November 14, 2023

Grow from zero to $100K in 6 months. Joshua Crisp shares a formula that allowed him to buy an expensive Rolex and a house, retire his wife, and travel the world. He promises a business that works for you without you working for it. What’s his secret? It’s Amazon FBA and private label. 

AMZ Formula is an 8-module, 70-hour video training that teaches how to build 7-figure Amazon stores using private label. Joshua shares a new strategy for finding new products, sourcing good suppliers, and scaling the business to 7 or 8 figures. He also shares the unfair advantage he used to make multiple-figure income. This program is for individuals who want to quit their desk jobs. It’s also for aspiring entrepreneurs with no Amazon experience and current Amazon sellers who want to scale their biz. Joshua promises this business model makes 15% to 30% profit. All you need is a computer, a skill set, and free time. AMZ Formula modules include setting up the Amazon Seller Central, and JungleScout research strategies, negotiating overseas suppliers, optimizing product listings, keyword search, and social media and email marketing. AMZ Formula costs $1997, and it’s sometimes on sale at 50% off. There’s a 14-day refund policy that you can redeem if you haven’t completed more than 25% of the module. The course shouldn’t be on sale when bought to be eligible for a refund. 

Joshua Crisp is a 7-figure Amazon FBA expert, an online coach, and the creator of the AMZ Formula and AMZ Together. He was born in San Clemente, California, and spent most of his childhood in homeless shelters. His LinkedIn shows he went to Laporte High School from 2004 to 2008 and then dropped out. At 18 years old, and was jailed for drug possession. When he got out, the only job he could get into was as a Finatech team agent which hand-sorted trash at night for $7.25/hr, the federal minimum wage. He started Amazon FBA back in 2014, but it didn’t turn out well. He sold dashboard sticky pads, which he bought for $0.15, and sells on Amazon for $9.99. The product was of poor quality and the adhesive melted. It received backlash from unsatisfied customers and Amazon suspended Joshua’s account. After failing on his first three product launches, he finally had his break with bath bombs. His bath bombs product line made a collective sale of 4.5 million dollars over 4.5 years. Aside from being an online coach, he also owns Crisp Learning Technologies (The AMZ Formula Course), AMZ Hunter (SAS company for Amazon sellers), and his real estate biz, Crisp Holdings. He made enough money to buy the garbage plant he once worked for and made it his warehouse. 

AMZ Formula, Amazon FBA, and Private Label

Joshua Crisp is a popular business figure online. His Amazon and private label YouTube videos have been watched over a billion times. Trustpilot rates him 4.7 stars from the 269 reviews given. There are also testimonials of students who found success thanks to Joshua’s strategies. One of them is Joseph, who quit his job after making 6 figures on Amazon in just 6 months. During this period he could afford a wedding and travel the world with his wife. He was making 4x of what he used to make. He said there was no way he’d be making this much money even after 10 years of working in his 9 to 5 job. Another success story is of Marcel, who was an Uber driver before learning Amazon FBA from Joshua. Now he’s living his best life vacationing on an island onboard a 70-foot yacht while his Amazon store earns passively. 

I found a few intriguing one-star reviews too. One says Joshua doesn’t sell on Amazon anymore, which makes him less qualified to teach. This writer pointed out that one of Joshua’s stores barely makes $3K, so how is he able to afford his upscale life? To be fair, Joshua likely has more than one Amazon store. He also has SAAS and real estate companies which could fund his lavish lifestyle. Some call him a scammer because the course is poorly done and can be watched on YouTube for free. Another said that the course is not worth paying a thousand dollars for. Although you can indeed find free tutorials on YouTube, compiling relevant topics together for optimized learning would be tricky. The course is legit and there’s no concrete evidence to prove that he’s a scammer. 

AMZ Formula is a decent course, but it also has a serious issue. The course focuses too much on researching products, building product listings, and negotiating with suppliers. 6 out of the 8 modules in AMZ Formula, focus on these topics. The last two modules are split between search position (inventory and common FBA mistakes) and scaling (social media and email marketing). Listing the best products in your Amazon store isn’t a guarantee of success. Module 7 of AMZ Formula is focused on inventory management, hiring VAs, and patenting products. For me, these topics don’t apply to beginners whose goal is to build and scale an Amazon store. Joshua could have dedicated a module or two to product listings. The other modules could have talked about practical scaling strategies, such as product description optimization (SEO tools and keywords) and pricing techniques (to maintain competitiveness). 

Joshua factored out the importance of ads in scaling an Amazon store. In a highly competitive marketplace with 2.3 million active sellers, the power of ads is unparalleled. He could have segued to Amazon advertising and discussed crucial know-how on brand and display sponsorship. These topics will help new Amazon sellers improve their ranking. Another area he could have tapped into is listing optimization. This includes ranking strategies, such as Amazon SEO and A/B testing. Amazon Sales Rank (or Best Sellers Rank) is another important topic left out. This data is calculated based on sales volume over time. SellerApp explains that a good Amazon Sales Rank is number 1 to 3 because buyers likely purchase from the top 3 Amazon stores. The higher the product is ranked on Amazon, the more sales it gets. 

Price-wise, AMZ Formula is one of the cheaper courses for learning Amazon FBA. Other well-known courses like FBA Masterclass or Private Label Masters would cost at least $5,000. Joshua’s money-making strategies are also quite practical. For its $1,997 price point, I think it’s worth getting if you’re an existing Amazon seller. There’s some value to it. But if you’re a complete beginner looking for a quick and easy way to make money online, this might not be for you. Overall, Amazon FBA is a hard business for beginners. The success rate is only 27% according to TrueProfit. The biggest challenge is competing against over 2 million Amazon sellers. It’s a very competitive market. Recent data also by TrueProfit estimates that 90% of Amazon sellers are making less than $100,000 yearly profit. Most are just making $12,000 yearly (or about $1,000 monthly). A better business model would be building digital assets you can rank and rent instead of starting an online store and being eaten by the competition. 

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