January 29, 2024

Avery invites you to invest in short-term rentals and use the cash flow to purchase more short-term rental properties to grow your portfolio. She’s been an STR owner and investor since 2016 and has closed over $2.5 billion worth of properties. Avery claims her firm has the highest-producing ROI in vacation rental markets in the United States, which makes her the most-qualified partner for aspiring STR investors. 

As a stay-at-home mom, juggling kids and a side hustle while maintaining a clean home, I need a low-maintenance but quick-income biz. Avery Carl offers to help build a real estate portfolio of STR properties that make a lucrative monthly passive income. Real estate is a proven income source, but is it a good fit for moms? This review covers all you need to know about the course, its creator, and facts on the business model you need to know about. 

Avery Carl is a full-time realtor from Mississippi. She has a bachelor’s degree in corporate communications from The University of Texas in Austin and also earned her MBA at Belmont University. Avery had a sales and marketing career before going full-time in real estate. Her first job was as a sales executive where she managed a territory with over 300 accounts for Pitney Bowes Software. She also became an account manager for Acxiom Digital Agency and a marketing manager for SESAC (a performing rights organization). Her first stint in real estate was in 2015, when she started real estate investing. Two years later, she founded The Short-Term Rental Shop and brokered over $2 billion in rental properties. Because of all these achievements, she was named one of Wall Street Journal's Top 100 Agents in 2020. Avery Carl has over 250 properties in her portfolio and manages over 70 agents in 18 short-term rental markets. 

The Short Term Shop is a full-service real estate firm that specializes in short-term rental property acquisition, management, and monetization. Avery Carl and her husband, Luke, founded it in 2017. The course costs $469, but nothing’s mentioned about its refund policy. The Short Term Shop is also the name of Avery’s real estate investing course. It’s a self-management course designed to help students start and maintain a short-term rental business. Students of Short Term Shop learn how to find and buy profitable rental properties in strategic locations. They also offer brokerage services by connecting sellers to buyers and investors to available STR properties. 

The Short-Term Shop: Short-Term Rental Property Investing

The Short Term Shop services both buyers and sellers of Short-Term Rental properties. It helps sellers determine the right price point for their properties for sale and helps them maximize prices using the latest market trends. STS also helps buyers find profitable vacation rentals and connects them with reliable lenders. 

The biggest green flag for this program is Avery’s background and extensive reputation as a realtor. She hosts a podcast and YouTube channel where she uploads expert STR investing content for her audience. In one of her recent uploads, Avery pointed out 3 red flags to look out for in STR real estate agents. According to her, real estate agents should at least have experience dealing with short-term rental properties. She also emphasized that buyers and sellers should avoid realtors who are unfamiliar with the short-term rental regulations and those who don’t understand which properties perform better as STR. 

Avery Carl has an excellent 5-star rating at birdeye.com from 946 reviews given. One reviewer named “iandmacpherson” said Avery helped him find a great rental property in Pigeon Forge. He narrated that he was out of state so he couldn’t check the property in person, and Avery was the perfect partner. He commended Avery for being responsive to his inquiries and she never rushed him in making decisions. Another reviewer named “castlescienceteacher” also narrated that she bought two short-term rental properties at Smoky Mountain National Park through Avery and highly recommends her excellent service. 

I looked her up on Reddit and found a few negative reviews. A user named “Primary-Raccoon-2101” claims to be in the program and calls it terrible. He complains the STS team is not very responsive. Another reviewer, “Middle_Ad_6404” also advised readers not to get the program because the course has a narrow focus on considering markets. According to this reviewer, STS picks highly competitive markets, which could be a risky (or rewarding) path for beginners. Note that anonymous Reddit commenters make these reviews. There’s no way to verify whether or not these reviews are from legit students. 

Overall, Avery Carl is a legitimate coach and you can see from her YouTube upload that she’s an expert in short-term rental properties. The Short Term Store is also positively reviewed on other platforms like Google and Facebook.

Here are some negative Reddit comments on Avery Carl. 

Rob to Avery: Is Short-Term Rental Going Down?

Rob Abasolo of the Robuilt channel, interviews Avery Carl to clarify rumors about the collapse of short-term rentals. In the interview, Avery answers if the short-term rental market is crashing. She believes it’s not and explains that real estate is very market-specific. Some areas are currently performing well in terms of STR, while others, like the state of Dallas, are best to avoid investing in at the moment. Avery also advises the audience to avoid metro markets because they have plenty of anti-short-term rental regulations, which makes it hard for investors to scale in the long-term. She shares from personal experience that zoning laws have impacted her past investments. Toward the end of the interview, Avery tells the audience to differentiate themselves by focusing on amenities and property improvements. 

Is Short-Term Rental Investing With Avery Carl A Good Investment For Moms?

Short-term rental investing with Avery Carl could be a good investment for moms who have a background in the vacation rental biz or have knowledge in real estate. However, complete beginners who have a zero background in this business might have a hard time getting started. There are several risks and challenges of this business that aspiring realtors should know about before jumping in. First, the STR business is location-dependent. Changes in the area’s demographics, tourism, and market trends will directly affect profits. Changes in local regulations and zoning laws might decrease property booking and profit. Cities like New York and San Francisco have strict regulations on vacation rental properties. 

Short-term rental is also a saturated industry, the United States alone has over 2.5 million active Airbnb listings as of writing. The Airbnb Key Statistics of 2024 also shows there are already over 4 million active Airbnb hosts. The vacation rental business isn’t cheap. You need around $6,000 to $7,000 to renovate and furnish a one-bedroom unit and get it ready for rent, assuming you already own the property. Bare and unfurnished two-bedroom units typically cost $9,000 or more to renovate. Other Airbnb expenses include monthly utilities (around $500), insurance (about $100), and cleaning costs of approximately $100 per stay. You need access to big capital and backup fund for operating costs and other expenses before you start this biz. 

If you're looking for an income opportunity with lower capital requirement, my recommendation is local lead generation. This business model builds digital properties and ranks them on Google. Digital assets are better than physical properties because it's much easier to maintain. Ranked sites are like prime real estate in the real world. You're making a lucrative passive income without all the physical work that comes with maintaining a rental property. It's the best business-from-home opportunity for moms. 

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