September 17, 2023

'Build your e-commerce store in 30 minutes', pitches online entrepreneur Aidan Booth in one of his popular ads. He adds that his method is 'completely new and different' and 'nothing like anything you have ever seen before'. Sounds like every internet salesman. Aidan even promises you won't need overseas suppliers, pay for Facebook traffic, and keep inventory. His program is Lifestyle Blueprint. Inside Lifestyle Blueprint, students get 

A smart automation system,

sales boosting tools,

Profit Spy, a product-picker tool and, 

funnel builder tool.  

Aidan's strategy is pretty straightforward. He tests out a bunch of products and scales the profitable ones. He claims that his mindset was developed after the business model of a billion-worth Japanese brand. His focus is on building SEO-heavy websites and maximizing organic Google traffic. He also uncovers 5 unique products that can potentially make $500 daily. Aidan has a Philippine-based team that follows a streamlined process and builds 3 websites per day. Members of his team include web developers, graphic designers, and copywriters. 

It takes experience to build an efficient team, which makes you wonder about Aidan's background. Well, he's originally from New Zealand. He moved to Argentina after he met his wife. Aidan graduated from Massey University in Palmerston North, NZ, with an industrial engineering degree. That explains his obsession with streamlined processes. In 2005, he started digital marketing and launched his own e-commerce website. He also explored affiliate marketing a year later, and built affiliate websites using Google AdWords for traffic. It didn't make huge profits, only occasional $30 commissions, which was like gold for him. He sells to over a hundred countries and 20,000+ US outlets. His businesses now make 8 figures (a year) collectively. Aside from Lifestyle Blueprint, he also owns the marketing software,, and a web hosting and domain registration website called FloatHosting. Aidan never mentioned his earnings, but some speculate his net worth is at least $3 million. 

Lifestyle Blueprint and the Amazon FBA Business Model 

Aidan is the OG guru. He creates new courses and never recycles content. That's what makes him special. He has a unique selling strategy. Unlike most marketers, Aidan's courses are offered for a limited time. They're only available for a week or a month, at most. So slots fill up fast. But, is the course good though? Some online commenters aren't satisfied, and even call Aidan a scammer. There's no mention of the course cost, but some say it's pretty expensive. Not all of his students became successful. To be fair, this could have been affected by a lot of factors. 

Every day 3,700 new sellers join Amazon. The seller population is currently 9.6 million as of writing, and 89% of them use the FBA (fulfillment by Amazon) business model. Because of over-saturation, Amazon sellers are competing on price. Which means you might need to tighten margins to increase sales. The profit margin is 15% to 25% on average. Anything over 25% is excellent. As a beginner, most of your profit might go to startup expenses. It can take a while for the Amazon store to be profitable. Statistics show that only 64% of Amazon sellers profit in their first year of business. Amazon's algorithm and selling policy can also change anytime. As a result, sales can be unpredictable and earnings can be unstable. If your budget is tight and you don't have backup funds, explore other safer business models. 

Despite some challenges, Amazon remains to be the number 1 online shopping destination in 2023. 3 out of 4 shoppers compare prices on the platform before buying. As a data-driven business, it’s projected to be more profitable in the coming years. Aidan's Profit Spy software uses modern metrics that help you find the most profitable products to sell in your store. He’s been in the online business for almost two decades. This guy is a great entrepreneur. Learning from him gives you the upper hand in the e-commerce biz. But, it's a guarantee of success. 

About the Author Pamela Salvana

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