Business ideas for housewives include:

  • Local Lead Generation
  • Amazon Influencer
  • Print On Demand Seller
  • Errand Runner
  • Blogger

Housewives are women who choose to stay home and care for their families instead of working outside the home. QZ shares data showing that in 2022, "the number of housewives nearly doubled from 15% to 24% in 2023". Further research confirms "that in the last 12 months, 9% of moms have left their jobs". Homemakers are invaluable to the economy because they contribute to the well-being of children and manage their homes.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics says that "the average woman earns an annual income of $47,000, but the median cost for daycare is $20,000". This statistic suggests that staying home is more cost-effective than being employed. As a result, the best home-based business ideas for housewives to make an extra income are positions they enjoy that offer flexibility and can be done around their hectic schedules. This article lists 31 business ideas for housewives in 2024. We'll also share 3 ways a woman entrepreneur with children can make money from home today.

1. Local Lead Generation

Local lead generation is one of the best business ideas for a female entrepreneur interested in making passive income. The lead generation model builds and ranks websites on the Internet that target on one location and provide one service. Because the focus is on the local market, your sites reach the top of Google in 6 weeks - 6 months. At the top, they produce leads you sell to local contractors for profits as high as 85%-90%. Each site takes 10-15 to build and rank and has a low investment cost of around $500.

Once your lead gen websites produce leads, you own valuable digital real estate and secure a steady income. Each site makes between $500-$3,000 a month and only costs about $100 a year to maintain. Learn the process, and you can scale your online business fast. There's no limit to how many sites you build and rank or what city you target. In the USA, there are 41,704 ZIP codes, and Canada has over 876,445. Each ZIP code is a potential market where you can build and rank sites. You only need to spend 10 hours a week on your business to start making money with local lead generation, which is ideal for housewives in 2024.

2. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a small business idea and a business model where there's no investment required. You don't have to buy or store inventory. Instead, the dropshipping model relies on third-party suppliers to fulfill customer orders. Yaguara reports, "66% of buyers prefer a drop shipping business that offers multiple payment choices". Further data from Forbes suggests that "the most profitable item to dropship in 2024 is clothing because it's easy to promote and a niche that caters to repeat buyers."

To start a dropshipping business, pick your niche and ideal potential customers. Research on platforms like Amazon's Best Seller's List, Google Trends, or TikTok Made Me Buy It to find trending items to dropship. The idea is to sell things that people are buying now. Next, connect with a reliable dropshipping supplier like Sprocket or CJDropshipping. Then, build an online store on Shopify or WooCommerce and promote your dropshipping business with Google Shopping Ads, Facebook Ads, or videos on YouTube and TikTok. Data shows that "the average dropshipper makes good money in their first year of business and can earn 10%-30% per sale or between $1,000-$3,000 a month".

3. Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA is a section of the Supply Chain by Amazon service where sellers outsource their order fulfillment to Amazon. Jungle Scout indicates that in 2024, "89% of Amazon sellers are profitable". Amazon FBA is a home business that allows you to enter the ecommerce space without investing a ton of capital. To start selling with Amazon FBA, pick the product you want to sell. Use third-party tools like AMZScout, Helium10, or Sell The Trend to see what items are selling well now. What's trending on TikTok? What are people looking for online?

Next, find a supplier. Most Amazon FBA sellers use Alibaba or a USA firm like Sprocket. Then, create an Amazon Seller account and design your listing using the right keywords, professional-level images, and compelling product descriptions. To get sales and make extra money with Amazon FBA, leverage paid ads on Google or Facebook. Research suggests that "Amazon FBA sellers make 20%-25% more sales and generate a profit margin of 10%-30%". Additional data shows that "the average Amazon FBA seller makes at least $1,000 a month".

4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a chance to earn money online. As an affiliate, you make a commission for promoting a small business or a person's products or services. However, affiliate marketers don't have to deal with inventory or customer service issues. Authority Hacker reveals that "20% of marketers report that affiliate marking is their most lucrative channel".

