz. But if you are looking for a program that teaches business around Christian principles, this could be a good start (though a costly one). Local lead generation is the number 1 business model for moms because it requires little capital and low overhead, so even moms on a budget can afford to start this biz. However, Paul Bocco might not be the lead gen best coach because of his shady reputation. Becoming a local lead generator develops essential soft skills like website creation, lead acquisition, and online marketing, which empowers moms to enhance their skill set. Compared to other online hustles like affiliate marketing and drop shipping, local lead gen is also less saturated. Once the sites are ranked in Google, you generate leads for small businesses at 85% to 90% profit margins. 

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