I’ll show you how to take ChatGPT and put it to work for you. Matt changed the digital business landscape with his world-class bots. These bots generate leads, increase sales, and service clients using artificial intelligence. He believes that AI (when used right), has the power to move humanity forward. You don’t have to choose between hiring people or using AI. The key is to leverage the employee’s full potential through the BotBuilders’ Ultimate AI System course. 

I’ve been looking into different business opportunities that I can do from home so I can be with my kids while earning a decent income. I was hooked on Matt’s pitch because it promises to streamline customer service through cutting-edge AI-powered bots. The question is: is it a good investment for entrepreneurs? Whether you’re a mompreneur needing an extra hand or just curious, this review will help you decide if the Ultimate AI System is worth getting. 

BotBuilders Ultimate AI System is a digital tool developed by Matt Leitz that uses AI-powered chatbots for lead generation, closing sales, maximizing click-through rates, and servicing clients. The goal is to leverage Facebook Messenger for marketing and use it for email list creation. The training costs a $2,500 onetime payment. If you’re short on budget, you can opt to pay in 5 installments of $500. Inside the Ultimate AI System, students get

  • A.I. Powered Profits Course and the A.I. Marketing Helper Lifetime,
  • Pre-Built Niche Bot Add-On and ChatGPT Bot Booster, 
  • BotBuilders Core Chatbot and training course, 
  • Bot Business in a Box System, 
  • Meta Advertising Crash Course and Instagram Auto Lead Machine, 
  • bonus niche bot add-on and a list of 300+ Best Affiliate Products.

Matt believes bots are the way forward and every business should have it. He believes AI won’t steal jobs. Instead, it’ll create more opportunities for humans. If you’re completely new to bots and automation, Matt will give you free training called “25 Ways Bots Grow Your Bottomline” where you learn how to be successful with bots with zero tech skills. Aside from the Ultimate AI System, BotBuilders also offer the Do-It Together Program, AI-Powered Profits, and the AI Specialist Certification. 

Matt Leitz is an 8-figure entrepreneur known for his notable contribution to business automation. He is the CEO and founder of BotBuilders and the host of the Marketing Legends podcast. According to his LinkedIn, he earned his B.A in communication from Ohio State University in 2002. After graduation, he worked as an operations director for Valor Real Estate Solutions. He built efficient business systems that increased sales and productivity. In 2007, he co-founded RealEstateInvestor.com, but it only lasted for 3 years. Matt also founded BoardGames.com, which sold monthly subscriptions of digital tabletop games. He co-founded Clever Investor, a tech company that serviced the real estate market. BotBuilders launched in 2018, now one of the biggest bot creators in the world. 

BotBuilders Ultimate AI System and Bot Automation

BotBuilder was recognized by Facebook for its top-performing bots, on and off the platform. Inc 5000 recognized it as one of America's fastest-growing companies. They're currently #647 on the list. Because of his extensive background and success in business, big media outlets like the CBC, NBC, Fox, and ABC invited Matt to guest in shows and events. Among the bots he built are the CleverBot, which ranked number 1 on Facebook 2 weeks after its launch, and ManyBot which services the number 1 bot platform in the world (ManyChat). 

BotBuilders aim to capture more leads through one-click email opt-ins, automate sales, increase conversions, lower lead costs, and more. The platform is known for its comprehensive training and user-friendly interface. What sets BotBuilders apart from other creators is the versatility of their chatbot offers. They offer products and services for different business needs- whether it’s email list creation, lead generation, affiliate marketing, or customer servicing. 

Matt received a recommendation from Josh McCann for his efficiency in training and motivating teams. Josh commended Matt for his exceptional business mindset and on-point marketing. BotBuilders won five Inc 5000 awards. Success Magazine recognized Matt as one of the Success 125 Top Leaders. He is 100% legit and is among the most successful online entrepreneurs credible enough to teach bot automation. 

Despite the abundance of positive feedback, I still find this course a bit too complicated for beginners. There’s too much information to learn and it can be too overwhelming for those without a tech background. Learning chatbots is also not for everyone. It’s only worth investing in if there’s a business need that chat automation can address. 

BotBuilders Ultimate AI System Review On YouTube

Spencer White reviews BotBuilders.

Spencer White of Flextime Income shares his personal experience with BotBuilders. He discussed the importance of bots in automating business processes, especially customer engagements. He praised the company for pioneering bot-building and its valuable contribution to the digital business landscape, including ManyChat. Spencer also narrated that there are different programs under BotBuilders including the comprehensive do-it-yourself training and the advanced do-it-together program. Students who don’t want to learn bot-building may opt for pre-made bots. Although he’s a big fan of BotBuilders, he acknowledges that there’s a learning curve to it, especially for non-tech-savvy users. 

Is BotBuilders’ The Ultimate AI System A Good Investment?

BotBuilders could be a good investment if it has a direct benefit on your business. If you’re in the retail or customer service industry, BotBuilders could help you streamline processes to lower costs and increase income. According to eDigital Research, 73% of customers surveyed prefer live chats over emails because they find it more convenient. It’s one of the fastest-growing digital communication channels which expanded its user base by 92% from 2019 to 2023. 87% of these customers find their chatbot experience generally positive. 

We can all agree that bots have improved the digital business landscape. However, it also has several drawbacks, like privacy risks and over-reliance on automation. When a business is too dependent on automation, it may eventually lead to poor service quality. Chatbots have an 80% accuracy rate, according to Botscrew. Although high, there’s still a 20% window for it to fail. As a result, chatbots may falsely interpret commands and provide inaccurate information. AI chatbots also have a low creativity score. This means they have a limited understanding of instructions and may give answers that are far from what is desired. 

Because of the AI chatbot’s high risk of misunderstanding, I wouldn’t recommend it for lead generation. I believe the best way to generate leads is by building digital assets that rank on Google. There are over 99,000 searches on Google every second. Chatbots can only give you leads that engage with the bot, but ranked sites give you leads who are actively looking for the products and services you offer. These leads can be sold to local business owners at 85% margins. 

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