To earn an income with affiliate marketing, choose your niche and decide what affiliate platform you want to use. For example, will you write and monetize a blog or post content on social media? Or would you prefer to share video content and start a YouTube channel? Next, decide what affiliate networks you want to join. A few popular options in 2024 include ClickBank, Elementor, and Bluehost. Then, post valuable content that helps people and answers their questions. 

However, it takes time to build an audience on the Internet. The key to success on a social media platform is sharing hyper-valuable videos or content on sites like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Build a community and be genuine to gain followers and create trust with your ideal target market. LinkedIn states that "a beginner affiliate marketer can make $100-$500 every month while experienced affiliate marketers earn $1,000-$10,000+ monthly".

5. YouTube Automation

YouTube Automation is a profitable business model that allows a home mom to outsource the tasks associated with running a YouTube channel, such as scripting and editing video content, designing thumbnails, or producing voiceovers. Sprout Social suggests that "80% of shoppers use YouTube as their first search in their social shopping journey". To start a YouTube Automation business, decide on your niche and create a branded account on YouTube. Next, assemble a skilled team and use tools like Trello, Asana, or Clockify to manage workflow effectively. Then, you can monetize your channel.

To make money with YouTube Automation, you need to have watched over 4,000 hours of videos in the last year, have a minimum of 1,000 subscribers, and have a linked AdSense account. YouTube Automation requires minimum investment, but you need to learn as much as you can about your viewers. What are their pain points? What do they need help with? How can your content help them solve a problem?

Once you have a loyal audience, you can make money like this Reddit poster who reports," In November 2022, I did around $200,000 in YouTube AdSense revenue and earned $500,000 in 90 days with automated content". Another user on Quora reveals that he made "over $200,000 in one month with one of his YouTube Automation channels". However, data shows that the average person earns "$1,000-$10,000 a month with YouTube Automation". 

6. Social Media Management

Social media management is a digital marketing strategy that develops and posts valuable content on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. A social media manager handles a small business owner's online presence by creating and publishing content, engaging with potential customers, and monitoring online reputation management. HubSpot advises that in 2024, "93% of people on the Internet use social media". Social media management aims to increase brand awareness and boost a company's ROIs.

To start a social media management business, have the right skills like copywriting, video editing, and creating campaigns that get attention on the Internet. You should understand platform algorithms and have a portfolio you can show to a potential client to demonstrate your ability. You can find social media management positions listed on Jooble and Indeed or promote yourself on social media and forums like LinkedIn and Quora. But you can also contact an agency in your area and ask if they need help. Glassdoor says that, "the average income for a social media manager in the USA in 2024 is $3,204-$5,980 a month". Additional data from PayScale suggests that "social media managers earn $38,00-$85, 000 a year plus a bonus of $478 - $9,000".

7. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are self-employed people who offer a specialized service like graphic design or data entry for a person or company. A virtual assistant business is a start up idea that offers flexible hours and is one of the best home business ideas for housewives. Best Of Budgets says that in 2024, "social media management, email marketing, and project management are the most in-demand virtual assistant services."

To become a virtual assistant, emphasize your transferable skills and showcase soft skills like stellar attention to detail, problem-solving, and excellent communication. Next, create an online presence with a website or landing page, social media profile, or YouTube channel. Update and optimize your LinkedIn profile and create an account on Upwork or Fiverr. Then, network in your local market and ask people you know for referrals. The idea is to tailor your resume to fit the services you want to provide. You can "make $24-$40+ an hour or $1,200-$5,000 as a virtual assistant in the USA," according to data.

8. Copywriter

Copywriters are experts at content writing who sell a particular product or service, educate or inform a specific market, and influence people to purchase or sign up for a service. A copywriter provides written and digital text for blogs and websites, landing pages and social media posts, email campaigns, and PPC ads. Mirasee suggests that in 2024, "Internet users search with a specific feeling instead of a particular subject." To become a copywriter:

  1. Decide what type of copywriting you want to provide.
  2. Learn the basics and understand core deliverables like understanding your audience and writing clear and concise copy.
  3. Find clients on platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook or a site like and ProBlogger.
  4. Do great work and get reviews to develop a steady stream of high-paying clients.

