November 30, 2023

Make $400K per year, working less than 4 hours per week. Ryan Hildreth is the self-proclaimed YouTube Automation King. And, he claims to own the number 1 and fastest-growing YouTube automation consulting company on the planet. He promises to help you make 5 to 7 figures online through YouTube automation. All you need to do is buy his training.  

Cashflow Channels is a course that teaches how to grow from zero to 6-figures through YouTube automation. The best part? You don’t even need to film, edit, or create videos yourself. Ryan offers a repeatable system that uses offshore contractors, tools, and proven methods to make $10K (or more) passive income per month. It’s for anyone looking for a passive income stream while working only a few hours per week. Ryan shares that the niches he taps for his videos are cryptocurrency, finance, and personal development. He also recommends creating a Facebook group, Instagram page, and TikTok around your chosen niche to boost traffic and engagement. Cashflow Channels covers the importance of using Quillbot (a writing tool) for content creation, a catchy thumbnail for grabbing attention, and Fiverr and Upwork for outsourcing freelance voiceovers and video editors. They also offer free training on how they went from 0 to $35K/mo in just 18  months. 

Ryan Hildreth is an American YouTube Automator, 7-figure online entrepreneur, Ferrari enthusiast, and the founder of Cashflow Channels. He grew up in Orange County, California, and went to several universities during his college years. His LinkedIn profile shows he studied at Irvine Valley College for business administration from 2010 to 2013 and went to San Jose State University to study Molecular Biology for a year. Ryan became an undergraduate researcher under the supervision of Dr. Alberto A. Rascón during his time at San Jose State University. He then transferred to California State University in, Fullerton from 2015 to 2017 to study finance and economics. His first corporate job was as a wealth management associate where he assisted over 85,000 clients, analyzed notes and equities, and developed investment strategies. In 2017, he founded Forward Revenue Media, LLC, but the business was short-lived and ended just a year later. He launched in the same year. It’s an educational platform that taught over 200,000 internet entrepreneurs through his YouTube channel. Ryan launched Cashflow Channels in 2021, and it has made over $1M from YouTube ads since. He’s been featured in big news channels like Entrepreneur magazine, New York Weekly, and La Weekly. 

Ryan Hildreth, CEO and founder of Cashflow Channels

Cashflow Channels: YouTube Automation Using AI

Cashflow Channels is one of the most popular YouTube automation courses. Ryan Hildreth’s channel has over 558K subscribers and his 1,300 videos have been viewed over 28 million times. His followers and fans commend him for valuable content. Many say Ryan has one of the most valuable free content out there. He also uses social proof to promote his course, which I think is a plus. One of his most popular videos is on copy-and-paste YouTube shorts that make $335,000 per year. This episode, which was uploaded 11 months ago, gained 1.2 million views with over 1,400 comments. There are also several case studies from Cashflow Channels students. One is Andrew Ahshapanek, who claims to have scaled from 0 to $10K monthly, working with only 2 contractors. Another is Nelson Zarco, who now makes $6K monthly, having no background in YouTube automation. 

Starting a YouTube channel is free as long as you have a camera, microphone, and basic editing tools. But Ryan says you won’t be needing those. He takes a low-cost approach to video creation. His strategy is to create faceless YouTube videos using artificial intelligence. He also emphasized the importance of creating high-CPM videos. He uses the Braso as an example. A YouTube channel that uploads Andrew Tate documentary-style videos that make over $15 per thousand views. Ryan’s content-creation process starts with finding a video that you can replicate. Once you find a video with high engagement and catchy content, the next step is to download the transcript and copy it. After that, rewrite the transcript using ChatGPT and use it as a script for your video. Ryan says this method is low-cost because you’ll only need an editor and a voiceover artist to create documentary-style, faceless videos. 

What I don’t like about Cashflow Channels, however, is that it lacks transparency. I find it very shady that Ryan does not disclose how much this course costs. I’ve reviewed other DFY YouTube automation courses before. If there’s one notable thing about them, they aren’t cheap. Chris Zissis’ DFY YT Automation masterclass, for example, costs $60,000. The program is similar to Cashflow Channels, so I’d estimate it’s somewhere in that range. It would probably cost at least $40K and can even go as high as $70K. Aside from the upfront fee, DFY YT automation course creators might also charge monthly recurring fees. There are also eligibility requirements to qualify for the YouTube Partnership Program (YPP). The channel should have at least a thousand new followers and reach 4,000 watch hours in the last 12 months. New changes in the YPP eligibility threshold now count public shorts views of at least 10 million in lieu of the 4,000 watch hours requirement. 

The biggest risk of this business model is that the creator could get charged with copyright infringement after following Ryan’s low-cost video creation strategy. Even though the transcripts are rewritten by an AI tool, they could still be detected by the original content creator. YouTube also has a strict reused content policy. Per the policy, channels that are suspected of duplicate content use could get suspended from the YouTube Partnership Program. If this happens, you can no longer make money from your YT channel. YouTube defines “reused content” as repurposing a creator’s original work by stitching together reused clips in a video montage without adding substantial information. Technically, Ryan is guilty of violating this policy. He simply rewrites the transcript using an AI writing tool and uses copied clips from other channels or from Rumble. Students who follow his strategy might get their channels banned. They might even get sued by other creators for copyright infringement. 

Cashflow Channels YouTube Review

Scott Shafer is a US-based YouTube content creator and podcaster. He claims to help people avoid online scams by exposing fake gurus. Since he started his channel in 2018, it gained 141K followers and uploaded over 242 videos that have been watched over 17 million times. 

Scott Shafer calls Ryan Hildreth a “double dip scammer” and claims he’s been scamming innocent people for years. He also shows a review he made from 2018, where Ryan is allegedly linked to a cryptocurrency pyramid scheme called BitConnect. Ryan faced lawsuits from BitConnect victims but he dodged the financial consequences of these legal actions. After the downfall of BitConnect, Ryan refocused his attention on YouTube automation. Rumors say he still carried his unethical practices to his YT automation biz. There are accusations of Ryan stealing TikTok content and using misleading affiliate marketing tactics. Critics suspect his main income source now is his expensive YT automation programs. 

Is Cashflow Channels the Best Money-Making Program for Moms?

Cashflow Channels might not be the best money-making program for moms and is one of the riskier courses I reviewed. To be fair, YouTube automation is a legitimate business model. But some of Ryan’s business strategies are borderline illegal. It’s a bit shady and his content creation method could get you into serious legal trouble. He teaches a video creation method that reuses clips from other creators and stock videos. A process like this can get you tagged and penalized for duplicate content. As a result, YouTube can ban your account and you can no longer monetize your video library. Another red flag for me is that Ryan is secretive about the course price and start-up expenses of running a YouTube automation biz. YouTube automation is expensive. It’s not worth risking your time, money, and reputation in an investment that might get you into serious legal trouble. 

Income from YouTube automation is dependent on advertising revenue from the YouTube Partnership Program. You won’t get 100% of the revenue because YouTube takes a 45% cut. My issue with the YouTube automation business model is the unstable income. As moms budgeting for the whole household, you need a more stable and reliable income source than this. My alternative is local lead generation. Instead of creating videos and monetizing a YouTube channel, create digital assets that generate leads for small business owners. It’s like being a landlord of digital properties that doesn’t need to be physically maintained and doesn’t depreciate. Once sites are ranked and rented on Google, they generate passive income on autopilot. Your income is not dependent on the number of views and advertisers. You own the digital assets and monetize them indefinitely. 

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