November 27, 2023

My students are making $100K+ per month in e-commerce. Justin Woll is saying that if you want to earn like him, you need to be consistent with the systems you use in the industry. He says all you need is his 100K blueprint and launch pad to make a lucrative online income. He promises it’s the best investment you’ll ever make and that even if you pay $10K for it, you’ll still be happy. 

As a stay-at-home mom, juggling kids and a side hustle while maintaining a clean home, I need a low-maintenance but quick-income biz. Justin Woll offers a work-from-home opportunity that he claims to make $100K monthly. It’s a comprehensive e-commerce educational platform. But can it make you a six-figure earner? In this Beyond Six Figures review, I’ll discuss the programs offered by Beyond Six Figures, the associated costs of starting this biz, and Justin’s reputation and credibility. I’ll also share what I discovered after digging into this course online. In the end, I’ll answer if this course is a good fit for stay-at-home moms or not. 

Beyond Six Figures is an e-commerce educational platform dedicated to helping entrepreneurs start and scale a Shopify dropshipping store by finding the right products to sell and then testing them. The platform offers an e-commerce university that costs $997 and a 6-month mastermind at $5,000 for straight payment. The mastermind can also be paid in six installments of $1,200. According to their Terms and Conditions, all sales are final and they don’t issue refunds. Beyond Six Figures’ e-commerce university curriculum includes 

  • Shopify store creation, 
  • product research and identification, 
  • algorithmic targeting and one-click upsells, 
  • video ads creation, 
  • and strategies for scaling to 7 figures.

Students also get bonus modules like algorithmic targeting roadmap, automatic and manual bidding, influencer marketing, email marketing, and Justin Woll’s secret scaling strategy called the Big Bang Method.

Justin Woll is an 8-figure marketer, 7-figure brand builder, eight-time 2 Comma Club award winner, a business investor for over a decade, and the founder and CEO of Beyond Six Figures. He was born to a middle-class family in Wayne, New Jersey. His family faced bankruptcy when he was young. Justin always had that entrepreneurial spirit. At 15 he started a gaming company called LINK while running two subscription box businesses and two Shopify stores. These achievements at a young age were recognized by his school and he won the Rutgers Entrepreneurship Award. Justin eventually dropped out from Rutger's University to pursue his growing dropshipping business. As of writing, Justin already coached 600 students. He has also been featured in major business publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Vents Magazine. 

Beyond Six Figures, E-commerce, and Dropshipping

Beyond Six Figures has an excellent Trustpilot rating, 4.8 stars out of 89 reviews given. Recent reviews recommend the course for its business practices. The reviewer said Justin is dedicated to helping his students become successful dropshippers. Another review from Matt Nidle said he’s been in Justin’s mentorship since 2018. He calls Justin a “true strategist” because he brings innovative techniques to his mentorship. Ginger Stingley also calls it the “real deal” because Justin helps every team member achieve financial success. There are only two negative reviews on Trustpilot, and both are interestingly detailed in narrating how BSF failed them. A 1-star review by John Dee dated September 2023 said he had to do all the work himself, from creating landing pages to writing the products' copies. Aside from that, he paid an extra $15K to $20K to Beyond Creatives to get more work done in his dropshipping store. 

I also found a year-old post by a former Beyond Six Figures student on Reddit who narrated his experience. He said he started by joining the free Facebook group and was hooked on ads and success stories of other students until he finally decided to get the 6-month mentorship. Once in, he was immediately asked to build a store with 20 winning products. According to the reviewer, choosing the products, writing the copies, and creating ad videos was overwhelming for him as a beginner. He also rarely saw Justin in the masterminds. Only his team showed up on Sunday live sessions. He submitted all of his products for review to the team and all of them were cleared as “winning products”. With only a month left in the mastermind program, he pushed to test the products. The result was not what he expected, considering the time and effort he spent building the store. Out of the 20, only 1 product made some sales. The rest badly flunked. He began to question: how could he still fail when all the products he sold were reviewed and approved by the Beyond 6 Figures team? He said his messages were shrugged by Justin despite several attempts. Commenters of this Reddit post had similar experiences with BSF. Comments on this Reddit thread range from “there’s some value to it” to “complete waste of money”. The reviewer also revealed that 70% of what he learned was not from the mastermind but from Facebook group members.

Justin makes it sound so easy, but the truth is, that drop shipping isn’t the easiest business model to make money with. Learning the whole biz can be a little too overwhelming for beginners. According to 2022 statistics presented by AppScenic, over 90% of drop shippers fail in their first month of business. Printify reported that the number 1 reason drop shippers fail or quit is that aspiring entrepreneurs perceive it as a get-rich-quick business. Gurus like Justin hype up ecommerce courses. He claims that his students are making at least $100K monthly, but statistics reveal significantly lower figures. NicheDropshipping says that new Amazon drop shippers only make $500-$3000 in their first year of business. eBay drop shippers make around $700 to $1,500 monthly while new Shopify sellers make up to $4,000 per month. On top of that, drop-shipping platforms take a cut from earnings. Amazon charges a 15% standard rate while Shopify charges 2.7% for in-person sales. Amazon charges higher than Shopify because of its massive audience base (which means lower marketing spend). After all deducting standard fees, sellers are left with lower take-home income. 

Beyond Six Figures Review on YouTube

Online Marketing Reviews is a channel that reviews internet marketing products, freelance websites, and other work-from-home opportunities. The YouTuber behind this channel doesn’t disclose his identity. It has 9.91K subscribers and has uploaded over 1,484 videos since it started in January 2021.

Online Marketing Reviews YouTube channel reviewed Beyond Six Figures. In the review, the YouTuber summarized the highlights of the course, including the use of Google Trends and Jungle Scout for product research. He also mentioned that Justin Woll’s strategy leverages on Facebook ads algorithm. Bonus features such as email marketing and influencer marketing lessons are also given to BSF students. The YouTuber warned about the challenges of dropshipping, such as customer service, chargebacks, and shipping concerns. He also emphasized that considering the low margins, dropshipping is a volume game. To succeed, dropshippers should bank on selling bulk. 

Beyond Six Figures: Is It The Best Online Biz For Moms?

Beyond Six Figures might not be the best online biz for moms. Although some say it’s decent, there’s also a handful of reviews that say there’s no value in it. The price point seems fair, just within the range of other popular drop shipping courses like the Ecom King’s exclusive mentorship at $5,000 and Tom Wang’s FBA masterclass at $6,997. But what turned me off is that Justin over-promises success, and he makes the biz sound so easy. The odds are high with dropshipping and it’s not an easy biz to learn, especially for busy moms. Dropshipping has low profit margins (15% to 20% according to BlueCart) and a low success rate (industry experts estimate it’s between 10% to 20%). It’s also a highly competitive business with over 24 million e-commerce stores in the world. Aside from these disadvantages, there are also additional expenses in running this biz. Hiring copywriters for product descriptions costs from $20 to $50 for every 500 words. You also need to pay recurring Shopify fees. Shopify plan costs from $25 to $399 monthly. The platform also charges per transaction. The basic Shopify plan, for example, charges 2.9% + $0.30. 

My number 1 business recommendation for moms is local lead generation. Instead of building an online store and listing products that may or may not sell, why not build websites that generate passive income on autopilot? Unlike dropshipping, this biz has low competition because you can tap into thousands of cities and over 50 niches. The profit margins are high, over 85% for ranked sites. The best part is that you don’t have to do much maintenance on your digital properties, so overhead costs are minimal. Discover more about this untapped market in a local lead gen training. 

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