The key to becoming a copywriting authority is to know how to optimize content for both the reader and the SERPs to drive online traffic to your offer. Learn as much as you can about SEO and search engine algorithms. According to ZipRecruiter, "the average person providing freelance writing in the USA makes $4,458-$7,583 a month or $53,500-$91,000 per year".

9. Amazon Influencer

An Amazon Influencer is a great business idea for homemakers because you can do it from home around your schedule. Amazon Influencers are content creators who promote another business's product or service and earn a commission for each sale they make. Jungle Scout advises that in 2024, "310 million people shop on Amazon". To become an influencer on Amazon, you must have a significant following on social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, X, and Instagram. Amazon Influencers need at least 1,000 followers. As an influencer, you make money with commissions. So, the more you sell and the higher the commission rate for the products you promote, the more you earn. However, Small Business Trends shares that "the average Amazon Influencer makes $100-$1,500 a month."

10. Online Translator

Online translators are people with the skill and ability to convert written text from one language to another. Redokun reveals that "40% of people on the Internet won't buy from a website that doesn't offer content in their native language". Online translation is
a great business for homemakers fluent in multiple languages. With more people on the Internet and the continued drive for accessibility, online translation is a high-demand service you can provide to people, business owners, or government agencies.

As an online translator, you transcribe audio files, live videos, or audio translations into written or digital text. You can find job postings on Translators Café, Translation Directory, and Upwork. Research reveals "that as of November 21, 2023, the average annual pay for an online translator in the United States is $57,200 a year, $27.50 an hour, $1,100 per week, or $4,766 monthly". Further data from ZipRecruiter suggests that "the national average wage for an online translator in the USA is $27,500-$87,500 a year".

11. Print On Demand Seller

Print on demand is an order fulfillment service you can leverage to create customized white-label products showcasing your designs and make money selling them on a made-to-order basis. Data shared by Printful confirms that "36% of consumers want personalized items". To earn money as a POD seller, develop a business plan and pick your niche. Who is your ideal buyer? What kind of products do you want to sell? Next, make your designs, find a reliable supplier like Printify, Teelauch, or Lulu Express, and set up your online store on a platform like Wix or GoDaddy. Then, promote your products on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok and give your customers the best shopping experience possible.

To make money with POD, pick the right niche and audience. Look for gaps in the market and what kinds of things people are buying now. What's trending? What items are on Amazon's Best Seller's List? Then, create a marketing strategy to drive online traffic to your offers. Teen In Blue suggests that "print-on-demand sellers earn profit margins of 15%-30%". One Reddit user reports that "after three years as a POD seller, I'm earning $3,000 a month net on slow months and as much as $20,000 net during the holiday season". 

12. Hair Stylist

A hairstylist is a professional who gets paid to cut and style other people's hair. L'Oréal Paris reports that "the average person cuts their hair every 6-8 weeks". As a hairstylist, your job is to do things like:

  • Clean and cut hair
  • Offer hair care and hair styling consultations
  • Suggest hair styling products and offer additional specialty services like hair extensions, weaves, etc.

Cutting hair from home is a low-cost option, but you need to budget for any products you need. So, if you don't have funds readily accessible, you might need to consider taking out a personal loan. You can charge clients on a cash basis; however, if you opt for credit or debit card options, remember that credit card processing fees will cut 1.5%-3% from your profits. Glassdoor suggests that "the average hair stylist makes $12,340-$54,570 a year".

13. Manicurist

Manicurists are professionals certified in cosmetology, specializing in hands and feet. Live The Glow states that "the average person gets a manicure every 2-3 weeks". You can do people's nails out of your home. Then, you don't need to worry about renting a chair and having a good credit score or buying a salon, which might take a home loan or a bank's approval to see if you qualify for a business loan eligibility claim. As a manicurist, you offer services like grooming fingernails and toenails, personalized nail art, and trending nail shapes. Manicurists and nail techs need to be licensed by a recognized board of cosmetology in every state except Connecticut to get paid for their services. However, data reports that "you can make $18.89 to $21.23 per hour or $20,000-$50,000 a year as a nail tech".

