October 25, 2023

Reap thousands of dollars by just selling ebooks you don’t write yourself. Amazon entrepreneur and writer, Sophie Howard, has a new income opportunity that makes up to $28,000 monthly. She even gives a free workshop that shows how she makes 6 figures per year. Is Blue Sky Amazon an underrated money-making method or just another tactic of get-rich-quick gurus? 

Blue Sky Amazon teaches how to start and scale a Kindle e-book business through a three-step proven method. It was launched in 2022 and costs $3,995 onetime payment. You can also pay in 7 installments of $713. Sophie teaches her exact strategy from choosing the book title to outsourcing the writing and selling ebooks on Amazon. As for Sophie, the key is to choose the right books and follow the right process to succeed in this business. The goal is to create digital assets (in the form of ebooks) and earn from them indefinitely through royalties. Sophie calls it an ‘almost’ passive income. No shipping, no physical inventory, no stocks. Only three simple steps stand between you and financial freedom. Her three-step process includes

choosing the right ebook topic, 

hiring a freelance writer for $1,000 per book and, 

publishing the book on Amazon. 

Sophie Howard is a veteran Kindle publisher. She’s been selling on Amazon for over a decade and has built 6 to 7-figure businesses from scratch. Sophie Howard is from Wanaka, South Island of New Zealand. She worked full-time as a government employee but realized she needed a flexible job to spend more time with her kids. So, she started an Amazon FBA business in 2017 selling tea. Her tea brand grew, and she was making enough to quit her 9 to 6 job. After building over 1,000 digital assets on Amazon, she sold the biz for 1 million dollars. She uses her platform to help individuals make a stable online income through Kindle publishing. In 2022, she published her courses Blue Sky Amazon and Kindle Publishing Income to help individuals make a steady online income. 

Blue Sky Amazon and Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

Blue Sky Amazon is quite a popular Kindle Direct Publishing course. There are good and bad reviews on it online. Some say it’s one of the best Amazon KDP courses because Sophie gives practical and valuable lessons. I also find it interesting that she teaches hacks that can’t be learned from other coaches. Here’s an example: while she was vacationing in Bali, Indonesia, she found inexpensive but high-quality incense sticks. She contacted the supplier, negotiated a wholesale deal, and placed the stocks in an FBA warehouse. This move is pretty awesome because she skipped middlemen, which means bigger profits. It shows her experience, skill, and wit as an entrepreneur for many years. 

Blue Sky Amazon seems like a decent course. However, it’s hard to overlook the overwhelming number of negative reviews. Blue Sky Amazon is poorly rated on Trustpilot with just 2.1 stars from 291 reviews given. Poor customer service and low-quality material are the two most common complaints from past students. Recent reviews even call her a scammer because new enrollees allegedly didn’t receive access to the course after paying. Nathaniel Louis, a Trustpilot reviewer, said the system is probably automated because no one from Sophie’s team is responding to his concerns. Like a few others, he didn’t get access to the course a week after his purchase. 

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing offers a legit income opportunity. The market for self-publishers is growing at a 17% rate annually. According to 2023 Self-Published Book Statistics by WordRated, 31% of Amazon’s ebooks are self-published. 300 million copies are sold each year, which translates to $520 million in royalties paid to Kindle direct publishers. 

The next big question is: can you make 6 to 7 figures with Amazon KDP? Yes, it’s possible to achieve 6 to 7 figures by self-publishing Kindle ebooks. According to an article on Ippei.com, experienced publishers make $20K monthly. That’s $240,000 a year. Royalties paid on each ebook are from 35% to 70%, depending on the book content. Theoretically, Kindle Direct Publishing would be a lucrative income opportunity. But there are many conditions to succeed in this business. First, you should have an eye for good reads. Even better if you can write. Don’t get me wrong. It’s okay to hire ghostwriters, but the business shouldn’t solely depend on them. To publish quality ebooks that sell, set a standard for your writers. It helps if you can write briefs to ensure consistency in the output. You also need a catchy concept and an audience to sell to. 

The problem is that most self-publishers don’t meet these two criteria. Sophie opens Blue Sky Amazon to anyone, without warning about its downsides. She hypes her audience by showing 7-figure income,  but hides the real challenges of building and growing an Amazon KDP biz. Knowing what books to publish and having an audience for them are two essential conditions for success that she factored out to make her offer appealing to a bigger audience. Sophie also claims that KDP is a low-competition business opportunity. But statistics say otherwise. According to Amazon Publishing Statistics by WordRated, there are over a million authors who use Amazon KDP to publish and sell ebooks. So, her claim that this niche isn’t saturated is not 100% accurate. There are over 12 million ebooks available on Amazon as of writing. And, it grows 7,500 more each day. 

Blue Sky Amazon is technically legit, and there's not enough proof that Sophie is a scammer. However, the course is overpromising and could deceive desperate entrepreneurs. Overall, Blue Sky Amazon could work for experienced publishers with a brand and audience. The platform offers the easiest way to publish and sell ebooks. So, writers and publishers can easily grow their ebooks business. However, I wouldn’t recommend Blue Sky Amazon to beginners. Sophie's strategy can make some money, but it's not sustainable long-term. If you want to build digital assets that earn passive income, then local lead generation would be a better option.

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