14. Childcare Provider

A childcare provider is a person who watches and cares for other people's children and ensures their basic needs are met. Forbes shares data from the U.S. Bureau of Statistics that states, "over 100,000 Americans need to stay home from work every month because they can't find adequate childcare". To become a childcare provider in your home, you need to be licensed. Next, create a space in your house dedicated to your business and promote your services on social media, community centers, local networking events, etc. Then, find families for full day care, before and after school hours, or as needed. Your job as a childcare provider is to feed the children in your care, provide physical and cognitive stimulus, and ensure they are safe. ZipRecruiter states that, "the average childcare provider in the USA earns $13-$19 an hour or $28,000-$40,000 a year".

15. Gift Baskets Seller

A gift basket is a personalized arrangement of specialty and handmade products from someone delivered to another person or business at their home or office. Florist Review suggests that "customers love customization is the hot trend in 2024". Gift basket sellers create and design baskets filled with handmade craft and specialty items like bath products, candles, alcohol, chocolates, and cheese. The key to making gift baskets that will sell well is to have a unique theme and coordinated color scheme. The more personalized your gift baskets, the higher the price you can charge.

To start selling gift baskets from your home, decide on your niche and the channel you want to sell. Will you sell directly from your home to the local market exclusively? Or will you design a website and sell to a larger audience? Do you want to focus on corporate clients or individuals? Next, source the items you plan to use for your gift baskets and set your price points. Then, market your business on the Internet, at local events, and in public places. You can make "$14-$46 hourly or $29,000-$96,000 annually selling gift baskets," according to data shared by ZipRecruiter.

16. Online Tutor

An online tutor is a private teacher who teaches one student or a small group via the Internet. Yahoo advised that "online tutoring is rising in popularity in the USA because it offers personalized learning experiences for students." As an online tutor, you can teach an online course or a core subject like math, English, and science. To qualify as an online tutor, you need a degree in a particular discipline. You can find online tutor jobs on, Indeed, or LinkedIn. Or you can advertise your services with a social media profile, website, or landing page. Online tutors are in high demand, and all you need is a reliable Internet connection and access to software like Zoom or Google Meet. Research suggests that "the average online tutor makes $8.17-$32.45+ an hour or $49,454-$59,228 a year".

17. Data Entry

Data entry is inputting electronic and non-electronic documentation into a secure system or database. Research shows that "data entry clerks that live in Seattle are the highest paid in the USA." A data entry clerk doesn't need any formal education or training. However, you do need to have quick typing skills, be computer literate, and have stellar attention to detail. You can find remote data entry jobs on sites like MegaTypers, Internshala, and Upwork. You can "make $16-$25 hourly or $34,000-$53,000 annually as a data entry clerk in the USA", according to current statistics.

18. Network Marketer & MLMs

Network marketers and MLM sellers follow a sales structure designed by a parent company and sell their products to buyers in person and online to generate revenue. Infinite MLM Software suggests that "62% of people who participate in network marketing achieve a consistent income". As a network marketer, you influence people and convince them to purchase your products. For every sale you make, you earn a set commission, so the more you sell, the more money you can make.

However, other MLMs require recruiting new members and creating a team to generate higher earnings. To excel at network marketing, you should have an active online presence and know a lot of people. You also need to be a creative communicator who can impact people's buying decisions. In 2024, the top MLM companies include Natura & Co (Avon, The Body Shop), Herbalife, and eXp Realty. ZipRecruiter states that "the average network marketer makes $6,708-$13,208 a month or $80,500-$158,500 a year".

19. Meal Prepper

A meal prepper is a person who prepares dishes ahead of time. Meal prepping is trending with millennials and high-income consumers. Research shows that "40% of people plan their meals to save time and money". Unlike a catering service, a meal prepper creates meals for people and delivers them, has a system for pick-ups, and doesn't handle accessories like cutlery, dishes, or glassware. To start a meal prep business from your home, get the necessary permits, insurance, and licensure to sell food where you live.

Next, check out the competition. What meals are trending? Is there a gap in the market or an underserved audience you can cater to? Then, set up your online business or advertise locally at gyms, community centers, and events to secure a steady influx of customers. In 2024, trending meal prep ideas include the Mediterranean, Carnivore, Flexitarian, and MIND diets. Data says that "the average in-home meal prep business generates profit margins between 10%-20% or around $30,000-$110,000 a year".

20. Retail Arbitrage Seller

Retail arbitrage is when you buy products at a low cost and resell them at a higher price tag to make a profit. Prezentor reports that in 2024, "80% of B2B sales are online". To become a retail arbitrage seller:

  • Find items you can resell for money.
  • Go to auctions and garage sales or thrift stores and clearance sales.
  • Check out sites like eBay and Facebook.
  • Decide what platform you want to resell on. (Pick more than one to increase your success rate). You can sell on platforms like Amazon, eBay, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace.
  • Create listings with professional-level images and compelling descriptions.

To make money with retail arbitrage price right and sell things people want to buy or that are trending now. Data suggests that in 2024, "the average retail arbitrage seller makes $100-$5,000 a month".

21. Podcaster

A podcaster is an individual who records audio or videos and publishes them on the Internet. Neal Schaffer advises that "82.4% of podcast listeners spend at least 7 hours a week listening to podcasts". To become a podcaster, decide on a theme and format. Next, develop a brand and define your target audience. Then, record and publish your podcast on a third-party platform like Apple Podcasts (formerly iTunes), Spotify, Podchaser, or TuneIn.

To set your podcast up for success, get the right equipment like a good computer, USB cord, headphones, a mic, an audio interface like Focusrite Scarlett 2I2, and a reliable sound system. ZipRecruiter reveals that "the average hourly rate for a podcaster in the USA is $8.17-$18.03 or an annual income of $38,000-$129,000". Further data suggests that "podcasts that get 10,000 downloads or more per episode make $500 to $900".

22. Online Coach

An online coach is a person who provides a particular product or service via the Internet to a specific market to help them meet their goals and improve their life. Sell Courses Online suggests that "over 1.5 million Internet searches for life, business or executive coaches are done monthly". You don't need formal training to become an online coach. However, you should be considered an authority in that field.

Pick a niche you have experience with or a background in, and know who your ideal clients are and their goals. Next, design a coaching program and decide on the cost of your services. Then, pick a platform and market your business to get clients. To be successful, overdeliver and get referrals or reviews. The idea is to positively impact your clients' lives and help them make the changes they want. PayScale says, "you can make $11.37-$103.50 an hour as an online coach". A user on Quora reports that he "makes $10,000 monthly as an online personal trainer".

23. Amazon KDP Author

An Amazon KDP author is a person who self-publishes written, audio, or digital content via Amazon. Words Rated suggests that "31% of all Amazon eBook sales are self-published books". Unlike publishing on other platforms, with Amazon KDP, the cost to publish and sell books is free. You don't need to worry about a business loan to cover the costs of hiring an editor, book designer services, or marketing. Instead, you have access to a ready-made audience on a massive platform.

To start selling on Amazon Kindle Publishing, go to the Marketing page on Amazon's website. Look for the Author Central part and pick what marketplace you want to make your AuthorPage on. Then, join Amazon Central and start selling on KDP. In 2024, data shared by Amazon suggests that "fiction works in the romance, sci-fi, fantasy, and mystery genres are selling well." Amazon KDP authors earn a fixed 60% royalty rate. Naira Land reports that "the average author on Amazon KDP makes $200-$1,000 a month."

24. Online Survey Taker

Online survey takers are people who perform opinion polls online. Science Direct says, "44.1% is the average response rate for online surveys". You can start taking online surveys for money by signing up on third-party sites like Branded Surveys, Ipsos iSay, YouGov, and Pick surveys you're qualified for to reduce the risk of being denied. Another tip is to apply on several sites so you have a steady influx of paid survey options. Research shows that "each survey earns you $0.50-$5". Further data says that "the average online survey taker makes $0.40-$30 per survey".

25. Online English Teacher

An online English teacher is a person who teaches English to students in a 1:1 or small group setting via the Internet. International TEFL Academy suggests that "the demand for online education is booming." In addition, USA Today reports that "VIPKID hired 70,000 people to teach English online to more than 600,000 students".

To teach English online, you need a GED and TEFL certificate or a degree from a recognized post-secondary institution. You can find jobs on Chegg, Magic Ears, and GoGoKid. Or you can advertise your services at schools, social media, or community centers to secure paying clients. You can make "$10-$20 an hour or $2,000-$5,000 a month as an online English teacher", according to research. However, further data suggests that "private teachers with prior experience can charge $40-$50 an hour".

26. Dog Walker

Dog walkers walk dogs for people and get paid for their services. A dog walker gives animals food and water and disposes of waste while in their care. However, as a dog walker, you can offer additional services like overnights and extended care when the owners are on vacation. Statista reports that "in the USA, there are over "89.7 million dogs". Further data from USA Today shows that "the average dog owner spends $376-$590 a month on their dogs". ZipRecruiter states that "the average dog walker makes $14-$22 an hour or $30,000-$46,500 a year".

27. Pet Sitter

Pet sitters care for other people's pets while they are away. Forbes shares that in 2024, "66% of Americans own a pet". Pet sitting is a low-cost startup idea for a housewife that offers flexible hours and a decent wage. Pet-sitting jobs are found on, Rover, and Pet Sitters International. Or you can start your own pet sitter business with a website or social media profile. As a pet sitter, you're responsible for feeding and watering pets, taking them for walks if required, and handling medical or vet emergencies while the animals are in your care. You can "make $13-$20 an hour or $28,000-$41,500 a year as a pet sitter", according to data.

28. Flip Websites & Domains

Website and domain flipping involves buying websites and domains for a low cost and improving them to resell for a higher price tag to generate a profit. Domain Wheel says that "there are over 350.5 million domain names registered on the Internet". Further stats from Forbes suggest "that there are over 1.13 billion websites on the Internet". Website and domain flipping are home based business ideas that a housewife can do during downtime. To start a business flipping websites:

  1. Find cheap websites to flip on platforms like GoDaddy Auctions, BizBuySell, and Digital Exits.
  2. Get ownership and improve the site with backlinks, citations, new content, and enhanced UX features.
  3. Resell it for a higher price on platforms like Flippa, Empire Flippers, or FE International.

To find domains to buy for resell, look for valuable names on a credible registrar like Bluehost and Namecheap. The secret is to find domain names with short names and a high searchability level. Decide on your resale price and find a buyer. Get payment and transfer the ownership. You can resell domains on marketplaces like Sedo, Afternic, or Efty.
Hostinger states that "the average beginner makes $100-$10,000 a month flipping domains and websites".

29. Blogger

Bloggers write content on a website or online journal to educate, entertain, or share information about a particular topic. OptinMonster says, "61% of American users read blogs 3Xs more than emails". A blogger is the ideal business idea for a women entrepreneur who has a knack for creative writing and is passionate or knowledgeable about a certain subject. To start a blog:

  • Pick a platform like Wix or GoDaddy in the niche you want to write about.
  • Decide on your domain name and set up your blog.
  • Make a list of topics and create a schedule to ensure you post new content on your blog regularly.

The key to making money as a blogger is building a community and sharing valuable content people want to read. Of course, it takes time to rank a blog. But if you stay consistent, you will reach your target audience and secure a loyal reader base. ZipRecruiter states that "the average blogger earns $0-$5,000 a month". However, additional data shows that "high-traffic bloggers make an income of over $50,000 monthly".

30. Errand Runner

An errand runner performs tasks for other people, like buying groceries, filling prescriptions, and going to the post office. Errand running is part of the gig economy. With the growing number of seniors in 2024, this business idea can make a homemaker a ton of money. Team Stage reveals that "in the USA, the gig economy is growing 3Xs faster than the traditional workforce". To start an errand-running business:

  1. Pick your ideal client base and the services you plan to offer.
  2. Get insurance and any required licenses or permits.
  3. Promote your services in the local paper, on social media, or with a website.

To earn a solid income running errands you need to overdeliver and get referrals. As a result, you'll get more clients and make more money. You can also find errand runner jobs on JobToday and LinkedIn or sign up on an app like Errand and TaskRabbit. ZipRecruiter suggests that "the average errand runner makes $5.29-$35 an hour".

31. Personal Shopper

A personal shopper receives financial compensation to assist other people in buying items or purchasing products on their behalf. Zippia shows that "women make up 76.1% of the personal shopping industry". Personal shoppers are a gift for people needing help shopping or creating trending and budget-friendly outfits. As a personal shopper, you go to stores and boutiques for your clients and buy things that suit their style, budget, and needs. The secret to running a profitable personal shopping business is knowing your customers' particular likes and dislikes. Fin Models Lab says that "the average personal shopper makes $50,000-$70,000 yearly in the USA".

3 Ways To Make Money From Home Today

Profitable business ideas for housewives that can make you money today include:

  • Retail Arbitrage
  • Errand & Gig Jobs
  • Bank & Financial Institution Offers

1. Find items in your home you can sell 

Make money today selling things you already own on a platform like Facebook Marketplace, eBay, or Craigslist. The idea is to price to sell. Include images of your item from a few angles. Then, write a description that gets people to stop scrolling and make a purchase now. According to Capital One Shopping, "69.5% of people on social media made their last purchase via Facebook".

2. Answer an ad on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace

You can find help-wanted ads on Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace for jobs like errands, deliveries, housecleaning, or moving furniture that people want done immediately and are willing to pay cash for you to do. Do a great job, and there may be a chance to get additional positions or referrals. Baseline reports that "Craigslist is the hub for classified and help wanted ads in the local market and has over 60 million users in the USA".

3. Open a bank account with an institution offering a promotion

Banks like Chase, Wells Fargo, and Axos Bank offer monetary incentives for opening a checking or savings account. Homemakers can earn up to $600 for opening an account and making a minimum deposit. Wikipedia suggests that "JPMorgan Chase is the largest financial institution in the USA in 2024".

What Are Some Creative Business Ideas For Housewives?

Creative business ideas for homemakers include:

  • Selling feet pics
  • Starting an Only Fans page
  • Doing voiceovers and audio scripts

Other creative business ideas for housewives include:

  1. Renting out a room in your home or renting your garage.
  2. Being a billet parent.
  3. Housing an au pair. 

Research suggests that "you can make $200-$1,122 with a creative side hustle".

How Housewives Are Earning Passive Income With Local Lead Generation In 2024

There are numerous business ideas for housewives that offer flexible hours and a steady income. However, there are only so many business ideas that generate passive income. Local lead generation is one of the best options for moms looking for an optimal life-work balance business model that makes passive income. Lead generation is a simple concept. Build and rank websites in a local market that reach the top of the SERPs. Then, your websites produce high-quality leads because they're front and center for people actively looking for the service you offer.

You get organic traffic, the best kind of traffic on the Internet. Bright Local reveals that "53.3% of Internet traffic originates from organic searches". Once your sites produce leads, you sell them to a business owner. You own the website, the tracking number, and the leads. However, business owners are happy to pay because your sites act like a secondary source of leads and help them make more money.

Once you learn the process, it's easy to scale. You can build a lead gen site in 10 hours or less. Because the focus is on the local market, your websites can start producing leads within 6 weeks. Overhead expenses are marginal (around $100 per site per year), and there's no limit to how many sites you build or where you rank them. Check out this local lead generation program for more information about the local lead generation business model and how it can make homemakers passive income in 2024.

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